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McKee is an NPC in Arknights. He is first mentioned in Maria Nearl before appearing in person as a supporting character in Near Light.


McKee is one of the spokesmen of the Kazimierz General Chamber of Commerce who represents the interests of the ruling class and corporations of Kazimierz. He is also the son of Kain, dubbed the "Newsman" and the chairman of Rose Papers Union, who acts as the mysterious speaker in the phone that determines the spokesmen's fate. Like his father, McKee puts his eyes on the expanding capitalism of the nation, believing that it will help maintain the nation's prosperity, but the only difference is that he is somehow shortsighted compared to his father's grand mission of counteracting Columbia's expansionism. On the other hand, he is a straightforward and obedient person who humbly follows every rule to the point unlike the crooked Czarny.

McKee is also an assistant for Viviana Droste the Candle Knight whom he sees as his close colleague. At one time, it is even implied that he had a crush on her.


Maria Nearl

McKee first appeared in a news article concerning Pinus Sylvestris' rejection of sponsorship by Kazimierz's mega-corporation. He expressed his disappointment by stating that this was "a heartbreaking misunderstanding."[1]

Near Light

During the party held at the Champion's Hall for the opening ceremony of the Major's official matches, McKee greeted the newbie spokesman Malkiewicz. Seeing him being down and nervous after becoming the spokesman, he encouraged him and told him to relax. In the meantime, McKee took the opportunity to introduce Viviana the Candle Knight to him.[2]

McKee assisted both Viviana and Malkiewicz in their career. He helped her handle commercial businesses and promoting her in the Major via media. He frequently expressed his disgust about the nonsensical rumors surround her "immoral lifestyle." As a senior spokesman, he aided Malkiewicz in handling remaining paperwork left by Czarny. Meanwhile, he informed Malkiewicz about the decision made by the K.G.C.C. purge the underground Infected community at Area 0, and he warned that Malkiewicz must never betray the K.G.C.C.'s decision or he would face severe consequences.[3]

When Viviana was fallen into disadvantage due to the supremacy of the Radiant Knight, McKee tried many solutions to help her win the Major as part of the order from the K.G.C.C to keep their faces. At one time, he suggested that Viviana should just do nothing and let the K.G.C.C. do the business. He even reminded her that Margaret might face danger from the Armorless Union and Viviana herself might lose her sponsorship from the K.G.C.C. Nevertheless, she rejected the aid, thinking about having a fair match with Margaret. After her departure from his office, McKee sat alone and believed that he had missed a precious chance to make a proposal for her. He also had a bouquet of marigold, originally a gift for Viviana, gifted to his clerk instead.[4]

The loaming crisis around Area 0 caused McKee to make many hard decisions. Seeing that Malkiewicz had a healthy relationship with Rhodes Island, he made a proposal to the directors of the K.G.C.C. have him handle the issue, believing that this would at least lessen the tension. On the other hand, he noticed that the Union might rebel against them.[5] His nightmare came true when he learnt that the Union had murdered some of the directors in the K.G.C.C. during the blackout caused by the second Kawalerielki Separation. Worst of all, he was furious to hear that the Silverlance Pegasi had already arrived at the capital as part of the political scheme conducted by the Adeptus Sprawiedliwi and that the Vice President of the National Council was somehow arrested for corruption.[6][7] Even then, he ordered his subordinates that the Major should continue without further postpone.

On the day of the Major's final between the Radiant Knight and the Blood Knight, McKee was present to maintain order in the arena. He was also the one who plotted to have Margeret's secret as a non-Infected revealed in order to have her mocked by the public. Despite his effort, the tide changed when Margeret surprisingly carried Dikaiopolis and marched together to the Champion's Hall, much to his chagrin. He had the assassins of the Armorless Union to stop them at any cost, even if it means taking away their lives. This, however, was eventually thwarted when Viviana appeared to stop him with her candle Arts.[8]

In the aftermath, McKee's position as a spokesman was dismissed as the Major season came to an end. Under his father's arrangement, he and Malkiewicz would joined Rose Papers Union.[9] Meanwhile, he did not have the face to bid farewell to Viviana after she left the capital as as part of her punishment for disobeying the K.G.C.C. Upon meeting Margeret, he knew that the two would someday become enemies, yet Margeret forgave him, knowing that he was just doing his job for the K.G.C.C. He also handed the address where Viviana would stay so that Margeret would have the time to write letters for her.[10]