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Roka is a village in Higashi. After its destruction from an aggregated Catastrophe during the events of A Flurry to the Flame, the village is currently undergoing reconstruction as the New Roka Village.[1]


Roka on fire

Notable people

Kashiwau Akira icon.png
Kashiwau Yoshitaka icon.png
Takii Ataru icon.png
Takii Mirai icon.png
  • Kazuya.png
    Kazuya (和也かずや): A young child who, during an age when hunters are obsolete in Roka Village, aspires to become the greatest one of them all. His reckless but valiant deed during Rathalos' attack on the village bought enough time to save Yoshitaka's life. He now inherits Yoshitaka's hunting spear, which pierced the giant wyvern's weak spot, for the time being as the old hunter is recovering from a temporary coma.
  • Ritou Hiroshi.png
    Ritou Hiroshi (利藤裕りとう ひろし): The self-proclaimed "right-hand man" to the village headman after Akira's passing. Secretly however, he had been embezzling profits from the village's Originium mining operations. In order to cover up his misdeeds, he deliberately cut the village's protective netting and made the headman a scapegoat, causing untold chaos. His plan was foiled in the end, and Ritou was made to cough up all the money he stole.



Roka simply means "dew" in Japanese.


  • The village is likely inspired by the village of Shirakawa in Gifu which is famous for its unique thatched houses, the Gasshō-zukuri (合掌造り; がっしょうづくり).
    • Mount Soubo and its Originium mines are likely inspired by the region of Gokayama near Shirakawa which is known for its historical mining activities on niter for use in gunpowder.
    • Nevertheless, the village's hunting culture is more resembling to those in the Tōhoku region where it gives birth to its unique local hunters, the matagi (又鬼; マタギ).