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Dario is an NPC in Arknights. He is a major supporting character in Under Tides and Stultifera Navis.


Dario is a member of the Iberian Inquisition who is responsible for maintaining order in the country as well as carrying out the persecution onto the Islanders and arresting non-Iberian Aegirs. He specializes in using a pair of hand cannons which could create huge damage onto his opponents. His kerosene lamp symbolizes light for the nation, but it could also used as a tool against the Seaborns and an activator of his Originium Arts.

Dario has been raising Irene since youth after he rescued her from ruins of her village that was destroyed by a Catastrophe. While training her to be his disciple, he also revealed the secret of the Seaborn to her privately, a requirement that Irene must go through in order to become his successor.[1]


Under Tides

Dario, wearing a mask covering his face, entered Sal Viento alongside Irene to investigate a mysterious phenomenon there. While the two dealt with the creeping Seaborns, they also arrested a survivor of a Kazimierzian bounty hunter group. They held a short interrogation on him and asked what did he see. To prevent him leaking the nation's secrets, Dario executed him on the spot using his hand cannon.[2]

During Irene's encounter with Skadi, Dario appeared in front of the Aegir songstress and told Irene to stand down. With an unimaginable speed, the duo had a clash. He used his hand cannon to give a heavy blow. Although Skadi escaped from him, she was heavily wounded. While he let Irene to chase after Skadi, he also taught her to be observant of the enemies of Iberia.[3]

As Irene's mentor, Dario had been guiding her in in times of struggle. Seeing that she was doubting her actions, he pointed out that she must learn to doubt so that she could make a better judgement.[4] When Irene requested to evacuate the locals after implanting the explosive around the local church, he opposed it at first but later allowed her to carry out the plan after seeing her determination. He also gave her a lesson on responsibility in which she must learn to bear the consequence.[5]

After the incident, Dario met both the Hunters and Kal'tsit. Kal'tsit persuaded him to reveal Iberia's secret to the outside world as it is the only way to stop the Seaborn's encroachment. In turn, he could not spoke any word but acknowledged that the nation has completely changed ever since the Silence. Meanwhile, Dario ordered one of them to stay back to deal with the aftermath. With that said, Kal'tsit is willing to let herself be incarcerated in exchange for the Hunters' freedom.[6]

Stultifera Navis

Dario and Irene arriving in the Eye of Iberia
A funeral pyre for Dario, who literally stood against the Sea Terrors till the end