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Dawn is an NPC in Arknights. She is a supporting character in Who is Real.


Dawn was an ordinary girl from P'o-shan that really existed long time ago. After a Catastrophe struck the village, she and her family were forced to leave there and, like other villagers, started an aimless journey in the wilderness. Her family suffered a lot as her siblings started to fight against each other for food. One day after she plucked some fruits on the mountains, she found out that her family had abandoned her and ran away. She almost starved to death before Dusk appeared and saved her from the misery.[1]

Throughout most of her lifetime, Dawn lived inside Dusk's painted world. Although she also became her disciple in drawing, she felt her talent could not compared with Dusk's. Thus, she had never lifted up her brush once again. Later on, the two departed with Dawn returning back to the real world. But the experience inside the painted world was really unforgettable.[2]

By the time she turned old and was lying on her deathbed due to illnesses, Dusk came to her to pay her last respect. Before her last breath, Dawn requested her to recreate a P'o-shan without disaster through her descriptions in her memory. In return, Dusk "resurrected" her inside the painted world where she could have a second chance from her miserable life.[2]


Who is Real

Dawn made her appearance when Saga told her of three new strangers inside P'o-shan. She requested Saga if she could have them meet the Hermit in the mansion.[3] However, Lava only encountered her after she and Saga were chasing after an Ink Spirit that hid inside her pawnshop. Saga asked if she knew any way to leave the painted world, but she refused to say out for fearing of "disturbing those above of heaven."[4]

While staying inside the pawnshop, Dawn told Lava and Saga about a story of the moon in the water. Just like how she described, even though one tried to get the moonlight out from the water, the reflection will somehow returned back to normal. The short story was in fact an analogy of P'o-shan, in which everything will be reset after severe destruction.[1][5]

Worrying that the gang would lose their true identities and connections from the real world, Dawn played a trick on Dusk. She taught them making firecrackers to chase away the Ink Spirits. By doing so, they could provoke Dusk, thus finding a path to go back to the real world.[6]