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Trimounts is a Columbian nomadic city where Rhine Lab's headquarters is located.


Trimount was founded fifteen years (Terran year 1084) originally as a traveler's rest spot built by seven frontier pioneers with their three burdenbeasts upon reaching the barrenland, hence giving its name.[1] As time passes, it eventually developed into a bustling nomadic city. It is also the heart of Columbia's scientific and technological advances spearheaded by the Trimounts Institute of Technology with notable graduates such as Kristen and Saria of R.L. and also Loken Williams the mad scientist. Along with R.L., the city is also the house of hundreds of technological and scientific companies as well as those having a considerable presence there such as Volvort Kochinski.

On one hand, Trimounts is indeed a bustling technological hub filled with modern skyscrapers and paved roads. The city counts with more than a dozen different City plates designated for research and development purposes. On the other hand, there are numerous frontier pioneers settled in the outskirts of the city, with many of them risking their lives exploring and settling in these uncharted deserts. Just like any other Columbian settlements, most of them are Infected from other areas doing cheap labor to help afford the premium insurance, get their freedom, and at least live another day.

R.L. has been quietly utilizing Trimount's resources to fulfill its scientific research. It sets up many research facilities at its outskirts such as the "Test Site 359" which offer jobs for the pioneers in exchange for their medical treatment. However, they secretly entice them to take part in their experiments by offering better rewards to them, hence luring them to become their test subjects. As part of its grand ambition to explore space, R.L. collaborates with the Columbian Department of Defense in the superweapon program—the "Horizon Arc Project,“ but RL secretly hijacked the program by funneling its energy source towards the Hall of Stasis, an underground ruin of the previous civilization beneath Trimount that is filled with numerous Sarcophagi. The supernatural phenomenon in which the Arc-01 blasted the "Starpod" was later titled the "Trimounts Arc" by later generations.

Notable residents

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  • Jim Burton: The host of "The Late Late Show" radio program from the Trimounts Broadcasting System (TBS) network. Following the "Trimounts Arc" phenomenon, he interviewed Muelsyse in a special episode of his show talking about said event, and many other topics related to the terran skies. He thinks that the "Burdenmen" are preventing terrans from reaching the sky.[2]


  • Rhine Lab Headquarters
  • Trimounts Common
  • Trimounts University: Founded in 1021, it is Columbia's first institution for higher studies, which provided jobs and research sites to foreign intellectuals during the nation's early years. However, it's also criticized for its teaching direction and class contents, which led to internal disputes between academicians in the 1030s, who splitted into two factions with barely any communication with each other. Some of them eventually left and establish the Trimounts Institute of Technology and the Columbian Art & Design Center respectivelly in 1032.
  • Trimounts Institute of Technology (TIT): A prestigious scientific academy dedicated to various fields such as physics and mathematics. It's also where various famous scientists and intellectuals such as Kristen Wright graduated from.
  • Columbian Art & Design Center: A private art school famous for having the best architecture and photography degrees in the country.
  • The Shantytown: The lower-class district of Trimounts, mostly populated by Infected people.[3]



  • The city is a clear reference to Boston and the state of Massachusetts which acts as a major hub for American higher education and technologies.
    • The name of the city itself literally means "three mounts", and this is an allusion to the eponymous three distinct peaks in Massachusetts: Mt. Vernon, Beacon Hill and Pemberton Hill.[4]
  • The Trimounts Institute of Technology is obviously an allusion of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or the MIT.
  • Test Site 359 is likely a reference of Area 51 in which the American government is rumored to conduct research on extraterrestrial beings and other paranormal subjects.


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