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The Duke of Windermere[note 1] is an NPC in Arknights. She is mentioned in Episode 11 before appearing in Episodes 12 and 13 as a major supporting character.


One of the Grand Dukes of Victoria, Amphelise, the Duke of Windermere, is noted for her political neutrality compared to the other Grand Dukes, as she cares more about the safety of her family rather than siding with them or the Sarkaz. Due to her involvement in Victoria's military affairs, the Duke of Windermere and her army often get involved in conflicts within the neighboring countries, most notably Leithanien who nicknamed her "The Kurfürst's archenemy".[1] Her elite guards are called Swordguards.

The Duke of Windermere is married to Kent, the son of an Earl who proposed to her amidst a ball but passed away in 1094 due to an illness. She had a daughter, Delphine, from her marriage.


Episode 11

In response of Theresis' takeover, Windermere was part of the Eight Grand Dukes who sent their armies and high-speed warships to Londinium. In order to avoid Catastrophes, one of her fortresses took a detour passing through the Leithanian border, heading straight to Londinium.[1]

Episode 12

Episode 13


  1. Technically "Duchess", but referred to as such on in-game texts


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