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A transnational security company that provides all kinds of security services from bodyguard to military force.
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Blacksteel Worldwide (BSW), or Blacksteel (BS) for short, is a Terran organization. It is a Columbian PMC armed with modernized weaponry that has been active across Terra while serving the national interest of the Columbian government.


Blacksteel was founded in 1026 by the legendary veteran Rupert, better known by his nom de guerre "Clip" Cliff, after the Columbian War for Independence, hoping to continue his own military legacy in this newly born nation. For a long time, they served as governmental mercenaries who answered their call to the Federal Government of Columbia and other corporations. However, their development would hit rock bottom in 1083, during the "Barron Mine incident". Four years earlier, Towerhill Biotech began their experiments on the Barron Mine, an abandoned Originium mine located in Southern Columbia, with the objective of developing ways for the Department of Defense to lead with Oripathy infections in combat environments, eventually. They attempted on modifying Needlefly specimens by injecting them Originium inside their bodies, vowing to create intelligent-enough creatures that would fulfill certain purposes for the Union Army, but the specimens would breach the laboratory, killing some of tey scientists in the process. BS was hired to contain the incident, helping on rescuing the trapped scientists with the aid of Janet Longfellow, a temporary civilian consultant at the time. The incident was eventually leaked to public by the D.C. Telegraph, causing the then Secretary of Defense, Mr. Conbot, to resign his position.[1]

Following the incident, and inspired by the ever-changing national mercenary industry, BS gradually reformed itself from a state-owned enterprise to a private company. At the same time, BS actively engages with other companies across Terra, which eventually earned its name.[2]

Nevertheless, despite its nominal separation and activities as a private company, BS has never fully severed its tie from the Federal Government. The Columbian government still uses BS as a tool to both serve its governmental interests in its homeland and a pawn for its expansionism.[3] To this day, BS has been involved in numerous conflicts in Victoria and Bolívar as part of Columbia's ambition as well as BS's mission to end brutal conflicts.

True to its name, BS is not just an ordinary mercenary company, but one that is fully armed with both modern weapons and modern thoughts. Many of its operators are armed with, surprisingly, expensive, cutting-edge firearms — a privilege only reserved to the Laterans — thanks to its Sankta founder who brought said technology to Columbia. Their headquarters, Fort Barron, is their signature state-of-the-art landship similar to Rhodes Island's namesake that allows BS operators to be mobilized with ease. The landship itself is made from a salvaged mining platform from the Barron Mine, and a modified warship exported from Bolívar. They answer to any kind of governments or legal entities and will fully serve their interest through wide range of services from escort, security guards, to disaster rescue, some of which requiring them to whitewash heinous crimes.

As experienced handlers in hazardous incidents such as Oripathy pandemic, Blacksteel has a specialized unit known as the Biochemical Protection Response Staff (BPRS), led by Dr. Longfellow. They are tasked to guarantee the safety of all Bio Department operations, as well as dealing with Oripathy cases within the company.[4] The unit was originally designated to provide specialized formation to contain and prevent Oripathy infections, but iver time, it evolved into a more independent unit with comprehensive technical and human support.

Blacksteel imposes five rules upon its Infected staff:

  • Infected are forbidden from teaming up with non-Infected for any combat operation or high risk mission.
  • Infected with light cases are allowed to team up with the non-Infected, but they must first request permission from the latter.
  • Infected with mild cases are forbidden from joining any team operations, but are allowed to accomplish solo missions.
  • Infected with severe cases will see their contract terminated immediately but will receive a decent amount of severance pay.
  • All Infected who are still able to work will be given medical treatment by Blacksteel.

However, some regard this policy as a yet another example of exploitative treatment of the Infected, seeking to extract as much work as possible from the Infected before they are no longer of any use. Realistically, the monetary compensation from contract termination could never hope to fully pay for the medical bills of someone suffering from terminal Oripathy. Meanwhile, there are increasing tensions between the Infected and non-Infected members in the company.[5]

Following the Ironforge "leakage" incident in 1095, BS has been actively collaborating in a special partnership with Rhodes Island, which provides treatment for Franka's Oripathy in exchange of security and escort services.[5] On the other hand, they were ordered by the Columbian government to close an eye on it as it was actually with a secret weapon program that went haywire.[6]

Notable members


  • Jessica resigned from BSW out of her refusal to tolerate the company's policies while voluntarily joining the Columbian pioneer team led by Helena and Woodrow as a "punishment" for her involvement in the Davistown bank heist. However, her resignation is never approved by Cliff, thus she nominally remains with BSW and in fact retains her connection with her department and Rhodes Island.[7]
  • Liskarm has also confirmed her intention to leave BSW and form her own PMC in the future.[8]
  • Janet Longfellow
  • Joseph Eyland: Jessica's training instructor.[9]
  • Bachman: One of the BSW mercenaries who, alongside Franka, were sent to investigate Fonterra's lab located in Ironforge City. After being attacked by unknown hostile forces trying to cover up the lab's accident, he fell through a hole and got surrounded by debris, only to be rescued by Franka.[5]
  • Thorpe: An aircraft pilot hired by BSW. The rented aircraft he was piloting was shot down by the Dublinn forces, who would eventually kill him after he sent an S.O.S signal.[10]
  • Melanite's father: A veteran of Blacksteel who retired after losing one of his arms. He brought his firearm back home and decided to open a small sundry shop. However, he was killed in a robbery gone wrong with his wife.[11]
  • "Blackplate": Real name Carl, a Blacksteel mercenary who was one of Leone Theremin's adopted sons and Benny's older brother. He lost his life during a recon mission in Chernobog on which Jessica took part of. She worked with him during that brief period, yet she cannot do anything when the enemies severely injured him.[12]