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Signora Sicilia is an NPC in Arknights. She is first mentioned in Code of Brawl[1] before appearing in Il Siracusano as a supporting character.


Signora Sicilia, or better known as Miss Sicily, is the Capo dei capi of the Siracusan Mafia, hence being the Godmother of the mafias. She is the current head of state of Siracusa who unified the Dodici Famiglie under the Grey Hall sixty years ago (the year 1039) to end its chaotic period following its independence from Leithanien. After her tour in Laterano, she was inspired by the Lateran Church and established the "Pistole e Ordine,“ the foundation of the Siracusan legal system.[2] To this day, she still has Padre Agenir as her faithful right-hand man in running the country.

The Signora can be both a kind lady and a ruthless woman in times. She can reward anyone with anything, such as a laurel of bones that symbolizes her authority.[3] However, she cannot treat any challenger that usurps her "game of order" with any semblance of Clemency, including the mafiosi; anyone who dares to challenge her will face consequences. Some of the worst offenses against her include blaspheming the legal system which she sees as her extension of her authority and attempting to overthrow the current famiglia system. Nevertheless, the Signora sees herself as the guardian of the old days who waits for anyone who could provide a better solution to run the country.


Il Siracusano