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Maertha is an NPC in Arknights. She is a major supporting character in the "Choices in the Snow" arc of Angelina: Sketches of This Messenger's Journey.


Hailing from Qanipalaat's sijdda, Maertha is an vivid Samifjod girl who's a member of a SAR team and an old friend of Angelina, whom she saved her life some years ago after getting lost in the tundra following her separation from the caravan she was traveling with. During her time in her tribe, Maertha and Angelina stablished a short-lived but solid friendship where both would exchange their experiences. Despite her young age, she's consdered an adult within he rtribe, as she completed her coming-of-age ritual when she was 12. On the other hand, she also has a deep fascination for certain fowlbeasts species found in the Sami region.

Maertha's parents were considered the best hunters in her tribe, but they had to leave when she was still young in order to head to the northern mountain fort and defend their land from the Collapsal menace. Ever since their departure, the tribesmen have been raising them, always hearing about the situation at the north, and having to bid farewell to various hunters and warriors every so often. As she grew older, she realized that if she could grew up peacefully thanks to the efforts of countless people, then she can't let them down once she becomes strong enough to protect them. That's why she joined a rescue team in order to train.

After undergoing the tsoavttsom, which gave her an idea of whether she would stay in the frigid lands or go to the outside world in the future, she decided the former. Her wish is head north once she's allowed to leave the tribe, so she can stand guard as a warrior and protect her people. Due to her decision, Maertha couldn't join Angelina during her travels.[1]


Angelina: Sketches of This Messenger's Journey


  1. Estimation based on the years she had to wait to finally leave her tribe (4 to 5 years according to the tribe's Snowpriestess) + the age she met Angelina for the first time (12). However, it's worth noting that the amount of time it passed since Melze and Angelina met is undisclosed.