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Not to be confused with "Dark Steel".

The "Darksteels" are NPCs in Arknights. They play a story role in Near Light.


The Darksteels of the Armorless Union are three mysterious figures who act as its leaders. They are said to be the Union's original founders, the very first "Darksteels" who assassinated an oppressive knight using a heavy spear made of the said metal around fifty years ago.[1] However, they remain so mysterious that even the Lazurites are unsure of their presence; all they know is that they frequently communicate with them through phone calls. To Roy, he suspects that the so-called "Darksteels" might only be one or two persons, or even just a callsign representing an imaginary figure.[2] The only clues about their existence are that they are hinted to be Sarkaz and that they could throw a black spear from afar just like the legendary founders of the Union.

A replica of the Darksteels' spear used as a prop in movies and TV shows, roughly the height of an average Kuranta

The Darksteels also seem to be acquainted with Młynar Nearl, and they are well aware of his past as a wandering hero. At the same time, they tried to take down Degenbrecher for her stubborness after winning her third Kazimierz Major championship as an independent knight, ignoring the K.G.C.C's warnings. Howerver, she managed to parry their spear at the expense of breaking her sword in half.[3]


Near Light

Throughout the 24th Major season, the Darksteels have been plotting to have the Union break away from the order of the General Chamber of Commerce. They command the two Lazurites to manipulate Pinus Sylvestris when the knightclub intends to start the second Kawalrielki Separation and then have them assassinate the directors of the K.G.C.C. They also send a warning to Margaret and the Followers not to interfere their business by intending to harm Liz through the black spear they throw onto her.[1] Following the assassination, they even fake the Union's death, reorganized and rebranded itself as a shampoo company, and then secretly joined the K.G.C.C. out of profit.[2]

After the Major ends, Młynar pays a visit to the Darksteels as part of his vacation. He leaves a stern warning against ever attempting to harm his family, stating that they will pay the price for it if they do. In turn, they show their sincerity by telling him that they promise they will never harm both the Nearls and Rhodes Island. The two's convention then concludes with the Darksteels' blessing to him that his search for the parents of the Nearl sister will be fruitful[4]