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This article is about the capital of Kazimierz. For the Annihilation operation, see The Grand Knight Territory Outskirts.

Kawalerielki, also known as The Grand Knight Territory, is the capital of Kazimierz.


Full name Kawalerielki Alliance, the bustling capital is made up of four different nomadic cities and acts as the economic and cultural center of Kazimierz. As the revenue where the famous Kazimierz Major is held, the core city of Kawalerielki will select three of the best nomadic cities nearby and will dock together into one.[1] During the season, tourists from around the world will flood the city whether to enjoy, to watch the match in the Roar Arena in its Central Division, or to take a visit to the Champion's Hall, the museum to commemorate both campaign and competitive knights, bringing the city a lucrative income. But in spite of its fame and richness on the outside, many poor people and Infected are cast into underground ghettoes where they are neglected by the aristocrats.

Three years ago (Terran year 1094), during the pervious Major season, Kawalerielki experienced the "Great Kawalerielki Separation." While the city's docking was about to finish, a certain terrorist group hijacked the power plant of the core city. In order to continue the process, the rest of the cities immediately cut off their electric supplies and centralized it into each of their spare engines. But at the same time, there would be a total blackout and those docked cities will be separated temporarily to avoid massive collision.[2] The separation also exposed the underground ghettoes to the public, humiliating the nobles of Kawalerielki. After the incident, the Kazimierzian government proclaimed that the terrorist attack was done by some Leithanians, but in truth, the people redirected the blame onto the innocent Infected.[3] Not only the incident gave rise to the victory of the Blood Knight that led to the implementation of the "Infected Participation System," but also it aroused an increasing suspicion on Infected knightclubs by the National Council.[4]

Recently, Kawalerielki is building a new mobile platform named Area 0 under the instruction of the General Chamber of Commerce where the Infected will be sheltered in order to resolve the problem of the underground ghettoes. The platform will also provide medical care to them by NGOs such as Rhodes Island. However, to some, Area 0 is seen as a slaughterhouse in disguise. If the platform is finished, they will be rounded up in one place waiting to be exploited. At the same time, the Armorless Union could give any excuse to conduct an outright purge onto them.[5]

Kawalerielki's great blackout amidst the second Separation

Following the incident of the 24th Major, Area 0 is taken under the control of the Adeptus Sprawiedliwi Kazimierz during their attempt to start the second Separation. The Adeptus takes this opportunity to station the Silverlance Pegasi there, an act that was previously a violation against the rule set by the K.G.C.C., until the end of the Major when the three nomadic cities joint with the capital will eventually depart on their way.




Kawalerielki is likely a misspelling of kawaleryjski, the adjective form of kawaleria that refers to military cavalries in Polish.[6]