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Vanya is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character in A Walk in the Dust.


Vanya was the leader of Ursus' Fourth Army who was presumed to be responsible for the massacre of the Chernobog Sarcophagus scientists in Terran Year 1076. He was also a member of the conservative old guards, but instead of being rewarded for his action, he became a political victim.[1] Due to his old age, he was growing weak and ill and lost his eyesight completely. As a matter of fact, he spent most of his time inside a sanatorium named Pine Valley Retreat.

As a result of his status, he became a victim of assassination. At one point, he was almost murdered by an Emperor's Blade.[2]


A Walk in the Dust

Upon Kal'tsit's arrival at his room during Lillia's attempted assassination, the Grand Duke greeted her by touching her face. However, he already knew that Kal'tsit was not a simple person. He presumed that Kal'tsit was sent by either the Emperor of Ursus, the military or the old guards. And to his surprise, she was here to take vengeance for the scientists of the Sarcophagus incident. Just before the security guards' arrival, Vanya warned them to step back and wanted to have a long, uninterrupted chat with her for an hour as his old friend. Knowing that his death would be peaceful, he also thanked her for ending his miserable life as a political victim.

The Grand Duke's final talk with Kal'tsit in the daylight.

After Kal'tsit injected the neurotoxin onto him, the two had wonderful talk outside his room. The Grand Duke talked about his favorite plant, the pine lilies, and recalled his past as a soldier while fighting against Kazimierz. When talking about war, he did not deny that he had been committing atrocities, yet he also never asked for pardon for his sin. Before his last breath, he wanted to see the glorious moment in Ursus and praised his motherland. After that, he fell into a long sleep that may never be woken.[2]