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Erzherzog von Leopold is a background NPC in Arknights. He is first breifly mentioned in the Doctor's Personality Test and in Terra: A Journey, and his legacy plays a supporting role in Zwillingstürme im Herbst.


Regarded as the "Father of modern Terran military theory," Leopold was a Leithanian Erzherzog (Grand Duke in German) who rose into popularity during the Battle of the Four Emperors as a war hero. During the December of 1029, under the order of Herkunftshorn the Witch King and with the aid of the Kurfürsten, he maneuvered several mobile Spires casting his Arts to halt Gaulish advancement after four months of tugs of war that lost four electoral districts.[1] Leopold's tactics allowed the Leithanians to push the Galians back to its border and eventually the battle of Lingones that tore Gaul apart.

However, like any Leithanian aristocrats who hated the Witch King in their roots for his tyranny, Leopold too yearned to challenge his rule, but the Witch King's Arts proved to be impossible to be toppled. So, after the war, Leopold retrieved Gaulish Arts technologies as trophies and led several rebellious Kurfürsten to secretly study them to find clues of the Witch King's weakness.[2][3] In the meantime, Fremont the Lich King too joined the project out of fear that the Witch King could bring disaster to all of Terra, so he and the Lich Court provided their knowledge of Sarkaz Arts to them. With a combination of both Gaulish Arts technologies, Leithanian classical Arts, and Sarkaz witchcrafts, they created the Twin Empresses, a couple of homunculus Caprinae who are the antithesis of the Witch King's Arts, as the fruit of not just the Erzherzog's plans, but also his own ambition. However, despite having human bodies and emotions the twins' mere existence resulted in uncanny behavior for Leopold. He was scared to the point of even trying to get rid of these homunculi as soon as possible. Leopold secretly asked Fremont about the homunculi's lifespan, on which he answered that it was uncertain, but they will definitely live longer than him.[4]

Leopold never witnessed his creation topping the Witch King once and for all as he passed away in the midst of the project. Nevertheless, he is honored as the mastermind of the Septemberrevolution against the Witch King by the Kurfürsten. He would also never expect that his creations will also quietly rebel against the rigid Kurfürsten system, and the current ruling system the Twin Empresses is the byproduct of the Kurfürsten controlling the Empresses from disobeying their order despite their tender grooming onto the twin sisters.[5]


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