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Hamilton is an NPC in Arknights. He is one of the antagonists in Episode 09.


Colonel Hamilton is the Supreme Commander of Hillock's troops. He is known for his ultra-nationalism, xenophobic attitude towards the Tarans, and general disdain for the citizens under his protection. In his eyes, all Tarans are rebellious in not accepting Victoria's culture, thinking that anyone who resists it is an enemy to the empire. He firmly believes that without being subjugated entirely, the people of Tara will bring inevitable downfall to Victoria. As a harsh and paranoid leader, Colonel Hamilton believes in using any means necessary to put down the Tarans' rebellion, especially while his soldiers are constantly murdered by a mysterious squadron.[1]


Episode 09

In order to persuade him to investigate the missing Originium product, Horn personally meets him for a negotiation in Hillock's military camp. However, the colonel stubbornly refuses the cooperation. Scolding and dismissing her as naive, he confidently blames the Tarans for the matter and sees no need for further analysis. Upon receiving new reports of dead soldiers, Hamilton orders Horn to leave the office immediately.[1]

Hamilton conducts surveillance on Horn and Bagpipe as they go about their mission. During a secret night meeting among the Tarans, Hamilton leads his soldiers to break into the mansion of Baron Bolton to arrest them. He uses cruel methods to interrogate those he sees as traitors there. Though Bagpipe and Horn are furious with his level of violence, they cannot do much as his status grants him the right. When Hamilton is about to harm Seamus Williams, someone throws a bomb disguised as a ball.[2] After noticing the appearance of Dublinn's squadrons, he immediately orders his soldiers to put down the rebellion.

But to Hamilton, it is not enough to resolve the age-old problem between the loyalists of the Aslans and Dracos. He orders his troops to use the Originium products they seized from the local warehouses and customize them into dirty bombs.[3] He has Horn kidnapped and secretly orders her regiment killed so that they will not interfere his plan.[4] With everything prepared, Hamilton orders a merciless artillery shelling onto Hillock, bombing both the Dublinn soldiers and innocent citizens in the process.

Hamilton's act competely enrages Horn and she accuses him of conducting a genocide. In return, Hamilton proclaims that the war on the Tarans has already begun. He would have had Horn killed, but spares her life out of respect for her loyalty to the empire. He also justifies himself by claiming that what he does is for Victoria and to discourage the nation's enemies. Disgusted by his words and actions, Horn gives him a stern warning that she will bring him to court-martial if she ever survives the bloodshed.[5]

As the saying goes, "pride would lead to downfall." Hamilton's troops could not handle the numerous Dublinn soldiers and their superior tactics. Some Victorian soldiers decide to leave Hillock, believing that their defeat is inevitable. Worst of all, his trusted adjutant Hill has already defected to Dublinn. With all his soldiers abandoning him, Hamilton decides to clash with Dublinn alone. And the moment he steps outside his office, he is instantly killed by the fire set by the Dublinn soldiers.[6]