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Ya is an NPC in Arknights. It is the main antagonist of Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow.


Ya is a Feranmut who managed to survive the Great Hunt enacted upon the Feranmuts by the True Lung of Yan, escaping and lying dormant for centuries before reawakening from the meddling of Wang the second avatar of Sui. It has an arrogant, wrathful demeanor where It sees the Terrans as mere pests who wrongly usurped the Feranmuts' rightful reign, but also hold a particular grudge against Sui for betraying Its kind and helping the True Lung subjugate the Feranmuts. To that end, Ya has been plotting to take revenge against both Yan and Sui, collaborating with figures such as the fanatical Shanhaizhong to achieve this, although Ya sees the latter as expendable pawns.

Although Ya's true form is implied to be bestial, It can produce an androgynous humanoid avatar/proxy to interact with the world. Even in this form, It possess speed and physicality far beyond a normal Terran alongside superhuman swordsmanship. The Sui Regulator also knows Ya as one who can "cut away the seasons and hold them at Its bosom", due to their supernatural ability to cause drastic changes in the climate around them, as if altering the seasons with Its presence. As Its avatar is merely a proxy created by the Feranmut proper, destroying it is insufficient to kill Ya Itself.


Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow

"I never play fair, mortals."
The showdown between Chongyue and Ya