The First To Talk

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The First To Talk is an NPC in Arknights. It is a minor antagonist in Under Tides.


The humanoid Seaborn called "The First To Talk" is notably capable of speaking Terran languages nearly flawlessly, hence its name, and are intelligent enough to mimic human behavior. However, emotional concepts are completely alien to The First, making its alignment neutral at best; all it cares is only the benefits for the Seaborn as a whole. When forced into a fight, The First is surprisingly capable of defending itself especially by unleashing some sort of "corrosive vacuoles" that could cripple the victims if it is not treated properly.

The First acts as the Seaborn hive mind's intermediary with the Aegirian cult Church of the Deep, which sees it as a "herald of the ocean's will." Prior to the events of Sal Viento, he had agreed to cooperate closely with Bishop Quintus to further the Seaborn's interests.[1]


Under Tides

The First stabbing Gladiia in order to fulfil the will of the ocean

Before Gladiia could strike Bishop Quintus after he revealed Specter and the Church's hidden secret, the First gave a seemingly deadly blow onto her out of the "request" by the bishop. But instead of carrying the bishop's order to kill Skadi, it wanted to have a short "reunion" with her "brothers and sisters." With that said, The First revealed to Skadi of all the secrets of the Seaborn and the Abyssal Hunters. He not only related to her that she and it were of the same kin, but also elaborated that what the Hunters have been doing is totally normal in order to "feed the ocean." Its hive mind also recalled Skadi's memory with the ultimate battle with the Seaborn's "god" and its hidden terror. Had not Gladiia came for the rescue, Skadi's Seaborn blood would have inevitably corrupted herself.[2]

Gladiia's sudden return angered the Bishop, thinking that she was insulting his herald. In return, Gladiia asked the First if he was willing to kill the bishop and, to the bishop's surprise, it gave a yes as they are all blood-related and killing each other is normal to the Seaborn. Nevertheless, Gladiia dismissed the order but focused herself on the First like her prey in her eyes.[3]

The duel ended with Gladiia's victory. Before its last breath, The First proclaimed that the Seaborn will someday learn the meaning of emotion and that it will pass this on to others. It also bade its farewell to Skadi, saying that its kin will find her and learn more from her in the future.[4]