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Farewell Roy To Be Continued
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A Corporate Employee
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An Infected Knight
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Armorless Union Assassin
A Doctor
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As planned, "Roy the Lazurite" is about to get a face transplant and say goodbye to his old self. In the final moments of his old identity, Roy meets two young men also struggling to survive in Kazimierz's biggest city.
<Background 1>
Why do I want to join the Armorless Union?
What a weird question. This is your organization, old man. What's there to explain?
So, does this count as my interview? I heard all the companies around town do stuff like this now. Are we going to interview every new recruit from now on? Should I start calling you "Boss"?
Stop being such a pain in the ass.
The way I see it, there's no difference between a hitman agency and any other business. Show up to work, do some overtime, then make that someone else's problem.
If I had to give you a reason, then it's probably for the extra cash. Sure as hell beats what I make from hunting fowlbeasts.
It's the same stuff anyways–you aim, you shoot. Of course the higher paying job's gonna motivate you more.
Isn't that right, boss? After all, everyone just wants to live the good life.
[As it turns out, Monique and Roy visits Dikaiopolis to liquidate him, but the Blood Knight managed to hold back his would-be assassins.]
The Blood Knight The Armorless Union's hitmen. How did you people find this place?
Monique Does that really matter at this point?
Roy Celebrities such as yourself naturally attract attention with their every move.
While you've done your due diligence, good sir, how should I put this... We're hardly the only ones who can track you down.
The Blood Knight ......
Roy There are plenty of people who have it in for you. Beating them all to the punch was no small feat.
Time is of the essence. I do hope you can trust our good intentions.
The Blood Knight ...Trust you?
The Armorless Union, speaking to me of trust? If that's a joke, I'm not laughing.
Roy When necessary, we are also capable of NOT being Armorless Union.
Monique ......
The Blood Knight Hitman, is this the reason you sent your subordinates to die by my hand?
Are you planning to–
Roy Shh. Some things are better kept to yourself.
A man as wise as you surely understands this.
The Blood Knight ......
Roy Do us a little favor, and you'll earn yourself an out. It's a pretty good deal if you ask me.
You scratch our back, we scratch yours. So how about it?
<Background black>
The Armorless Union's Lazurite rank. How about it? Sounds pretty powerful, doesn't it?
Honestly, the pay isn't half-bad either. In a way, it's not too different from being a competition knight. You earn your keep by putting your life on the line.
You don't get paid the big bucks without taking a few risks, right?
That said, after more than a decade in the business, it's time to hang up the hat.
"Quit while you're ahead." The simplest truth to live by. Why swim against the current of the era? There are more stable sources of income, so why burn your life away?
Bring your ship back to port when the time's right.
How could being someone else's underling possibly feel as good as being your own boss?
<Background 2>
[Monique calls Roy.]
Monique The surgery is scheduled in two hours. Be sure to show up on time.
Starting tomorrow, your new name will be Joel Tyrell. And in two days, the company will put in a word for us, so don't mess it up.
Also... the General Chamber's people don't seem to completely buy that we died along with the Blood Knight. Not yet, anyway.
Tch, the Armorless Union is already preparing to select the next Lazurites before the investigators have even left.
In other words, lay low and spare us any unnecessary trouble until this all blows over.
...Hey, are you even listening?
Roy Huh? Oh, yes, of course.
Ma'am, I'd like to have the most expensive meal set.
No need for a bag, I'll be eating here. Oh, and make it extra spicy, please!
Okay, so what were you saying, Monique?
Monique ...Go die in a ditch.
Roy What an awful thing to say. Why, if I died, poor Mrs. Tyrell would end up a widow–
[Monique hangs up.]
Roy She sure hung up fast.
(Seems like everything's going smoothly. Even if the Board of Directors has its doubts, it's already too late. As for the Blood Knight... If he knows what's good for him, he'll keep his head down and not make a mess of things.)
(After all, everyone is too busy looking out for number one. Nobody will lose sleep over a couple of "tools" going missing.)
(I probably don't have to worry about Darksteel either. All that's left is a face transplant and a new identity...)
(Guess I'll be kissing goodbye to this handsome mug then.)
(Who knows how I'll look when it's done, but somehow I doubt I'll be quite as gorgeous.)
(Alas, what a pity.)
The former Lazurite stands on the street, concealed beneath the shadows of the neon lights.
He lifts his hands to pat his cheeks while aimlessly looking out at the bright city lights.
The most recent news highlights are being broadcast on the big screen on the side of a skyscraper.
All the other screens dotting the cityscape, large and small, play roughly the same thing, their clashing noises and flashing lights enough to make one a bit dizzy.
Television The Blood Knight was attacked by unknown assailants in his secluded countryside home. There were traces of an intense struggle, and it has been confirmed that the blood left at the scene belongs to the former champion himself.
The bodies of the attackers were also found at the scene.
Experts have commented that it is highly unlikely that the Blood Knight survived such a fierce battle, which is consistent with the large quantities of blood found.
The leading theory at the moment is that our former champion, weakened after his battle with the Radiant Knight, exhausted the last of his strength and passed away along with his assailants.
For more information, please stay tuned to our follow-up program! The truth behind the attack on the Blood Knight!
An Infected Knight Those bastards! What "truth"? It's all a bunch of baloney!
How could the Blood Knight be defeated by mere assassins? Not a chance in hell! He's probably just laying low because he doesn't want those media bloodsuckers bothering him over an injury! They only care about the next scoop!
And damn the whole lot of those shameless murderers! Gutter-dwelling pests! The Blood Knight would never go down like this!
[The Infected knight flails his arms around, frightening a nearby salaryman...]
A Corporate Employee Calm down, you can say what you want, just stop flailing your arms like– Yowch, that's my head!
[...as the knight accidentally hits him.]
An Infected Knight ...Huh?
S-Sorry, I got a bit too worked up there. You alright?
A Corporate Employee Gaah... I'm fine... I guess this just isn't my lucky day.
Hey, you over there! Yeah, you! You didn't get hit, did you?
Roy ......
A Corporate Employee You alright, man? He didn't hit you in the head too?
Roy Uh... Huh? Sorry, err, were you talking to me?
A Corporate Employee Who else is there? There's only the three of us squatting by the food stall in the middle of the night.
Roy Hmm, I suppose so. I appreciate the concern, but I'm fine. I was just in shock after hearing the news.
An Infected Knight The news is nothing but a load of shit!
Those carrion-lickers only care about the scent of blood and death. They don't give a damn about whether the Blood Knight lives or dies. They don't know a goddamn thing, which is why they can run their mouths like that!
Roy "After being defeated by the Radiant Knight, the former champion yada yada!"
Tsk tsk. As long as you pick a good clickbait title, you can easily farm a few days' worth of ad revenue. No one with a bit of curiosity can resist. It's just the latest way to make a quick buck these past two days.
An Infected Knight He shouldn't be this... this token of consumerism!
Roy Well said. You're exactly right.
A Corporate Employee Our company does some business with the knight competitions. I ran into him a few times while following the project, but our holdings went down the drain as soon as the news came out.
*sigh*... Personally, I'm a big fan, so I hope he's alright.
An Infected Knight ...Hmph. That's more than enough reason to treat you to a drink then!
A Corporate Employee Huh?
An Infected Knight I mean, as an apology for what just happened.
How about it? Or are you too scared to have a drink with an Infected?
A Corporate Employee But I have work tomorrow...
Well, whatever. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
You pick the place then.
An Infected Knight Heh, I like your guts. How about you then? Wanna all go together?
Roy Me?
Actually, I have some things I need to attend to soon–
[After Roy gives a thought...]
Roy ...Still, fate has brought us together, and kindness is hard to find these days. So, why not? Lead the way.
An Infected Knight Great! Follow me!
<Background 3>
[The three shares a toast.]
Roy Pwah! Cheers!
A Corporate Employee Cheers!
An Infected Knight ...Wrap it up, you two. I'm not made of money, you know.
A Corporate Employee Actually, uhh, I recognize you. You're the one who competed today, that, uhh–
Ironwrist Knight!
Wow, I can't believe I got my head smacked by Ironwrist Knight's iron wrist...
Roy Ahahaha! That's gotta be worth at least a point!
An Infected Knight C'mon, I already apologized, didn't I?
A Corporate Employee Ahh!
Too bad about today, you almost got the win. If only the other side didn't get that supply pack!
I bet on you, you know!
An Infected Knight ...Really? Why would you do that?
A Corporate Employee Because the odds were good. Why else?
An Infected Knight Oh... Makes sense...
But just so you know, you shouldn't bet on Infected knights next time. They won't let us win.
I gave it my all, but still failed. I doubt the people behind the scenes are very happy with me, after my last showing.
Roy Woah, that sounds awful.
An Infected Knight If only I had the Blood Knight's skills...
Roy He still lost to the Radiant Knight though. Er, sorry, shouldn't have brought that up.
An Infected Knight ......
By the way, what do YOU do?
A Corporate Employee Are you some sort of knight too?
Roy Nothing of the sort. I'm just a hunter from the sticks who occasionally stops by the big city. I usually hunt fowlbeasts, and can sometimes even turn a profit if they manage to fetch a good price.
But it's been rough these days, so I've been thinking about how to make it big in the city.
A Corporate Employee Like becoming a competition knight? You can make a lot of quick cash if you manage to win.
Roy Nah, forget it. I don't have what it takes to be a knight anyway.
I'm no good at fighting.
An Infected Knight You've got a good head on your shoulders then. The knight competitions may be glamorous, but only a small handful of us make any real money. Not the kind of thing you want to be worrying about.
Heck, I wouldn't be doing this either, if I had a choice.
Roy Life has a way of messing with us all, brother.
An Infected Knight You said it. Back then, all I ever thought about was how much better life would be in the big city.
If I could go back in time, I'd tell myself from a few years back to just forget about Kawalerielki. Should've stayed home and worked an honest job.
I'd rather spend my entire life farming than... doing whatever I'm doing now.
A Corporate Employee Agreed, only a tiny minority are able to make good money.
But even then, what the best paid competition knight earns is nothing compared to the real profit that the companies behind them are making... *hic*.
Roy You've had too much to drink, my man.
A Corporate Employee Naww, I'm totally sober!
Whaddya think... If I get infected, you think I'll get the day off tomorrow?
An Infected Knight ......
Roy Maybe. But forget tomorrow, you'll never have to go to work again.
A Corporate Employee Just pretend I didn't say anything... *hic*. Damn, maybe I am drunk after all.
Sorry, my head's starting... to spin...
An Infected Knight Fine. Seems like you really are out of it, so I'll restrain myself and not beat the shit out of you.
Just don't ever crack a joke like that again... 'Cause if you do, you're taking a trip to the hospital to get stitches for your nose.
A Corporate Employee Eep... It won't happen again.
To be honest, I always wanted to be a knight, ever since I was a little kid.
Not a competition knight, mind you. Something much older... The kind my grandpa's generation really looked up to.
Roy You mean like those campaign knights that entered the city not too long ago?
A Corporate Employee Yeah, I know I don't have the skills for that... *sigh*.
Roy Look at it this way, their way of fighting is totally outdated. What can you accomplish these days with brute strength alone?
An Infected Knight Sure, nobody's arguing with that. But... We've got to fight, like it or not.
Phew... Boss, pour me another one!
[Roy gives his glass to the Infected knight.]
Roy If you ask me, everyone wants a better life. And the best way to do that is to get into business.
A Corporate Employee You want to get into the business world?
Roy Uh, yeah, I guess? Preferably a large corporation. The nine-to-five, cubicle sort. But y'know, being a salesman doesn't sound half-bad either. I think I'd be pretty good at it.
I heard big companies give bonuses to outstanding employees too. What could be better than earning a stable salary?
An Infected Knight Haha, when you put it like that...
A Corporate Employee You're too naive!
Roy Huh?
A Corporate Employee Working in a corporation isn't as easy as you think.
Roy Hmm... Well, it's just a pipe dream anyway. Everyone knows it's tough getting into a good company.
A Corporate Employee True, it's tough, but that's still the easy part. Getting in is just the beginning.
The problem is, once you're in, you can't get out. That's the hard part.
Today, I... actually ditched work. I didn't show up.
I originally wanted to take some time off, but I'm out of vacation days for the year, so I didn't even bother applying.
Roy You were gone the whole day and nobody even bothered to call you?
A Corporate Employee My phone's dead. Forgot to charge it last night.
Roy Good man.
An Infected Knight Are you sure that's not going to be a problem?
A Corporate Employee It's a problem all right. A big problem.
An Infected Knight ...Scratch what I said earlier. Maybe you're a little TOO gutsy.
A Corporate Employee Hah... Haha... Is this what you'd call having guts?
My tongue's completely numb, my stomach's empty, and my brain's faring about as well.
Err, no, I just drank a whole bunch, so there's alcohol in my stomach and water in my head.
An Infected Knight What the hell are you on about?
Roy Quite the unique saying you came up with there. I like it.
A Corporate Employee That said, I feel pretty good now that I can't hear my ringtone... At least I can fool myself into thinking everything's fine.
Roy With all due respect, that feeling won't last forever.
As soon as you charge your phone... Sheesh, I don't even want to think about it.
A Corporate Employee ...Then let's not. I'm starting to get the chills again.
An Infected Knight Even I'm starting to feel sick to my stomach.
A Corporate Employee Whatever, I've made my peace with it. There's no shortage of grunts like me. You've got the more experienced old hands, and the more gung-ho young guns. No point delaying the inevitable.
I'm just worn out, man... I just wanna take a day off where I don't have to worry about anything.
If I'm really gonna get fired over this, then so be it. At least that spares me from all the agonizing over not being able to make up my mind.
Roy You really do have nerves of steel. You're not afraid at all?
A Corporate Employee ...Can't you tell I'm joking? Of course I'm afraid. I still haven't paid off my mortgage.
So I'm gonna head home and pull an all-nighter writing a report for the head of the department about how I was in a coma all day from a serious illness, and accidentally broke my phone.
Roy That... might be a bit of a stretch.
An Infected Knight Just a bit.
A Corporate Employee Who cares if it's true or not? All that matters is having an excuse to step down.
Alright, that's enough for today. No more drinking.
An Infected Knight Boss, give me the tab... Tch, you two sure know how to take advantage of a guy's hospitality. Picking all the expensive drinks, eh?
Roy I do appreciate it. Ahh, what a rare treat, to enjoy a friend's hospitality on one of my few trips to the city.
[Roy thinks for a moment.]
Roy ......
To show my thanks, can I offer you a suggestion?
An Infected Knight What, me?
Roy Why don't you spend the night here at the bar? I took a look and it's going to be open all night, with plenty of customers.
And tomorrow morning, find another place with lots of people. Try to keep your head down in the crowd.
A Corporate Employee Huh? What's that supposed to mean?
Roy That's all I have to say. I'll be off now.
[Roy leaves the bar.]
A Corporate Employee He's gone just like that, huh? Didn't even care to elaborate.
Well, I'd better get going too. What about you? Are you going to listen to him and drink all night?
An Infected Knight I...
<Background fades out>
Later, the old man told me that he's a Darksteel, and that I might be cut out to become a Lazurite.
He may have been as cold and shady as his rank, but I don't think there's anything particularly blue about me. Oh, not that I'm trying to argue with you, boss. Lazurite suits me just fine.
When the old man picked me up–well, I won't say that, since I was doing perfectly fine by myself and didn't need to be "picked up."
Basically, I had just hunted two fowlbeasts at the time. Scalded off the plumage, bled them out, and had them ready for eating after some time over the fire pit.
They came out pretty good, and the old man ate a fowlbeast and a half all by himself. Left me with two heads, a pair of claws, and one leg.
After he finished, he started talking like one of those high-and-mighty folks out of the storybooks:
Even without a teacher or any tools, you're still able to hunt these slippery fowlbeasts. They can be difficult even for experienced hunters your age. You've got a natural talent.
How about it, child? Want to live the good life?
–Of course. How could I not?
<Background 3>
An Infected Knight ......
I must've been drunk as hell too. Ended up wasting all that time because I somehow believed what he said.
The sun's almost up... Better start heading back.
[The Infected knight leaves the bar.]
<Background 4>
[The Infected knight walks through the alley in early morning.]
An Infected Knight Ugh... It's so cold.
So this is what Kawalerielki looks like at this hour. There's hardly anyone around, the trash everywhere hasn't been cleaned up yet, and there are discarded knight posters all over the ground.
Hah, people are all trash...
[An arrow flies past the Infected knight...]
An Infected Knight –Who's there?!
[...as a squad of A.U. operatives surround him.]
An Infected Knight You people are...
Armorless Union Assassin Ironwrist Knight.
By refusing to cooperate with the General Chamber, you've impeded the path for others.
The Blood Knight can no longer protect you.
<Background black>
This whole deal with pawning my life off to them... The more time passes, the more I see things clearly.
The knights are commodities they hoard inside their warehouses. The assassins are weapons they wield. And what of public opinion? It's their best tool for manipulation, and they've studied it thoroughly.
Money and power. In Kazimierz, these two things are often inextricably linked.
Hey, I'm not saying you have to become a tycoon or anything, but look, if you want to live a better life, you have to rub shoulders with those people.
Most people are fine climbing over others, one rung at a time. But when will you ever be free from someone else's control?
So just don't think about it too much. If you're privileged enough, just try to live a better, more comfortable life.
At least now, I won't be asked to take someone's life over the phone anymore. If something goes wrong, getting hurt is the least of our worries. We'll need a good excuse to pull the wool over the boss's eyes, right?
<Background 5>
Monique Alright, you can open your eyes now. You look fine.
[Roy opens his eyes.]
Roy ...Nngh...
Monique If you keep stroking your face like that, I'm going to make you need another one.
Roy Egads, Monique. I shudder at the thought.
Having bandages all over my face is... Hmm, how should I put this, new and exciting?
Monique Donna. Donna Tyrell. And you're Joel Tyrell.
Donna You'd better not mess it up again after the doctor comes back.
Joel Oh right, our titles have changed too. We're husband and wife now, right?
Donna ......
Joel Oh, are you blushing?
Donna Did they carve out your eyeballs?
Joel No need to be so hostile. While this arrangement might be a bit... Mm, well, it's fine.
Oh, and don't worry, you're just as easy on the eyes as before.
Donna ...So they definitely carved out your eyeballs.
[A doctor enters the room.]
A Doctor I see you're awake now. How are you doing?
You chose to go with the accelerated program. Though Originium Arts can speed up the process so you won't need multiple surgeries, there are still corresponding risks.
You won't be able to remove the bandages for a while, and I'd suggest returning for a follow-up once a month to ensure the most stable results.
Joel Thank you. I feel great already.
But I don't think the follow-ups will be necessary.
[Roy aka. Joel shoots the doctor...]
A Doctor Urk...
Joel We'll figure something out on our own. Thank you for your hard work, doctor.
[...and he falls dead on the floor.]
Donna That was sudden. You're gonna have to figure out how to get rid of the body on your own.
Joel I didn't have a choice. Nobody can be allowed to know about this. I could've chosen my words better, but I meant what I said.
Dead men tell no tales.
By the way, did you hear about what the General Chamber did to a group of Infected knights who had been following the Blood Knight?
I ran into one of 'em last night, just to make sure.
Donna I've heard a thing or two. But it's none of my business.
And I suggest you keep your shiny new nose out of it too. Don't forget, we've got nothing to do with the Armorless Union now.
Joel Heh, I suppose you're right.
It's none of our business now.
Alright, then we're about to start a brand new chapter of our lives. What's the plan? If we're going to sell stuff... are we really going to run a business?
Donna Even if you wanted to, Darksteel would never let you.
It'd already be a miracle if you didn't scare off all our customers.
Joel Please, do I even have the talent to mess anything up? We have everything we could ever want now, but I still need something to kill the time.
Donna You've got time to kill?
Joel Kind of. You in the mood to go hunting, just the two of us? We can go buy a villa out in the countryside. I'll teach you how to hunt fowlbeasts–nobody's better than me.
Ha, hunting for sport. Never could've imagined that back when I was scraping by in the woods.
I've simply never had the free time. But now I've got nothing BUT free time, so I might as well treat myself.
Donna Seems like all that free time fried your brain then. You can go by yourself.
I'm going on vacation, preferably some place nice like Dossoles or Siesta. You won't catch me dead in the boonies.
Seriously, after all the work it took to make this day possible, you're just reminiscing about your childhood?
What are you planning?
Joel ...Honestly, who knows?
If I can live a better life, I'll try to do exactly that. No need to sweat the details.
Donna ...If your brain malfunctions and you decide to go live in a cave or whatever, you might as well transfer all your assets to me first. I'll send you my bank account number when we get back.
Joel Haha, if something happens to me, you'd inherit everything I own anyway, just from our legal status.
Donna Good point. Might as well speed up the process then.
Joel How cruel. Anyway, enough of that. After I tie up some loose ends, how about we go on that vacation I suggested? Give it a thought, alright?
Wherever you decide to go, why not make it a team effort?