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Monch is an NPC in Arknights. She is a supporting character in Break the Ice and The Rides to Lake Silberneherze


Monch was formerly the subordinate of Sciurus Browntail, the younger sister of Browntails matriarch. She was secretly an assassin and spy who followed Gnosis's command and completely devoted herself to him, eager to prove her own worth and competence to him.


Break the Ice

As a confidante and agent of both Scirurus and Gnosis, Monch is a double-agent; She would do the bidding of Sciurus but orders by Gnosis is high in priority.

Monch is soon fielded to orchestrate an assassination towards Enciodis, under the belief that Gnosis wanted him dead. This leaves the Silverash leader injured but still capable. Monch escapes by jumping into the cliff, and disappears.

In the ceremony that followed, Enciodes is informed by Weiss that the assassin has been captured, revealing to be Monch. This outraged Sciurus and attempted to vouch for her innocence, which unintentionally implicated the Browntails as the apparent mastermind, to an equally-outraged Ratatos. The Great Elder also collapsed from Arctosz offering, revealing that the offering has been poisoned, implicating and tarnishing the image of the two clans to the populace of Kjerag. Monch and Sciurus' husband Yucatan were captured, while Ratatos and Arctosz were rescued by Sharp and Aurora.

After the incident during Enya's coronation ceremony, she was incarcerated separately. Gnosis soon visits her and reveals the truth of the incident. She acknowledged the fact that she unknowingly played along in Gnosis and Enciodes's conspiracy, although her commitment to supporting Gnosis initially remained regardless.

The plan required as few as possible people with knowledge about the plan, and she herself was not an exception, as Gnosis later explained, and she felt betrayed as a result. After the Kjerag incident was resolved, she decided to leave Gnosis's side without any notice, leaving behind the prized knife she got from him as a gift.

The Rides to Lake Silberneherze

Monch reappears in the event as the assistant to Sciurus of the Browntail family. It's later revealed that after the events of Break The Ice she left Kjerag for some time and came back as per Sciurus' command. She assisted Sciurus in securing the communication across the train stations in Kjerag before helping Courier and Matterhorn free themselves when they're knocked out by the Victorian soldiers and found themselves tied in an unknown location.