True Story

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True Story To Be Continued
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A-Zone Prisoner
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B-Zone Prisoner
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Passerby A
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Prison Block
Jesselton was arrested after his cover as a prison guard was blown, and he became a typical inmate at the Mansfield State Prison. Despite the ridicule and harsh treatment he receives, he nonetheless finds his hope reignited by a letter.
<Background black>
[Jesselton Williams, now an inmate in the Mansfield State Prison after the events of Anthony Simon's jailbreak, writes a letter.]
Dear Mr. K:
I hope all is well. I am writing to you from Mansfield State Prison, it's midnight.
Hardly anything has changed since I first infiltrated the place.
The prison guards like to throw their weight around and do basically nothing else. All the prisoners can do is costume what little sanity they have in fights.
As for me, the prisoners and guards here are treating me with much–

Jesselton ponders at the word "much" for a brief moment. He takes out a yellowed letter from his pillowcase. The sender of the letter is "Mr. K," and he is the recipient.
He quietly reads its contents to himself under the dim light from outside his cell.
Jesselton "Please wait patiently, for the time being. Do not attract attention or cause trouble..."
"You are still an important asset to Beachbrella, and we will keep your position and benefits unchanged..."
"As long as you maintain good behavior while you are imprisoned, when the time is right, we will restore your freedom and double your compensation..."
The company's too slow to react. Look how long it took just for this letter to reach me.
Jesselton shakes his hand and neatly folds the letter, puts it into the envelope, and stuffs it into his pillow case.
<Background 1>
A-Zone Prisoner A Son of a bitch... That was such an intense dream, and a single piss ended it...
Yo, if it ain't Jesselton. Up late writing letters again?
You wrote one last week, and you're another one now. Who are you writing to anyway?
Jesselton None of your business.
A-Zone Prisoner A Come on, what's there to hide? Can't you show us? What'cha writing? Asking your folks for money? Threatening your wife to make sure she stays faithful?
I made a bet with another guy today. Ten cigs on the line.
C'mon, just tell me what you're writing. If I win the smokes, I'll give you half.
Jesselton Sorry, but I have to ask you to please respect my privacy.
A-Zone Prisoner A Fine, fine. You got your right to privacy. Sure.
You came in here dressed as a prison guard, ready to do some killing. And not only did you not actually kill anyone, you got locked up here. You might wanna stop acting all haughty, like anyone's got any privacy here.
[The inmate leaves.]
<Background 2>
[A jailer blows a whistle.]
Jailer A Is that all of them?
A-Zone Prisoner A Jesselton's not here yet!
Jailer A Jesselton? What's with him this time?
A-Zone Prisoner A He tripped when he left his cell and slammed his head on the bars!
[Jesselton runs into the factory.]
Jesselton Sorry about that. I was in the infirmary.
Jailer A Infirmary? Must've been real bad, huh?
Alright, tell me who tripped you. You were my "coworker," and you've been behaving. I'll take it out on them for you.
Jesselton No one tripped me. I just got clumsy, banged my own head.
Jailer A Really?
Jesselton Really.
Jailer A Then stop going to the infirmary every chance you get! Just about everyone here knows you're sturdier than a steel bar!
Alright, all of you, get to work! Jesselton, come with me. I have a special assignment for you.
Jesselton No, thanks. I can do the same work as the other prisoners–
Jailer A Can it. With me!
Here. Take the bucket. And some soap, too. Now, go clean all the toilets in A-Zone!
Jesselton Alright, if that's the mission you had in mind for me.
I don't see a brush, though?
Jailer A What d'you need a brush for?
Mighty as you are, I bet you can make steel wool with your Arts. Now go! And those bathrooms better be spotless when I check 'em, or you ain't getting dinner tonight!
A-Zone Prisoner B Ha... haha!
Jesselton (Takes a deep breath)
As you wish, Jailer. After all, you're the one with the power here and now.
A-Zone Prisoner B ......
Damn, he got toilet duty, and he's still acting like it's nothing.
<Background 1>
[Jesselton returns after finishing his toilet duty.]
A-Zone Prisoner Jesselton, you're back?
Nice work. Must be hard, doing a dirty job like that.
Jesselton No big deal. Nothing I'd ever worry about.
A-Zone Prisoner Here's a roll from lunch.
Jesselton Thanks, Rick. I'm glad I went to the infirmary to poke around for you.
Rick So you didn't actually slam into the steel bars. You faked it to help me out? How could I ever repay you?
So, how's my prognosis?
Jesselton The doctor is a pain to deal with. It took a small sum of money to get him to talk.
He says your liver disease needs attention now–
A-Zone Prisoner C Jesselton, you made new friends again, huh?
Jesselton Grr.
A-Zone Prisoner C I don't care what you do here, you're fighting with us today!
Jesselton Sorry, but I'm not interested in your games.
A-Zone Prisoner C Not interested? You know how we've been getting our asses handed to us by the Infected punks?
Ever since you let Anthony get away, the B-Zone assholes have been giving us less and less respect. This is all your fault, and you're telling me you ain't going?
If you ain't going, then just you wait. The next time you are on toilet duty, we'll have a surprise for you!
Jesselton Sorry, but I'm not quite as vulgar as your kind. I don't find such lowly violence satisfying in the least.
Rick Jesselton, you should go...
A-Zone Prisoner C Hey, you. Rick, is it? You've been here for a couple days, right? Here's some serious advice: you better stay away from this guy. He's not the kind-hearted soul you think he is!
Rick What do you mean? Jesselton's helped me out a lot–
A-Zone Prisoner C Aww, and here I was actually trying to be nice.
Jesselton, the rumble's happening real soon, and you better head on over right now! If you're late, I'll give you a good beating myself!
Jesselton (Shrugs)
If you want me there so badly, I'll go take a look.
A-Zone Prisoner C Not just a look–You gotta–
Whatever, I better see you there!
<Background 2>
B-Zone Prisoner A Look who's here!
B-Zone Prisoner B Hey, Jesselton, you look good in that outfit!
B-Zone Prisoner C Tired of being a guard? Decided to join the rest of us?
B-Zone Prisoners Hahahahahaha!
A-Zone Prisoner A (Quietly) Jesselton, I heard you could arm wrestle Anthony. These guys gotta be no problem, right?
Jesselton What a dumb question. I'm actually a little insulted.
A few lone Infected–
<Flashback starts here>
<Background fades out>
Please wait patiently in the prison for the time being. Do not attract attention or cause any trouble.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background fades in>
Jesselton ......
A-Zone Prisoner B You heard him, you Infected punks? Jesselton said a few Infected can't take him!
B-Zone Prisoner A Alright, let's see what this fake jailer's got!
Get him!
[The Infected inmates charge at Jesselton and beats him down.]
Jailer A Heh, they're fighting again–Hey, who's that?
Jailer B Jesselton?
Hey, I'm betting on A-Zone today.
Jailer A Thanks for the free money, then. I bet this doesn't work out for A-Zone.
[Jesselton calmly withstands the beatings while the inmates are duking it out.]
A-Zone Prisoner A Jesselton, what are you standing there for like a bump on a log? Get 'em!
[Jesselton does not react...]
A-Zone Prisoner B Jesselton, you–
[ the A-Zone inmate is knocked out.]
A-Zone Prisoner A Jesselton, motherf–What, are you on their side?!
B-Zone Prisoner A Hah! You A-Zone pussies can't take us! Your new hero here? He won't save you! Just wait! By the time this is over, we'll put you out of your misery.
B-Zone Prisoner B You know, beating these guys to death's no fun.
B-Zone Prisoner A What do you mean?
B-Zone Prisoner B The one we should really beat the shit out is the fake jailer. He's all bark and no bite, don't you think?
What did he just say? "A few Infected can't take him?"
Just looking at his face gets me heated. Even if he's not coming for me, I'm getting at least one good hit in–
[A B-Zone inmate charges at Jesselton, but he had hardened his body with his Arts that the inmate hurts trying instead.]
B-Zone Prisoner B Mother, son of a–I think I got a few broken bones! He's like a hunk of metal. It's like punching a steel plate!
[Another B-Zone inmate charges at Jesselton...]
B-Zone Prisoner C Take this crowbar!
[...and hits him with the crowbar...]
Jailer B That's what I'm talking about! Put him down!
Jailer A (Whistles) It's not gonna hurt him.
[...but it bents upon impact instead.]
B-Zone Prisoner C The crowbar bent?!
A-Zone Prisoner C What, you B-Zone doofuses didn't know about his Arts?
B-Zone Prisoner C You say that like you could do anything about it!
Besides, you guys brought him here to help out, and he ain't doing jack shit. Might as well have brought a statue!
A-Zone Prisoner A Jesselton, you better make up your mind right now!
Jesselton Gentlemen, I suggest you settle down.
I never agreed to participate in your vulgar brawl, just being here is about the edge of my patience.
If any of you still had a shred of sanity left, you'd stand aside and let me leave.
A-Zone Prisoner A Still rambling away?
We brought you here to help out with the rumble, not watch from the sidelines!
I get it. You can't forget the old days when you were still a jailer. You came to reminisce, huh?
Take this!
[The A-Zone inmate strikes Jesselton to predictable results.]
A-Zone Prisoner A Oww... My wrist...
Jesselton Gentlemen, I'm afraid I've had it with this charade.
Not that you were in great shape to begin with, but the more you strike me, the more you are going to hurt yourselves.
Besides, I'm afraid I don't have much of an appreciation for the joys of a brawl.
It's sad enough that you're prisoners, but to miss out on the most fundamental elements of taste... Tsk, tsk, tsk.
A-Zone Prisoner C *Prisoner C unleashes a string of Columbian profanity too filthy to render faithfully*
Come on, boys! All of us, on him! Let's see how long lasts!
[The A-Zone inmates turned against Jesselton and attacks him, but they can't even scratch him.]
B-Zone Prisoner A I thought the A-Zones brought him here to help out... What's this? Friendly fire?
B-Zone Prisoner B Looks like it.
*Sigh*... If we weren't in the cells, I would totally go downstairs to get me a tub of popcorn.
B-Zone Prisoner A So what do we do now? Watch the show?
B-Zone Prisoner B What show? Didn't I just say there's no popcorn?!
We're joining in and beating this asshole down!
<Background fades out and in>
[A B-Zone inmate joins a jailer in watching the brawl.]
Jailer A Hm? You aren't here to fight. What are you doing here?
B-Zone Prisoner C I'm grabbing a little something. Spice things up for everyone, y'know?
Jailer A What something?
B-Zone Prisoner C (Whispers)
Jailer A Pff.
Alright, go. Make sure you come back, or I'll personally skin you alive–
And remember what you said. If you bring anything else, I'll make sure you never tell another lie, ever.
B-Zone Prisoner C Got it!
[The B-Zone inmate runs off.]
Jailer B What did he say?
Jailer A Don't worry about it. Just watch the show.
Jailer B Honestly, it's getting boring.
This Jesselton's a real tough cookie. He hasn't taken a scratch, while the others got all their hacksaws and whatnot broken.
<Background fades out and in>
A-Zone Prisoners *pant*... *pant*...
B-Zone Prisoners *gasp*... *gasp*...
Jesselton Well, this was hardly my intent, but it seems none of you can fight anymore?
If me being here moved you a little closer to a truce, then this hasn't necessarily been a total waste.
Adieu, gentlemen–
Jesselton What's this–acid?!
No, this is–
A-Zone Prisoner A Ulghh!
A-Zone Prisoner B Shit, this stinks! Where'd it come from? Who brought it?!
[The B-Zone inmate from before is revealed to be the one who splashes Jesselton with the toilet water.]
B-Zone Prisoner C Jesselton, weren't you, like, real badass? Got fine tastes and shit, and no one can do nothin' about you?
I got you some of that water you use to clean toilets. How does it feel to bathe in it?
Jesselton ......
B-Zone Prisoner C What'cha gonna do now? Give me a beatdown? Come, do it. Weren't you all nice and calm just now?
<Flashback starts here>
<Background fades out>
You are still an important asset to Beachbrella, and we will keep your position and benefits unchanged...
<Flashback ends here>
<Background fades in>
Jesselton I'm not going to stoop to the level of a bunch of thugs.
B-Zone Prisoner C Coward! Wimp!
Jesselton You can say all you want and do whatever pleases you, but your filth won't hurt me one bit. Your underhanded moves do nothing but demonstrate your senselessness.
Now, I bid you good day.
[Jesselton leaves.]
A-Zone Prisoner B Jeez, I'm starting to look up to this guy some.
A-Zone Prisoner A Get lost! Your stink is killing us here!
B-Zone Prisoner C Go back to your cell and cry, and remember to change your clothes before you get back into your bunk if you don't want your sheets to stink too! Haha!
Prisoners Hahahaha!
Jailer A So, how's that? What do you think?
Jailer B I gotta give that kid from B-Zone an extra portion for his meal–Wait, what do we do about our bet?
Jailer A I win, obviously.
Jailer B What are you talking about?
Jailer A Don't you remember what I said? I bet he wouldn't work out for A-Zone.
Jailer B You fancy-tongued cheat!
<Background 1>
[Jesselton returns to the A-Zone with Rick waiting.]
Rick Jesselton? What's wrong? Are you hurt–
Ugh... You stink!
What did they do to you?
Jesselton Just their usual stupidity. Pay it no mind.
Rick How could they do this?!
Jesselton Do you have a spare uniform? Lend it to me, will you?
Rick I only have one extra set myself...
Jesselton ......
Rick Jesselton...?
Jesselton Please, go back to your cell. I'll clean myself up and wash my clothes.
<Background fades out and in>
[Rick visits Jesselton in his cell.]
Jesselton You're here.
Rick Your clothes are wet?
Sorry... I shouldn't have been so stingy. Here, I brought you my extra set.
Jesselton (How naively sympathetic... I can't wait to see his reaction after he reads this letter.)
(He is already thankful enough. Now I just need a little spark to ignite his hatred...)
(Ah, how lucky I am to have such recreation during my brief incarceration.)
Rick Jesselton? What's the matter? Are you alright?
Jesselton Nothing. Don't worry.
Let's talk about you instead.
[Jesselton explains about Rick's health condition,]
Jesselton The report says that your liver problems were caused by your alcoholism, and even though you haven't drunk since coming here, the chemical products you come into contact with during work can still cause damage to your body.
The doctor told me himself that your outlook isn't good, if this keeps up.
Rick Good lord... My wife, my kids... They're only seven and eight... I'm so sorry I'm putting them through all this...
Jesselton Speaking of which, not only did the doctor show me your physical, he also gave me the letter your wife sent you.
Rick A letter? From Patty? Why would he have it?
Jesselton The doctor said it's out of concern for your health. He doesn't want you to get too agitated.
But now that he has told me about your situation, there isn't really a point to hiding it from you anymore.
Rick Thank goodness, Patty's still writing me. If I have to die in here, at least I can die happy! What did she say?
Jesselton Well... Maybe you should take a look yourself.
(I only hope my handwriting resembles the wife's enough after all that practice.)
Rick "It is with sorrow that I must tell you this. I cannot bear the life you've left me any longer. I have decided to marry Bill–"
I–Jesselton, this is really–
Patty wants to marry my brother?! He's just 15!
Jesselton (Shit, his brother's named Bill?!)
[Jesselton calms Rick down,]
Jesselton You–Think again. Do you know anyone else by that name?
Rick Other Bills huh...? Bill Dickinson, the carpenter? The one who just lost his wife before I was arrested?!
I–I need to talk to Patty face-to-face! How could she abandon me just because I'm in here? She's gonna have our kids call that old, lame carpenter their father?!
Jesselton I'm sorry, Rick.
Rick Jesselton, I really–I don't know what to say. If you hadn't brought me this letter...
Jesselton Rick, it's not yet time to thank me.
Rick What do you mean?
Jesselton We both know that money and power rule Columbia.
Think about it. Why did Patty elope with the carpenter? All for money.
You were sent to prison, and you became a burden. That's why she decided to marry a lame old man instead of staying with you, the one she loves.
If you want revenge...
Rick Revenge? No, I was just going to ask Patty face-to-face...
Jesselton What happens then? Will you let her go? And even if you let her marry Bill, will you just abandon your children like that?
You thought Patty loved you, and you love her, but how much is love worth here in Columbia?
Patty betrayed you, and she will even teach your children to betray their own father! Is there really not the tiniest bit of hatred in you?
Rick Jesselton, please... stop it...
Jesselton (How naive can this man be...? Looks like I'll have to get straight to the point.)
(It'll be okay. Even if I told him I'm getting out soon, he wouldn't be envious, only jealous.)
Right now, we only have one choice, and that is to seize wealth and power for ourselves!
Rick Wealth... and power? How will those help me get my children back?
Jesselton If you had money to make bail, you could leave this place on parole and take your children back from Patty.
Rick If I had money, I wouldn't have been set up in the first place...
Jesselton Then there is only power left.
Truth be told, I have some connections both inside and outside of the prison.
I have some friends I can count on, and they will come to get me soon.
Rick Really?
Jesselton Of course.
After years of hard work, I've managed to earn myself a tiny bit of influence, too.
The only reason I'm trapped here in this prison is because of an unfortunate accident and a minor delay. This is only a brief interlude.
[Rick was surprised to hear Jesselton's claims.]
Rick Wow...
Jesselton, thank you. Thanks for talking to me, and picking me up when I've hit rock bottom.
Jesselton Have more confidence in yourself, Rick.
As long as you can make yourself useful enough or someone is willing to give you a hand, you will never hit rock bottom in Columbia.
And it's no exaggeration to say that I'm the former and you're the latter.
Rick The latter–Someone's willing to give me a hand... You're going to help me even more?
Jesselton Certainly.
I'm going to introduce some of my connections to you so that you can perhaps get a conversation going with the men up top, and when the time comes...
Jailer A Rick!
[A jailer approaches Rick.]
Jailer A Rick Grey!
Rick Yes! Here!
Jailer A Out. Someone's looking for you.
Rick Alright...
Jailer A Get moving! You hit dogshit jackpot this time. Your family's raised enough money for bail. Now hurry up and get your parole paperwork done!
Rick ?!
My God–I–
Who... Who raised the money for me? My old man?
Jailer A Can the questions. Do you want out or not?!
Rick Please, tell me. Who paid my bail?
Jailer A Enough blabbering! It's a Patty, same last name as yours. You satisfied? Now get a move-on!
Rick Patty?!
[Rick runs off.]
Jailer A Hey, my old "coworker" buddy. We meet again.
Jesselton How could a poor bastard like this afford bail? Could it be that you–No, impossible!
Jailer A Don't look at me. Like I'm gonna blow money on a prisoner?
Still, you'd better not assume we don't know your tricks. Your habit of "making friends?" Even the warden knows about it now.
He had me come keep an eye on you. Make sure you don't get any funny ideas.
Jesselton So it was you after all?
Jailer A Don't get the wrong idea. Luck's actually on his side. His wife apparently sold their house or something and scraped enough together to make bail, that's all.
And if you have to say we pulled any tricks... All we did was take our time with the paperwork and cause a little extra delay.
Jesselton Delay?
Jailer A We knew a week ago that his wife had the bail money.
Jesselton ?!
Jailer A Just thinking about how you spent the whole week running all over the place to spend the little cash you had to pull strings–Pwahahaha!
So how many pennies are left in your pockets?
A tint of ferocity emerges in Jesselton's eyes.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background fades out>
As long as you maintain good behavior while you are imprisoned, when the time is right, we will restore your freedom and double your compensation...
<Flashback ends here>
<Background fades in>
Black substances start to solidify on his arm–
Jailer A Well, shit, you're getting serious?
And then recede.
Jesselton ......
Of course not.
Only fools resort to violence to vent their anger.
Jailer A That's too bad. After Anthony got away, the bosses gave us these high-voltage tasers. Here I was hoping to try mine out.
Jesselton You might want to try it on someone else. We won't be seeing each other much longer, my dear, vulgar jailer.
Jailer A What now? Someone's going to post your bail?
Jesselton Bail... Of course.
Jailer A Well, that's just rich. If someone was going to bail you out, how it's Rick packing up instead of you?
Jesselton ......
How shallow.
Do you think those who truly possess wealth and power would spend it pulling someone out of prison?
Jailer A Heh, look at you talk.
Jesselton I'm merely stating the facts.
Jailer A Well, I hope someone comes get you soon, then, and not the kind that pays your way out.
But, for now, you're still an inmate at Mansfield State Prison. Got it?
Then take this bucket and soap! You still have C-Zone's toilets to clean!
<Background black>
Dear Mr. K:
I hope all is well. I am writing to you from Mansfield State Prison, it's midnight.
Hardly anything has changed since I first infiltrated the place.
The prison guards like to throw their weight around and do basically nothing else. All the prisoners can do is costume what little sanity they have in fights.
My most respected sir, please get me out of this prison as soon as possible.
I know better than anyone that, given your influence, saving me should be a trivial matter.
In your letter, you called me an important asset to the Beachbrella Company, but I understand that I am merely one of the company's countless employees. The only reason that I am considered a more valuable asset than others is the greater power I possess.
I implore you to help me out of this place as soon as possible. Prolonged incarceration will cost me the edge I had. The value that I could provide you would be diminished.
Your loyal...
Jesselton stops at his signature.
He grips his pen with force and grits his teeth, crossing out his original signature.
"Your humblest servant, Jesselton Williams."
Jesselton This... This will do.
Chin up, Jesselton. Chin up... You've been Beachbrella's employee of the year for five consecutive years now. They will not abandon you.
They will not abandon you!
That's right. They will never abandon you!
Soon. It will be very soon.
Once I get out of this place, I will find a way to get back at these prisoners and the guards–
Never mind. I'll worry about this after I'm out.
<Background 3>
Voice on the Television Whatever happened to Jesselton Williams?
Would Beachbrella's Mr. K extend a helping hand to his employee in distress?
Stay tuned to Channel 58 and find out on the next "True Stories."
Passerbys A & B Hahahaha... Hahahahaha!
Passerby A Oh, I'm so gonna watch this again. What's this called? "True Stories?"
Passerby B I told you you were going to love this show!
I've been watching it for a while now, but the actor who plays Jesselton's really nailing it!
Passerby A Channel 58's upped their game with this one. Where'd they find such a great actor anyway? What else is he in?
Passerby B No clue. The main selling point of the show is its mockumentaries, and they don't ever credit their actors.
He's probably fresh from some drama school. I bet he's got a bright future ahead of him, haha!
Passerby A To a bright future!
Passerby B To a bright future.
[The passerbys have a toast.]
Passerby B This is some good stuff.
Passerby A Fine booze.
You know, I'm just thinking.
What if that guy wasn't an actor, and he was actually the guy himself. What do you think?
[The second passerby thinks for a moment.]
Passerby B ......
Not a bad joke.
Passerby A I'm not–
Passerby B It's a good one. Haha!
Passerby A Hahaha...
Voice on the Television (Music)
"True Stories" is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual events is entirely coincidental.
See you next week.