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Not to be confused with Tatiana, an NPC in Episode 07, and Biegler, an NPC in Lingering Echoes.

Tatjana Bergler is an NPC in Arknights. She is one of the main characters of Twilight of Wolumonde.


A native of Wolumonde, Tatjana is the cousin of Severin Hawthorn and one of the members of Wolumonde's town council as well as the commander of the nomadic town's militia. She is a lover of Thorwald, Severin's son. Tatjana shows a great concern to Severin's heavy smoking habits, even after he promised to quit.


Twilight of Wolumonde

Along with Severin, Tatjana investigates the ruins of the campsite where Atro and the others are found dead, discussing about the disposal of the dead Infected corpses and the grim situation after the Great Rift emerges.[1]

Tatjana informed Severin about the Infected protesters while he welcomed Rhodes Island Operators Folinic and Suzuran who had just arrived at Wolumonde to find out Atro's whereabouts and aids in pacifying the protesters when they turned violent.[2] After the protesters are pacified, Tatjana took Folinic and Suzuran into Wolumonde's Rathaus and attends them as Severin reveals that Atro had died, who ordered Tatjana to watch the R.I. guests.[3]

Tatjana later rushes to Folinic and Suzuran's side as they walked through Wolumonde's Infected quarter and takes them through Schaukelplatz as she tells the R.I. Operators of Atro's activities before encountering a Sarkaz warrior seemingly agitating the Infected who attacks them.[4] Tatjana assisted the R.I. Operators in defending themselves and try to reason with one of the protesters before detaining them and taking them to Zwölftontechnik Strasse, where she decides to tell the R.I. Operators anything she knew about Atro's demise.[5]

Tatjana takes Folinic and Suzuran into the ruined campsite and explains of the accident which kills Atro to the R.I. Operators. They heard an explosion coming from Wolumonde and rushes to return, only to encounter a Sarkaz warrior similar to the one they encountered in Schaukelplatz before.[6] The four arrived just as Severin managed to defeat the rioters and have a talk about the situation and Severin's belief until they were interrupted by an explosion from the underground – Wolumonde's Originium reactor.[7] Sometime later Tatjana informs Severin of the worsening tension in Wolumonde.[8]

As the Infected rioters start to grow violent, Tatjana informed Severin who then ordered her to initiate martial law over the nomadic town; even though she initially objected as the resulting bloodshed would be detrimental for Wolumonde, Tatjana complied.[9] She assisted the Wolumonde militia to hold off the rioters, saving a Wolumonder from a collapsing building, but a rioter knocks her out.[10]

Tatjana was saved by the newly arriving Ayerscarpe and GreyThroat, who brought her to the Rathaus to recover. She apologizes to Severin for her carelessness when she arrived, and after hearing that the insurgents claimed to be part of Reunion, Tatjana wonders whether the Wolumonders have to fight back or not.[11]

When the Wolumonders decided to retaliate against the Infected insurgents by besieging Zwölftontechnik Strasse, Tatjana tried to stop them, but the townsfolk were too angry to be reasoned with.[12] As she is being overwhelmed by the ensuing chaos, Tatjana was shocked to see Severin coughing up blood and learning that he is an Infected, and decided to assume command of the militia and Gendarmerie while Severin is treated.[13]

Leading the Wolumonders in the battle for the Zwölftontechnik Strasse, Tatjana suffers a breakdown after seeing a Wolumonder burned to death by the insurgents' Arts in front of her, leaving her open to the insurgents' attacks, though she was saved by a Wolumonder.[14] This leaves Tatjana mentally and phsyically exhausted just as Severin decides to join the battle himself despite his condition, and allows him to take command of the Wolumonders but not before asking Severin to not get himself killed.[15]

In the aftermath of the uprising, the recovering Tatjana is visited by Folinic and Suzuran, both of whom are relieved to see her in good shape. While she is glad that Biederman, the one who caused the entire chaos to happen (or so she believes), Tatjana wonders what future holds for Wolumonde due to the problems with the Infected among others.[16]