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Gawain is an NPC in Arknights. He is one of the lions present in Siege's Elite 2 artwork and her Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'Dev:Entrypoint' not found. outfit, and mentioned in Siege's dialogues as well as appearing in her Promotion Record before becoming a supporting character in Episode 11.


Gawain carrying both young Alexandrina and the "Sighs of Kings"

As the leading "lion" pride accompanying HRH Alexandrina of Victoria since childhood, Gawain is a "Lord of the Beasts" wielding the power of prophecy. Just like any other Beast Lords, Gawain has been witnessing the grand changes across eras over thousands of years. He was notable for taking part in the grand conquest of the Foehn Hotland together with the Lion Padishah Lugalszargus and the Nightzmoran Khagan at the dawn of the modern era where they drove the Collapsals away from southern Terra. He also made numerous oaths with the past Victorian kings, but he has been detesting the current generation from straying away from the promise and being corrupted by political power.[1]

Twenty six years ago, Gawain once rescued young Allerdale from the hands for the usurpers during a royal banquet by teleporting her away from a dark room, and Allerdale was surprised to see young Vina riding on him while carrying the legendary sword, the "Sighs of Kings". Before the lions' departure, Gawain prophesized that one day, the two will meet again amidst a bloody chaos.[2]

After the last Aslan king was publicly executed by the usurpers in the year 1072, hence starting Victoria's succession crisis, Gawain brought Vina away from the royal palace and hid her in the dirty streets of Londinium.[3] Since then, Gawain and the pride have been guiding Vina and have become her soulmates from her days in the slums to her joining the Glasgow gang.