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The Sui Regulator (Si Sui Tai) is an organization in the world of Arknights. It is a Yanese imperial secret agency that deals with the surviving Feranmuts following the Great Hunt, primarily targeting Sui and His fragments. Its primary purpose is to prevent Sui's wrath from wreaking havoc in the mortal world.


True to its foundation as a Feranmutologist agency, members of the Sui Regulator primarily act as scholars conducting investigations into the divine Feranmuts, who record their nature in their ancient scrolls. They have acted as both guardians who protect the mausoleums in which some Feranmuts are concealed, and whistleblowers who respond against the fragments' wrath. They have earned the title as the Candleholders, or Bingzhuren, as they are akin to guardians holding light in the middle of darkness.

Originally, the Sui Regulator was just a sub-branch under the oversight of the Ministry of Rites, one of the imperial government bodies of Yan. However, around sixty years ago (Terran year 1041), the "Second Brother" incident, which led to the tragic death of Jie, spurred the agency to take immediate response. Praising their quick response, the Emperor immediately promoted the sub-branch into a high-up, independent agency, which has provoked bitterness from the Rites.[1]

The ideological split between the Regulator and the Rites has caused political struggle between them. The two factions continue to disagree over what is to be done with Sui. While the Regulators believe that Yan should enhance its power and defend the empire from outward threats like the northern Collapsals and the southern Seaborn, the Rites believe Yan should focus on resolving the matter of Sui once and for all by subjugating, imprisoning, or even executing His fragments—they argue that the Sui problem poses an existential threat to the empire and must be dealt with sooner than later.[1] These disagreements have forced various Yan departments to pick sides. For instance, the Emperor has supported the Rites, while the Tianshi Bureau remains neutral.


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