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County Hillock is a former Taran and present Victorian county based on the eponymous nomadic city.


Hillock was originally part of the Taran Kingdom that became the one of the last holdings of the Draco Gaeilic Kings during the the Aslan-Draco civil war. When the last King Gaeil surrendered himself and signed an armistice with the Aslans, the place was immediately incorporated into modern Victoria.[1] The Aslan rule does bring some prosperity to the place in which a medium-sized nomadic city was built in the same region; but to the local Tarans, this symbolizes foreign occupation. Soldiers are stationed there to prevent possible uprisings, and they often deprive the locals' freedom through social and cultural oppression.

Hillock is moderately distant from the Victorian capital, and its relationship with other counties is shallow. Its economic activities are mainly light industry and agriculture. Most Victorian aristocrats have no interest in Hillock.[2] However, like any other Taran regions, Hillock can't escape the strong nationalist movement among the aristocrats that seek to restore their homeland. Aside from an observable revival of Taran culture, local newspapers use secret codes in Taran as a communication tool to avoid censorship by the soldiers.[3] Some Tarans are even supporting Dublinn in secret, a militant group which vows to reclaim the Taran throne amidst the fall of the Aslan house after the popular uprising twenty years ago.

As the Tarans' hatred of the barrack's soldiers grows, they start to rally themselves through night meetings, plotting to ignite an insurgency. However, the Victorian soldiers under the command of Colonel Hamilton track down and interfere in one of the meetings. The powder keg is finally ignited when Dublinn uses this opportunity to start a revolution. In order to end this age-old conflict, Hamilton orders a merciless Originium dirty bomb atrillery shelling on the town, killing (or infecting) Dublinn rebels and innocent citizens alike. To the soldiers' dismay, Dublinn has won its first victory by broadcasting a misleading message to other counties. Trying to cover up the atrocity, the Victorian government propagates that it was an accident during military training.

Notable people

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  • Craig: A little Taran boy who is influenced by Taran nationalism since youth, causing him to distrust foreigners. He is the one responsible for the start of Dublinn's uprising by throwing a bomb at the Victorian soldiers.[4] However, after becoming an Infected due to the shelling, he is immediately despised by Dublinn and is almost killed by a rebel, Ronan. He is luckily saved by Jane and trusts her in protecting him and his parents.[5]
  • Saoirse Kelly.png
    Saoirse Kelly: The niece of Captain Louis Kelly who works in the local newspaper outlet. She is the one embedding Taran secret codes inside their newspaper. She is also a close friend of Jane, and out of her consciousness, she leaks the information about the Tarans' secret night meeting to both Jane and then Horn.[3] As a punishment for her treachery, she is executed by Mandragora. Her body is then cremated by Loughshinny's flames.[6]
  • Damian Barry: The nephew of Captain Louis Kelly. Though just an ordinary potato farmer, the 2nd Tempest Platoon takes him to custody for hiding inside the local Originium warehouse. Before he could receive a fair trial, he is impulsively executed, apparently for snatching a soldier's weapon.[7]
  • MacMartin: A local chef who is actually an informant for the officals at the capital. He has been supervising Hillock's move for a decade and is willing to aid the 2nd Tempest Platoon. He is eventually killed by the dirty bomb shelling before he could bring back the report about Hamilton's crimes.[8]
  • Ronan: A nationalistic Taran who joins Dublinn amidst the uprising. He reports the news of Saoirse's 'treachery' to Dublinn and butts heads with some of the Tarans united by Jane.

Barracks soldiers

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  • Hill: Previously an adjutant of Hillock's barrack who despises the Tarans. However, he later betrays Hamilton and then defects to Dublinn among other local soldiers.




Hillock is likely named after County Monaghan (Irish: Contae Mhuineacháin) with Muineachán standing for "a place abounding in little hills".[9]


  • Prior to the updates of Dossoles Holiday that included several reworks of the Archives, Hillock was previously named as Knoll County.