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Carle Caster is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character in Prelude Suite: Keen-Edge, Silver Blade and SilverAsh's second Operator Record, Unbreakable Ice.


Before becoming an Infected thug, Carle was a prince and the eldest son of Viscount Walden Caster of County Skyes. Once a charismatic and prideful young nobleman, described as being "full of joy", he enjoyed a considerable status within the Victorian nobility, but during the Harvest Festival banquet in Walden's manor in Fall 1089, he was left aside by the guests, who turned their attention to Enciodes and the Black Knight herself, who were personally invited by Lord Walden.[1] This would start a short-lived rivalry between the two, despite Enciodes never seeing him as a bad person. However, things turned for the worst when at some point after Enciodes left County Skyes, Carle was attacked and killed by Infected during a riot, which enraged Walden to the point of aggravating his already notorious hatred towards them, hence why its Infected policies are harsher than elsewhere within Victoria.

But contrary to official sources, Carle didn't die that fateful day. It turns out that, disgusted by Enciodes' presence, Carle left the banquet early that night, but accidentally ran over a woman who was crossing the street. He decided to help her and rushed to the hospital, but the doctors discovered that she was Infected. Due to his status, the doctors were eager to help him instead. He quickly realized the pain they have to go through, so he brought her home to see if the family's medics could help her. Walden, who's notorious for his prejudice towards the Infected, opposed to Carle's decision, but he ultimately didn't care. He eventually fell in love with the Infected woman, despite how Walden insisted on kicking her out, so he had to keep her in his own courtyard. Frustrated due to his father's hatred, Carle willingly stabbed his arm with an Originium chunk in front of his family and ran away from home. Since that day, Carle has been living as an Infected beggar trying to survive in the slums of County Skyes. Two years after that incident, his younger sister Kate would eventually find him in a dire condition. Although Kate remembers what happened that day, she doesn't like to see his brother like that, and has since started to secretly help him and his fellow men, realizing the crude reality that the Infected have to face through. Years of neglect and tribulations have made Carle disillusioned enough to stop caring about himself.[2]


SilverAsh: Unbreakable Ice

Carle kidnapped his sister Kate at one point, and Walden requested Enciodes to retrieve her. However, neither Carle, Kate, or the Infected thugs accepted Enciodes and the Doctor's help, so they decided to leave. Later on, Carle arrived in the city to try getting an Anti-infection device for Kate, despite one of Walden's decrees prohibiting merchants from selling goods to the Infected within County Skyes, but after some troubles, he managed to buy one. Kate, who has been following Enciodes and the Doctor, explains that the kidnapping was actually a staging she brought up, as she wants to help Carle, not to mention how he actually doesn't care about the 100.000 pounds ransom he and his gang asked. Carle noticed Enciodes and left with Kate, as he already stated to Enciodes that there's nothing they could do for him.

Three days later, somewhere in the barrens, Enciodes and Rhodes Island would return for the transaction, now that Walden has learned about his son's status. Carle finally agrees on giving up Kate and the transaction went smoothly, but upon noticing the Viscount's guards, Carle doesn't think twice and decides to kill Enciodes, so he could later go after Warden. Enciodes wins the battle, and upon waking up, Carle asks why he let him live. Enciodes not only gave him mercy, but also faked his Infected comrades' death, so they could leave the country and start a new life working at Karlan Trade. Carle accepts his offer and decides to leave now that the dust has settled, hoping his sister forgets him. At the end, Carle and his friends accepted Enciodes' offer to join Karlan Trade, ensuring that no one in Victoria find out his whereabouts.