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The Rhodes Island Elite Operators or simply Elite Ops is a branch of Rhodes Island, made up of distinguished field operatives in R.I.'s paramilitary force with some notably having served R.I.'s predecessor, Babel, who are usually only deployed when explicitly authorized by R.I.'s leaders.

Elite Ops often possess tremendous strength and/or talent, one-of-a-kind abilities or Originium Arts, and a wealth of experience to back up their title, with most Elite Ops capable of easily handling squads of trained enemies alone, though becoming an Elite Operator is "much simpler than many people imagine," as there are actually no assessments, and becoming an Elite Operator only requires Amiya's approval and being formally recognized by the Elite Operator Conference.[1] They have their own room in Rhodes Island whose lock can only be opened with the keys imbued with Logos' Arts. The key will burn itself to nothingness if the owner passes away.[2] Another thing to note is the fact that they're also noted to be a bunch of oddballs with their own peculiarities.[3]


  • Raidian: Described as warm and friendly with persistent motherliness towards younger Operators.[4] She took part in the Chernobog Crisis, aiding in keeping the communications up using her Arts, which can therefore be presumed to either have some sort of telepathic ability, or affect the waves that Rhodes Island's comms technology use. She was also responsible for intercepting the conversation between Cliff and Director Maryam of the Rhine Lab Scientific Investigation Section, where it was revealed that he wasn't even the leader of the Icefield Expedition team.
  • Whitesmith: Described as being so fast that not even death could catch her until she did "finally slow down."[5] She also designed new materials used for a door inside the landship.[6]

Ace's squad

  • Bad Tom
  • Bronze Nose
  • Caries
  • Confidenty
  • Green Pea giving her thumbs up to Blaze
    Green Pea: A female Zalak Operator who was a member of Ace's squad, noted for being less talkative than the rest. During the Chernobog Crisis, she and the rest of the squad stood back to fend off Talulah in order to ensure an evacuation route for Amiya and the Doctor.[7][8] She also spend time training with Blaze after she signed up to Rhodes Island.[9]
  • Hard Brick
  • Lunar Silver
  • Kerg: A Kuranta male Operator who died in the Chernobog incident.
  • Sandwash
  • Seventeen: A Lupo male Operator who died in the Chernobog incident.
  • Violet Flame
  • WoodsPoon

Raidian's squad

  • Liqusa

Rosmontis' squad

  • Bluishsilver: Real name Mabel Grimm. An Elite Op who, around twenty years ago, met Iris and entrusted her with a memento in form of a radio. She died during the Chernobog-Lungmen crisis after being ambushed by the Ursus Third Army who were disguised as Reunion fighters.[10]
  • Lavaca
  • Qing

Scout's squad

  • Leafa
  • Macron
  • Mary
  • Milim
  • Mimi
  • Mudflower
  • Pter
  • Scorpion
  • Slanna
  • Slink
  • Thumbtack
  • Tipsy