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The Maylander Foundation, or Maylander for short, is a Terran organization. Founded by its eponymous leader, it is a Columbian deep state organization in the guise of an NGO with an enormous network and sub-divisions, involving numerous shady events behind the scene.


The history of Maylander could be traced back as far as the Columbian Revolutionary War in 1019. The founder of the Association, Maylander Selene, who would later be known as the "Father of the Union", was a companion of General Mark Max who miraculously turned the tide of the war in favor of the Columbians. Following Columbia's independence, Maylander decided to hand his power to President Max and stayed behind the curtains of politics as an NGO in order to "maintain the well-being of all Columbian citizens".[1] Nevertheless, Maylander's power is so enormous that it has created some sort of "deep state" that controls the nation secretly, assisting President Max' neccesities.[2]

As an NGO, Maylander possesses expansive organizations and sub-branches under its name, and its broad influence can be seen in many fields such as charity, education, environmental protection, and public policies.[1] In recent years, it mainly focuses on advocation for children rights in Columbia improving their living conditions.[3] They are actively involved in many rescue missions where they uncover inhumane experiments conducted by Columbian scientists and destroy their laboratories,[4] one such event known as the Loken Watertank Incident. As a matter of fact, Maylander's appearing justice has been respected by many, turning them into a widespread urban legend.

But as a political entity, Maylander can be ruthless. It has been a powerful intelligence service that meddles foreign affairs, one of which being in guise of investors for the Bolívarian restaurant franchise Sombrero Dude.[5] Unknown to the public, the Loken Watertank Incident is in fact a part of the political struggle between the Federal Government and the Department of Defence, and the purge is more of a warning to the D.O.D. for its aggression.[6] Ultimately, Maylander is willing to conduct cooperation with technological corporations to fulfil the will of President Max such as Rhine Lab, but it will execute its power if they threaten both the public and the government. Most of Maylander's volunteers and employees on the other hand are proud of their cause, but only some of them are aware of the foundation's true purposes.[1]


True to its name, Maylander has numerous sub-divisions. The currently known ones are:

  • Child Rights Protection Foundation: The division promoting children rights, which rescued Rosmontis following the Watertank Incident.
  • Exploration Society: The division conducting geological research on Terra's uncharted regions (i.e., the Infy Icefield,) and assisting Columbian adventurers in their exploration by providing them equipment, professional training, and others.
  • Historical Assosiation: The division focusing on archeological finds and historical researches, notably recovering the body shards of the now-extinct Diablos Sarkaz and the relics of Terra's previous civilization.
  • Security and Defense Company: The division conducting security business, consisting of warriors recruited from all across the world. It is notable for its collaboration with Team Rainbow following the Watchtower 33 Incident.[7]
  • Catastrophe Relief Effort Foundation: The division focusing on providing humanitarian help to victims or areas affected by Catastrophe activity.[1]
  • Technological Development Association: One of the scientific divisions responsible for providing private assistance on technological and academical development.[1]


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  • Maylander Selene: The founder and leader of Maylander, whom the organization is named after. Originally a frontier pioneer, he would discover Mark Max' terminal beneath the Columbian region, and later support him in the Revolutionary War. While he is dubbed as "Father of the Union" by the Columbians, rumors point out that he is leading the country from behind the scenes.[1]