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Taihe is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character in Episode 06, Invitation to Wine, and Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow.


Taihe is the current Vice Minister of the Department of Discipline and Supervision and a superior for Leizi. He also seems to have connection with the Sui Regulator where he serves as the bodyguard for the young Candleholder Zuo Le.

Taihe is skilled in martial arts that he could easily recognize the Liens' Yin-ch'ing fan and Shen Lou's rain Arts. In turn, Taihe has mastery in earth-based Arts that can control soil and boulders. As a matter of fact, Taihe earned the fifth position in the Yumen Arena Board of Fame.[1]


Episode 06

Taihe, wearing a mask which obscures his face, accompanies Leizi and Jie Zhen visiting the nomadic city of Lungmen for a routine inspection, which coincides with the joint Lungmen Guard Department-Rhodes Island operation to clear the city from the Reunion presence after their attack were thwarted. Along with the other two Censors, Taihe aids the L.G.D. in fighting Reunion forces throughout the slums,[2] praising Wei Yenwu for his effective handling of the situation.[3]

After the operation's conclusion, the Censors meet Wei Yenwu where Taihe notes his brutal methods in dealing with the Infected.[4]

Invitation to Wine

Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow