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Cora Löwenstein is an NPC in Arknights. She is a major supporting character in Zwillingstürme im Herbst.


Cora Löwenstein is the renowned conductmaster of the Leithanian Reichsorchesters and a servant and follower of Lieselotte. She was one of the retainers for Kurfürst Werner von Hochberg alongside Vizegraf Brandt Reiner, and was responsible for escorting Viviana to Kazimierz so she could be taken care by Grandmaster Ioleta Russell, as per Werner's request to save her from the power struggle in Leithanien.[1]

However, not known to many, Cora used to be one of the Witch King' servants back when she was fifteen years old. Hailing from an ordinary family from kreis Einwald, she was tasked with cleaning the instruments and resonance pipes on top of the Herkunftshorn Spire, as those were a crucial part of the defense Originium Arts mechanisms, and even the most minimum trace of dust could result in a severe failure. Despite her support to the Witch King, Cora thought that Leithanien passed through enough suffering during his tyrannical reign, so she decided to turn her back on him and tampered with the resonance pipes, allowing the rebels to attack the spire during the Septemberrevolution. Unfortunately, she lost her sight during the battle. Werner himself saved her life during the assault on the Spire.[2]

Ten years after the death of the Witch King, Cora met a musician named Arturia Giallo while attending a funeral. She was impressed by her performance and became intrigued by her Arts, even allowing her to play her heart's music.[3] At some point in time, Cora was dispatched to the Echoes of Herkunftshorn to act as a double agent for the Twin Empresses. She became their leader—the Concertmaster—in order to deceive the remnants and lure them into a false sense of security.


Zwillingstürme im Herbst

Cora is sent as Lieselotte's envoy to escort Viviana to Zwillingstürme from Sturmland. After meeting Viviana for the first time, she reveals to her that her father, Werner von Hochberg, passed away not long ago. She also informs Viviana that her father wanted her to become an Empresses' Voice so that she will be safe.

During the days approaching Das Kaiserinnesfest, Cora helped Viviana during her investigation into renowned painter Frieda Seemann's death. Cora had always admired Frieda's beautiful marigold paintings.


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