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Janet Longfellow is an NPC in Arknights. She first appears in the Records of Originium - Blacksteel manhua and is mentioned on Apple Pie Party, Now Waiting!, Symbols of the Past, The Slow Walk Ahead, and A Light Spark in Darkness in-game.


Longfellow is the head of Blacksteel's Biochemical Protection Response Staff unit, serving as Franka's squad leader while hiding her Oripathic infection from the rest. She and Franka met each other not long after the later started working as a mercenary following her graduation.[1]

Prior to her days in B.S., Longfellow was a Victorian professor who published a famous science article around twenty years ago. In her work, she warned about the severe consequences caused by the increasing pollution by Originium industrial wastes across the empire. However, her works received criticism and mockery from both mainstream scientists and the Victorian nobles which led to her migration to Columbia out of anger by humiliation. Longfellow's prediction turns out to be correct in the end as Victoria's Infected population began to skyrocket for the last decade, arousing worry in both the aristocrats and the commonfolk.[2]

In the Terran year 1083, during the "Barron Mine incident", Longfellow was assigned by the local authorities as a temporary consultant, providing relief services while aiding Blacksteel's mercenaries to rescue the trapped Tower Mountains personnel. Following the incident, she would establish the B.P.R.S. Unit, initially providing specialized response and prevention on Originium infections.[3]


Rhodes Island's Records of Originium - Blacksteel

Following Franka's contact of Oripathy during the Ironforge incident in January 1095, Longfellow had been hiding her Infected status to protect her from the discrimination by other B.S. members. However, as the situation worsens, Franka believed that collaboration with Rhodes Island is the only way to mitigate such hatred. Longfellow originally opposed her idea due to the lack of R.I.'s trial clinical reports on Oripathy during its founding years. She also feared that this will only expose her Infected status, hence losing her promotion in B.S. After tedious persuasion by Franka, she finally allowed her squad to join R.I. in the name of collaboration while having her treatment there.[4]