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Roy is an NPC in Arknights. He is one of the antagonists in the Kazimierz Major trilogy (Maria Nearl, Pinus Sylvestris, Near Light) and a main character of Farewell Roy, part of To Be Continued, alongside Monique. He also makes a cameo in Prelude Suite: Swordbreaker and Silverfront.


Roy is a high-ranking assassin of the Armorless Union, one of two Lazurites alongside Monique, and the leader of the Cleanup Squad. Though he appears to be a carefree and relaxed man, he has managed to keep his position for the last dozen or so years, being the only Lazurite to avoid being replaced for that long.[2] It is even said that his accumulated wealth could easily rival a CEO of a small company.[3] How he was able to maintain such a long and successful career as an assassin with such a carefree demeanor remains a mystery to others.

While Roy's background remains a mystery, it is said that he was previously an ordinary hunter who lived a normal life in a village until he encountered the Darksteels of the Union inside a forest and provided roasted fowlbeast to him. Admiring his marksmanship, the Darksteels invited him to join the Union and immediately promoted him to the Lazurite position. He even persuaded Roy that life in the Union would be much comfortable that his current life.[4]

As a result of his attitude, Roy often comes across as lazy to the unperceptive. He often pushes his job to Centaurea the Platinum, leading to her discontent with her senior. However, his laid-back attitude serves to disguise his shrewdness and his calculating nature. He is also rather cynical, believing that there is no place for heroes within Kazimierz.[5]

Compared to his peers, Roy has a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the Armorless Union and its history thanks to his very long position as a Lazurite. He is often the one who communicates directly with the Darksteels, demonstrating his seniority. On the other hand, he has been secretly working together with the Darksteels to have the Union break free from the General Chamber of Commerce which has been manipulating the assassins to fulfill its greed. He believes that the need for hired assassins in Kazimierz is slowly diminishing as the K.G.C.C. keeps on pressuring the Union, leading to its downgrading.

Recently, Roy got his hair and tail dyed in blue as he admired both Monique and Centaurea having naturally born hair color that fit their positions in the Union.[6]


Prelude Suite: Swordbreaker and Silverfront

After the K.G.C.C. targeted Degenbrecher, Roy was in charge of the Armorless Union's Cleanup Squad sent to take her down. However, after being informed that Enciodes Silverash has bought her for a big sum of money, he orders his men to put their weapons down. Accompanied by Enciodes himself, Roy tells Degenbrecher that the K.G.C.C will no longer pursue her.[7]

Maria Nearl

Roy, along with his fellow Lazurite Monique, is assigned to monitor the Radiant Knight as the Major progresses and prevent her interference. However, Nearl and her companions manage to push past both Lazurites and proceeded towards the stadium. This defeat prompts Roy to call Platinum and inform her of the situation. He tells Centaurea that the Radiant Knight is rapidly closing in on her location, and that she should abandon her current mission. While speaking with her, he also comments that Nearl seems to be much stronger after her exile, and that her Sarkaz companions are troublesome to deal with. he advises that she should avoid fighting with them at all costs and wished her luck before hanging up.

After defeating the Withered and Corrupted Knights, Margaret reminds her party that they are still being monitored by the two Armorless Union assassins, implying that the Lazurites has caught up and are present to watch their victory. However, neither attempted further to harm the Followers, or Maria.[8]

Pinus Sylvestris

Roy appear in Centaurea's flashback where he approaches her on a rainy night and asked her senior's whereabout. In turn, she responds that she knows neither where he is nor his target for his mission, but she has sensed something fishy from his senior. Roy admires her honesty and decides to share the secret. He reveals that the previous Platinum has fallen in love with his mark and was murdered for attempting to betray the Union. Roy then asks whether Centaurea would take up the position as the new Platinum, but she is hesitant for a moment, fearing that she would be killed on spot if she refused. Before she could answer, Roy places the Platinum badge in her hand and tells her to do well for the new job.[9]

Near Light

Right after Centaurea fails to deal with Margaret in the underground settlements, Roy chastises her and reminds her that failure is a dangerous thing in the Armorless Union. He also warns her to be careful next time as the media might expose their presence. Still, Roy remains calm when delivering his warning and diverts the topic onto his newly dyed hair, asking for Platinum's approval. Platinum only says, "if it made him happy."[6]

While Monique and her squad are tracking Pinus Sylvestris after their rescue of Szewczyk, Roy goes to Marcin's bar to investigate Tola.[10] After that, some of the Union's members go to bring him back at the K.G.C.C.'s headquarters. When Roy and Monique meet again, she grumbles about Roy's absence and his carefree spirit. In turn, Roy tells her to be reflexive as they have just received a new mission.[11]

Shining, Młynar and Roy having an awkward night talk on a bench

On a certain night when Roy leads his squad to purge an Infected ghetto in Area 0, he encounters Młynar Nearl who is sitting on a bench and reading his newspaper alone in a park. Roy requested him to leave in a teasing manner, but Młynar refuses, stating that he is just an ordinary man waiting for someone. The two are already in an awkward situation, but just before Roy is about to kill him, Shining the Confessarius arrives and sits beside Młynar. Seeing that he could not rival the two, Roy humbly leaves and orders the rest to retreat.[12]

Later on, Monique and Roy appears in front of the three Followers to warn them not to interfere the Union's business. A black arrow shot by the Darksteels almost kills Liz have not Margaret and Shining quickly stop it. Roy is amazed by the duo's skill, but he also warns them to be more careful next time. With that said, the two Lazurites quickly leaves.[13]

As part of the Union's plan to break free from the K.G.C.C., they secretly manipulate P.S.'s plan to start the second Kawalerielki Separation and plot assassinations onto those directors having connections with the Union during the total black out. While infiltrating the K.G.C.C.'s headquarters, Roy encounters Greynuty and Sona. Roy orders them to hand him the chip containing secret documents about Area 0, but the two stubbornly refuses. He then fires an arrow into Sona's chest, making her fall into a gap that separated the nomadic city. Furious, Greynuty launches her cannon at him and quickly rushes to save her. But just before Roy is about to pursue them, he receives an urgent report about the return of the Silverlance Pegasi to the capital under the order of the Adeptus. Reluctantly, he orders Monique and the rest to retreat immediately.[6]

On the day of the Major's finals, Roy gives Centaurea the duty to deal with the Silverlances under the order of the Darksteels while the two Lazurites are responsible for the assassination of the Radiant Knight.[14] When he is ready to approach her during her march with the Blood Knight to the Champion's Hall, he encounters Toland and Młynar. Roy teases that Młynar is not even a knight, but before he could ever notice it, Młynar has swiftly placed his sword onto his neck. In turn, Młynar proclaims that Kazimierz has no right to dub him.[15]

In the aftermath, Monique and Roy plan to fake their deaths as part of the Union's plan. They will soon have a plastic surgery to change their identities, disguise themselves as shampoo sellers, and have the company join the K.G.C.C. Roy also invites Centaurea to become the shop's counter girl, yet he gives her a hint that the Union will continue to supervise her.[16] Seeing herself becoming their scapegoat, Centaurea decides to run away from the Union, and Roy does nothing while Monique is pursuing after her.[17]

The two Lazurites also goes to the village where Dikaiopolis is staying after his retirement, implying to have a mission concerning him.[18]

To Be Continued

It turns out that the "mission" of the two Lazurites is an attempt to "assassinate" him so that both the Lazurites will fake their death and escape from the hands of the K.G.C.C. In turn, the two will also help fake Dikaiopolis' "death" so that he will no longer be disturbed by the corporations. Despite distrusting them from the very beginning, Dikaiopolis thinks that it is a worth try.

The next day following the "mission," Roy is watching news about Dikaiopolis' "death" inside a bar. Suddenly, an Infected knight accidentally knocks a salaryman and Roy. After calming the knight and the man before they will fall into anger, Roy is invited by the knight to have a drink. While the duo grumble their hardship in their career, Roy has no opinion on their conversation but carefully listens to their murmur. But before his sudden departure, he gives an advice to the knight of staying inside his bar until morning and then quickly run towards crowded area. Roy's words turns out to be a warning about him being preyed by the Armorless Union.

Following the plastic surgery, Roy is renamed Joel Tyrell and he and Monique (now named Donna) decide to have a short vacation in either Siesta or Dossoles.[4]

Platinum: Bubbles

Roy appears in Centaurea's dream on the beaches of a Bolívarian resort. Centaurea is confused by her surroundings, but Roy not only praises the service at the comfortable resort, but also tells her not to worry since it is meaningless to worry about what she could not change. As Centaurea remains uncomfortable about the "vacation," he reminds her that she should resolve "the problem" she has been escaping, her identity as a former assassin of the Union. Confused, Centaurea asks what problem Roy is referring to, but Roy replies that it is something she needs to figure out for herself.

Just before Centaurea is about to leave, Roy warns that she has to hurry. From a distance, three arrows from the Darksteels "struck" her. Before her collapse and Roy's departure, Centaurea mocks that it would have been better for Roy to keep his black hair.[19]