Deculture Silvermint

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Deculture Silvermint is an NPC in Arknights. She is a supporting character in Ideal City.


Deculture Silvermint acts as the industrial representative of Zeruertza. She is responsible for building, supervising, and governing the city’s mobile assistant robots (otherwise known as R3-E3s), which help with construction and other services. Although she is an expert at constructing the robots, she has little idea on how their programming works. She has a somewhat lazy attitude, often choosing to let the robots take care of things while she naps.

She is particularly sympathetic towards Stitch Canvas, though it's unclear exactly why.


Ideal City

Deculture took an interest in Eunectes after seeing her chase after an R3-E3. She was curious in how personal Eunectes' interactions were with the robot and the unusual responses it makes. Deculture later approaches Eunectes in the library, where the latter is searching for a manual for repairing R3-E3s. Eunectes advises Deculture on learning to be more caring towards the robots and treat them as equals. However, she interprets the suggestion as giving the R3-E3s more complex tasks that would normally be done by her.[1]

Deculture later joins Croque Diamondface and the other city representatives to discuss the fate of the Great Aquapit. The group quickly agreed to demolish the water park and fix up the city’s railroad. Deculture instructs the robots to repair the railroad while she goes to Stitch's house to relax. She encounters Stitch there, who prefers to stay away from the crowd. She asks about his troubles and consoles him, saying that he would feel a lot better if he would just be more open with Catch Lightrace and the others.[2]

Deculture takes a nap shortly after Stitch leaves to deliver some equipment to the railroad on the other side of the lake. Gavial and the others later arrive to ask if Stitch returned to his house, saying that he mysteriously disappeared. Deculture is unsure where he could have gone, but Catch believes he knows where. After the group figure out Stitch's location, Deculture sneaks off and decides to help Stitch by sending out several R3-E3s to protect him.[3]Unfortunately, her plan was foiled by Gavial, who was able to reason with the robots.[4]

After Zeruertza's destruction, Deculture joins the other Durins to continue their lives aboveground in Acahualla.[5]