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This may be an overbearing proposal, but it is a burden I hope we can all bear. And that I, Carmen y Iberia, can shoulder this responsibility.
—Carmen talking about the reforming of the Church of Iberria into the Inquisition, following his refusal to become the Pope

Carmen is an NPC in Arknights. He is a major supporting character in Stultifera Navis and Path of Life.


Officially known by his pseudonym as Carmen y Iberia, Saint Carmen was previously one of the nine leading Saints of the Church of Iberia. Following the Profound Silence in the year 1038, he proposed the founding of the Iberian Inquisition after learning that the Lateran Church did not wish to provide aid to save their country from the Seaborn's invasion. He even rejected the honorary title from the King of Iberia to become the leading Pope of the Church since he firmly believed that he had no rights to claim such title before they could fully expel the Seaborn away from their coasts. As a matter of fact, Carmen and the eight Saints abandoned their previous names and adopted Iberia as their surname, hence their present-day title.[1][2]

Carmen is the oldest of all the known Saints who has lived for more than a century, a man who has witnessed the rise and fall of Iberia's Golden Age and befriended many iconic heroes such as Breogan and Captain Alfonso of the Stultifera Navis. It is also implied that the Inquisition is responsible for maintaining his health through esoteric Originium Arts. As a result, he has an abundant wealth of knowledge and is even acquainted with the totally immortal Kal'tsit.[3]

As a strict leader, Carmen has been maintaining his suspicion onto the Aegir, whether the native Islanders or others smuggling into the borders, to prevent any potential infiltration of the Church of the Deep. On the other hand, he could put down his disagreement with the leading Aegir officials such as Gladiia in order to work together and fight off their common enemy.


Stultifera Navis

Carmen and Kal'tsit looked into a seemingly ordinary well

Path of Life

This section pertains to a subject that is not yet released in the Global server of Arknights.

Mizuki & Caerula Arbor

This section contains story information that are non-canonical to the plot of Arknights.

In an alternative timeline, Carmen's esoteric life-extending Arts and the Seaborn incursion took a toll on the Saint's psyche and caused him to attack anyone who had come in contact with the Seaborn even in the slightest, friend or foe. This explains why Carmen is featured as one of the possible bosses of the 3rd floor's Dreadful Foe; see his enemy subpages for more information.

IS-One Man's Duty.png

The still-sane Carmen is the subject of the "Lonely Elder" Encounter, where depending on the player's situation, he will either increase the Light or providing valuable intel or supplies for the player.