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Dewville is a village in Kazimierz.


Located in the remote backwaters of Kazimierz, the village of Dewville is underdeveloped when compared to the rest of the country, resulting in their villagers' poor economy. Even then, the people of Dewville are capable of sustaining themselves for generations. When a Catastrophe occurs, the villagers will temporarily evacuate themselves.[1]

As the burial site of the legendary "Last Knight," the village chiefs of Dewville are entrusted with the knowledge of the fabled Knights' Treasure. Only by them one could find it in the labyrinthine caverns deep within Mount Mortica. However, the "key" they possess requires a pure-blooded Kazimierzian to open the chest. Anyone who disobey the ordeal will be killed instantly.[2] On the other hand, the family are unaware of the hidden secrets of the treasure, such as the "key" they possesses that is actually the one for the lost Stultifera Navis.

In recent years, many bounty hunters, who were attracted by the rumors in northern Kazimierz, would have to go through Dewville. However, the discovery of a knight's sarcophagus with gold coins in it caused them to presume that the villagers know the location of the Knights' Treasure. With that said, they started to disturb Dewville to scour for information by using violent methods.[1] Thankfully, with the aid of Grani, Skadi, and Big Bob, the issues have mainly been resolved and the villagers decide to use most of the treasure to repair the village.

Under the leadership of Toland Cash the "Guildmaster," the village is also the place to start a rebellion against oppressive knight-nobles.[3]

Notable residents

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