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Sui is a background NPC in Arknights. It is an ancient Yanese Feranmut who was shattered into twelve fragments of avatars following the Great Hunt.

In-game, Sui is considered a "faction" and branch of Yan for the purpose of determining the affiliation of Operators which are Its fragments.


Sui once ruled Yan among Its kin until the Great Hunt against the "deities" a few thousand years ago. In the midst of the battle, Sui, who once mocked the young Emperor, suddenly decided to betray Its kin and aided the Emperor in the battle. Its betrayal was due to Its own selfish desire to make Itself the sole god of Yan and teach the mortals the meaning of "true war." However, It was cursed by Its kin and suffered many injuries; furthermore, the True Lung punished It severely after uncovering Its true intentions. By the end of the war, the Emperor had subjugated Sui under his control. Under the Emperor's command, It scattered Itself into fragments of avatars that would later become the twelve siblings.[1][2]

The deep shadow of Sui haunts the past of the land of Yan

Despite the grand victory, the shadow of Sui continues to haunt Yan in the present day. For Sui, the defeat was a humiliation, and It has long sought vengeance against the empire. As a matter of fact, some of the fragments have been working alongside the current True Lung and many pro-Feranmut factions, such as the Ministry of Rites and the Shanhaizhong, to reunite the siblings and revive Sui and other deities, one of whom is Wang. Nevertheless, the plan is frequently checked by the Sui Regulator, an institution founded to counter Sui's wrath. However, as matters have worsened across Terra, with Victoria's royal feuds and one of Leithanien's Twin Empresses being "silenced," the current Grand Tutor of Yan has secretly ordered the Candleholders to resolve this age-old issue once and for all by having the fragments imprisoned or even executed—this would allow the empire to focus on greater threats such as the northern Collapsals and the Seaborn. In the meantime, the pro-Feranmut factions have taken this opportunity to accelerate their plan.[3]

The siblings of Sui did not initially have knowledge of the hierarchy. It was the simple question, "Who am I?," that led to the formation of their own personalities. Gradually, they would evolve into individuals with different characteristics.[4] However, if they were ever to reunite, their individual personalities would disappear altogether.[5][6] Some chose to be sitting ducks and wait for the ultimate fate of their reunion while others, like Nian, chose to struggle against such a destiny.

Known fragments

The mausoleum of Sui which archives Its twelve avatars. Note that the arrangement is based on the Zhaomu system for Chinese ancestral tablets, with the middle bottom being the oldest.

  • Jie
  • "Youngest Brother": Mentioned in Nian's dialogue and the youngest of all siblings, ranking twelfth among them, whose power is associated with culinary skills. He is known to be an excellent chef.[7]

Aside from these, there are others that are only briefly mentioned:

  • A male sibling younger than Chongyue whose power is associated with medical knowledge, enabling him to heal severe wounds.[8]
  • A female sibling younger than Wang and Ling, whose power is associated with law and described as "words of gold."[9]