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Priestess is an NPC in Arknights. She appears on a flashback in Episode 08 and mentioned on Vigilo before making a short appearance (as a hologram) in person in Lone Trail. She is also a minor character in Episode 14 and the Babel event.


"My darling, there will be the day when we shall meet again even if the galaxies vanishes into the void."

Next to nothing is known about Priestess aside from her placing the Doctor into the Chernobog Sarcophagus at some point in the past, possibly long before Kal'tsit placed them there during the fall of Babel, and are related to the Doctor in some way. Unlike most other Terran Ancients, Priestess lacks visible animal traits, a trait shared with the Doctor. Her appearance closely resembles that of Amiya, but more mature and without the Cautus ears. She also seems to be connected with the origin of the Rhodes Island landship, evidenced by her uniform.

Sometime after pacifying the transformed Mephisto in the Sarcophagus, the Doctor remembers their time with Priestess and asks Kal'tsit whether she knew her or not.[1]

A photo of the Doctor and Priestess stored in PRTS' memory

At one point the Doctor asks PRTS whether the Rhodes Island's tactical AI knows anything about her, but it cannot answer the question as such information requires a specific clearance level that no one in R.I., including the Doctor, has. However, after the Doctor leaves, PRTS starts up a self-diagnostic process that verifies the special permissions needed to access a video. The video, labeled as having been taken during the A.I.'s first test run, purportedly shows the Doctor alongside the Priestess.[2] This gives the implication that the A.I. uses Priestess as a template for its personality; in fact, the operation map previews in-game has a watermark labeled "EYESOFPRIESTESS".

The following contains MAJOR SPOILERS. You have been warned.

In Lone Trail, it is revealed that Priestess is among the last survivors of the "First Civilization"; Trevor Friston mentioned that Priestess is responsible for what he saw as the "corruption" of Originium from her "mad experiment".

The Babel event revealed that Priestess is a friend/partner of the Doctor and created Kal'tsit (AMa-10) together.


Lone Trail