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The Inquisition (Inquisición) is an organization in the world of Arknights. They are the de facto governing body of Iberia who are best known for persecuting the Aegir "Islanders" for their supposed connection with the Seaborn and Church of the Deep.


The Inquisition was previously known as the Church of Iberia, the Iberian branch of the Lateran Church that was reorganized under the instruction of Saint Carmen and the other eight Saints and three Bishops following the Profound Silence.[1] The Church of Iberia's relationship with the Lateran Church had already been strained prior to the Silence as the Lateran Pope was not interested in Iberia's affairs, and as Iberia's strength and prominence grew during the Golden Age. The religious and political powers of Iberia had planned to schism and establish their own Pope, Carmen, but this was pre-empted by the Profound Silence. In the wake of the disaster, Carmen refused the papal crown and instead promoted himself to Saint of Iberia.[2]

The Inquisition's main duty is to preserve order in Iberia while defending their settlements from the Seaborn. However, not all of the Iberians welcome them; some accuses the Inquisitors for neglecting them from their survival needs, while others hate them for arresting Aegirs without any reasons.

Instead of using the Sankta firearms, the Inquisitors are often armed with a rapier representing Iberia's force and a lantern representing Iberia's light and hope, and both symbolizes the Iberians' self-determination. The lantern is also an Originium Arts Unit that could repel the Seaborn with luminal Arts. In addition, the Inquisitors sometimes make use of a hand cannon which can wreak havoc in a large area but are very difficult to control.

Notable members

Of the characters above:

  • Carmen is the the founder and leader of the Inquisition as the head Saint of Iberia.
  • Dario was killed in action while defending Gran Faro's Eye of Iberia from a Sea Terror onslaught.
  • Irene resigns from the Inquisition following the hunt for the Stultifera Navis, but maintains contact with them as the Inquisition's Messenger for Rhodes Island.
  • Lumen is the first (and so far, the only) Aegir who has ever joined the Inquisition, appointed by Saint Carmen to take Irene's place and as his assistant.