Ning Ciqiu

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Ning Ciqiu is an NPC in Arknights. She is a supporting character in Invitation to Wine and Here a People Sows.


Ning is a higher ranking mandarin within Yan's imperial government. She is both an Imperial Envoy, ranking vice-secondary (从二品) in the office, and even the Assistant Minister (左侍郎) of the Rites, the Yanese ministry that is attempting to revive Sui.[1] Despite her position, she prefers to stay low and acts as a quiet, humble woman. But whenever needed, she can become a manipulative person where she uses all sorts of tricks to fulfill her goal.

Ning was born into a noble family who is an important figure within the palace, and she is the seventh among her siblings. While she was young, her grandfather, ranking the first and the highest in the government, was embroiled into a corruption scheme prior to his retirement, but he soon resolved the matter quickly. After the incident, Ning was lectured by him to become a responsible officer, and she keeps this principle in her mind even until today.[2]

Ning and Liang Xun are close colleagues, and they are implied to have a crush on each other. However, their relationship would have matured had not their different ranks divided them. Nevertheless, the two often hang out together, and Ning loves to accept Liang's caring.


Invitation to Wine