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Darya is an NPC in Arknights. She is one of the main characters of the Records of Originium - Rhine Lab manhua and mentioned on the description of Ifrit's BLA-X Operator Module and Lone Trail in-game.


As the only daughter of a poor family living in remote wilderness, Darya is a perfect example of an offspring born from Infected parents who had contacted Oripathy since her time as a baby. Her illness is both a gift an a curse to her. On one hand, she easily mastered hydrokinetic Arts that can freely control the water around her. On the other hand, not only this accelerated her illness, but also her alcoholic father viewed her as a useless pest, leading to his violence towards her mother that almost killed her.

Darya's imperfect childhood and her suffering from domestic violence caused her inability to control both her temper and her Arts. Whenever she is pressured, she could easily go rampage with her Arts. This eventually led to an unintentional murder when she accidentally extracted her parents' body moisture. By the time her neighbor found out, Darya had already escaped and her parents had turned into dry corpses.[1]

Since then, Darya had been wandering around alone, eventually finding her way to the Rhodes Island landship by hiding herself within cargoes. Following another rampage, Silence and Ptilopsis immediately brought her to treatment after she fell unconscious.[2] During her stay in the landship, Darya befriended Ifrit whom she viewed as her "boss." The two had fun together such as exchanging treats and telling stories about a water Elf and a certain magical oasis. In the meantime, Silence's disagreement with Saria over her treatment frequently aroused her unpleasant memories, causing her to lose her control before she would be calmed by others.

As Darya's illness worsened, Ifrit secretly brought her out of the landship and went on a search for the legendary oasis to fulfil her last wish. Along the way, not only the two were preyed by the desert Needleflies, but also Darya went rampage again and attacked Ifrit with her Arts. Even though Saria and her team had arrived for the rescue and Ifrit managed to tame the girl, Darya's body had reached her limit. In the end, Darya succumbed to her Oripathy and died in Ifrit's arm after the two finally reached the oasis.[3]