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Glasgow is a faction in the world of Arknights. It is a street gang that elevated itself into de facto royal guards of the exiled heir of the Victorian Aslan dynasty, HRH Alexandrina Victoria.


Vina and her mates, ready to face any obstacles in their path

Originally, Glasgow was just an ordinary petty street gang in Londinium, Victoria, led by Hannah Jackson, Kate "Morgan" Morrigan, and Baird that managed to become one of the strongest gangs in the capital ruling the Norport Borough, one of the slum districts of Londinium. Following a challenge between the exiled Princess Alexandrina and Hannah that led to the former's victory, the gang eventually subjected to her leadership with Hannah becoming her second-in-command.[1] Gradually, Glasgow has become more of a close-knit group devoted to her, especially with the arrival of the last Tower Knightess Isabelle.

Four years ago, in the year 1094, the Kazdelian occupation of Londinium forced them to flee the country. They sought refuge in Rhodes Island and have since been lending their service as an assault unit.[2] Meanwhile, the gang has been planning to return to their homeland again in order to reclaim the vacant throne, though their obstacles are worse than they imagine starting from Dublinn, the Taran nationalist militant group, to numerous power-grabbing Victorian Grand Dukes.



  • Siege, real name Alexandrina Victoria,[3] is the legitimate heir of the Victorian throne from the Aslan dynasty. She joined Glasglow together with her mentor, Gawain the Beast Lord.
  • Dagda is the last surviving Tower Knights. The knights themselves were wiped out by the Sarkaz during Theresis' takeover of Londinium in 1094, after being betrayed by the Grand Dukes.
  • Delphine is a spy sent by her mother, the Duke of Windermere, to supervise Alexandrina. She returned to her mother's side after the Norport crisis. Following her mother's death, she rejoined Glasgow — at least nominally, as she is listed as a Victorian Operator in-game.
  • Baird was mortally wounded by the delusional McClaren amidst the Norport crisis.
  • Cador left Glasgow after an ideological split with the rest during the Norport crisis.