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Sinach Weber is a background NPC in Arknights. He is mentioned in E.E. Erikson's letters in Correspondences from Laterano and is regarded as the father of the "fake sky" theory.


Sinach is a professor of Formative reconstruction in the Gutenberg Universität's School of Originium and a close friend and alumnus of Victorian academician E.E. Erikson, who does not like to be referred as "von Weber" since he does not belong to the nobility. One of his most notable contributions was the Starpod theory, which was formulated as a way to explain the possibility of Originium expanding beyond the skies, despite its rather uneven distribution on Terra's surface. However, he didn't prove his theory through actual scientific means, and was left forgotten by the scientific community. Even Erikson himself was doubting on his conclusion.[1][2]

He also suffers from rheumatism on his legs, and doesn't like to exercise or move long distances due to his condition. As a matter of fact, Erikson already requested aid from Kal'tsit and Rhodes Island to treat his condition. On the other hand, Weber also exchanged letters with Erikson during his travel around Terra, specially asking for material for his new book. At one point, Weber had to face censorship issues due to having mentioned the Witch King's name in one of his letters, despite being a request from Erikson.[3]

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