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Rest assured, as a Messenger of the Lich King's Court, I didn't make any promises to Dame Kal'tsit. Just like how I haven't made any promises with you. We Liches are never in a hurry to pick a side for ourselves.
—-Ermengarde to Theresa

Ermengarde is an NPC in Arknights. She is a supporting character in Act II of the Main Theme and Zwillingstürme im Herbst.


Ermengarde, a young and polite Lich lady, is a student and appointed Messenger of Fremont, the Lich King of the Temple of Knowledge. Although not much is known about her, she's noted for her apolitical stance and neutrality on Kazdel's affairs. Due to Fremont initially refusing Theresis' invitation to Londinium, Ermengarde was dispatched after Manfred's constant requests.[1]


Episode 11

Although she doesn't appear physically, Ermengarde is mentioned by Theresis, who acknowledges how she has been intercepted by Kal'tsit on her way to Londinium.[2]

Episode 12

In the outskirts of Londinium, Ermengarde is approached by a Sarkaz soldier who tells her how General Manfred said that the recent events and advancements of the Sarkaz will be the start of their victory, something on which she replies how Kal'tsit told her about how this future won't bring anything to the Sarkaz. After a small chat, the Sarkaz soldier decides to guide her to see Her Majesty, Theresa.[3]

After some inconveniences, Ermengarde finally reaches Theresa, who thanks her and the Liches for standing up to aid the Sarkaz in this situation, as well as pointing out the Liches' mastery in Dimensional space-manipulation Arts and wisdom. Ermengarde then explains that the reason why Kal'tsit approached her was to advise her to not join Theresa's side, as the conflict she and Theresis started will only bring ruin and irreversible strife to the lands of Terra. Ermengarde pointed out how her words and actions are similar to Kal'tsit's, yet she still opposes her.

Ermengarde also states than the Liches are not in the hurry to pick which side of the ongoing conflict will be on, but she won't make any promises to Kal'tsit.[4]

Episode 13

Zwillingstürme im Herbst