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Carol is an NPC in Arknights. She is one of the main characters in Grani and the Knights' Treasure and also makes a cameo in Near Light.


The young girl named Carol is the current village chief of Dewville. She knows exactly where the location of the Knights' Treasure hidden deep within Mount Mortica, an inheritance that is passed down to generations of Dewville's chiefs.


Grani and the Knights' Treasure

Carol was captured by the bounty hunters who tortured her to get the location of the Treasure. She stubbornly refused to divulge the knowledge even though she was left without water for a day. Luckily, Grani, whom she had asked for help under the pretense of locating the Treasure, suddenly appeared and saved Carol, and the two took refuge in an abandoned cabin.[1] After Carol explained about the situation, Grani agreed to help her save Dewville from the bounty hunters.[2]

As the matter became worse outside in the village when the bounty hunters was dealing with a female Aegir, Grani and Carol saw this as an opportunity to run away.[3] But the two were immediately ambushed by other hunters and their Originium Slug minions. Just then, a towering, armored man appeared, used a flashbang to disorient them, and brought Carol and Grani to the forests outside Dewville.[4] The man, introducing himself as Big Bob, offered his help to the girls in locating the treasure in exchange for part of it. Carol initially refused due to her unpleasant experience with the hunters, but after a short discussion, she agreed to work along with him temporarily.[4]

Carol guided Grani and Big Bob throughout the venture. In the forests at the foothills of Mount Terrat, her gang first encountered the Aegir bounty huntress, now known as Skadi, who demanded Grani to hand over Carol to her. After they got rid of her by running away, they also ran into an ambush by the bounty hunters, but they luckily escaped when Skadi caught up with them and they had an initial fight.[5] Upon reaching the forests between Mount Terrat and Mount Mortica, Carol and Grani quickly fled as Big Bob was trying to deal with the arrival of some Reunion fighters. Even though Carol was wary of her actions, she believed what she did was for the best of her village.[6]

Finally, the girls reached the entrance to the caves below Mount Mortica, and Carol entered the caves alone to search for the treasure while Grani stayed behind to protect her from the hunters.[7] By the time she came out, however, she was in an awkward situation where Grani, Skadi, and Big Bob were at odds against each others. Skadi was after Carol and Big Bob, who turned out to be the leader of the Reunion fighters, insisted her to quickly open up the treasure. Being impatient, Big Bob attempted to seize Carol by using a less-lethal grenade on her, but she was protected by Skadi. This led to a firefight over the treasure that ended with Big Bob's surrender.[8]

However, everything was not over. The "key" Carol possessed would kill anyone that unlocks it and only a pure-blooded Kazimierzian is allowed to open it unharmed. Carol insisted to sacrifice herself to open it, stating that all she did was for the benefits of the village even if it would cost her life. She also made her last wish to Grani of selling off the treasure for the villagers if she died. Just then, Grani suddenly volunteered to open the chest herself and, being of a Kazimierzian ancestry, managed to survive the ordeal.[9]

Honoring the deal between them earlier, Carol gave Big Bob part of the treasure.[9] Before Grani returned to the Rhodes Island landship, Carol also told her to return during the next season for something special.[10]

Near Light

Three days after the 24th season of the Kazimierz Major, Toland brought Sona to Dewville where he planned to formed an alliace with the villagers to start an uprsing against the General Chamber of Commerce and Kazimierz's nobility. He met a much tired Carol who seemed to be busy dealing with the village's issues. With his arrival at the meeting, Toland proclaimed that a new dawn for Kazimierz's commonfolk had just begun.[11]