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The one who sets the sun.

Dublinn is an antagonist faction in the first half of the Shadow of the Dying Sun story arc of Arknights' Main Theme. Named after the eponymous Draco royal house directly descended from the conservate faction in Taran history, it is a Victorian armed movement and a Taran nationalist movement whose primary goal is to restore an independent Taran monarch by threatening the dwindling Aslan dynasty.


"People of Victoria, fear the wrath of the Dracos!"

Dublinn was founded seven years ago (the year 1091) as part of the movement to revive Taran's declining culture. It claims to trace from the direct descendants of the Gaelic Kings, the former rulers of the Taran Kingdom, who wished to rescue the oppressed Tarans from the hands of their Victorian overlords. In the beginning, Dublinn only initiated a series of covert operations in southern Victoria which aimed to destabilize the region and wrench power from Victorian authorities. However, in the past two years that its activities have become more obvious and frequent, posing a severe threat to the dwindling empire and catching the attention of the Victorian government.[1]

However, as time passed, Dublinn matures more than a mere separatist movement. They declare their challenge against the Victorian authority by rallying both the Tarans and Victorian sympathizers, and they act as an opposition party to Victoria's failing governance on their people.[2] Especially since the devastating popular uprising twenty years ago (the year 1072) which wrecked the Aslan house, the Dublinns' activities have become more active. To achieve its goal, it gains support from the influential Duke of Wellington, who possesses Taran lineage. While Dublinn's real intention remains unknown, they have a clear ultimate goal to liberate the Tarans from Victoria's rule and restore their former glory. Despite their involvement in the Victorian succession crisis, it is noted that so far Dublinn has no interest towards the vacant Victoria throne.[1]

For a rebel group, Dublinn is well-armed and well-organized; this is also thanks to support from pro-Draco monarchists.[3] It has access to the latest military-grade weapons from Victoria, Columbia, and Kazimierz. It also utilizes tactics used by the Minoans and the extinct Gauls. Its covert tactics and mysterious origin make it known to outsiders as the "spectre force."

Notable members



  • Reed defects to Rhodes Island after her rescue by Outcast following the Hillock incident.
  • Harmonie "joins" R.I. as a diplomatic delegate for the Duke of Wellington while quietly supervising R.I.'s action.
  • Mandragora is gravely injured after being ambushed by Manfred and is highly implied to have died.
  • A band of six Dublinn elite commanders known for their atrocious actions in the past before their deaths through Outcast's judgment, and their intentions of betraying their comrades:[4][5]
    • "The Accountant": An accountant who reaped the monetary profits over conflicts involving Dublinn, heedless to the death and destruction they caused.
    • "The Bandit": A thief that stole anything he could from his victims, be it valuables or even their dignity.
    • "The Convict": A career criminal who had been jailed multiple times.
    • "The Elocutionist": A spin doctor who used deceptive, misleading words to turn people against each other, contrary to his nickname's meaning ("clear and expressive speech"). According to the Brigadier, he was conspiring to break Dublinn from the inside by manipulating Mandragora.[5]
    • "The Immolator": An arsonist with extreme pyromania who set everything he could into flames.
    • "The Toxicologist": A corrupt biochemist who used his knowledge of toxins to harm others, one of which included a lethal "truth serum," which was used on an unfortunate Dublinn soldier who spotted Outcast taking Reed with her.
  • "The Spy": A secret agent who operated inside Londinium for the Dublinn forces. Real name Cillian, "The Spy" succumbed to injuries sustained by the Sarkaz during the events of Episode 10.[6]