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Browntail To Be Continued
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Hostile Man
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Noble Man
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Victorian Magnate
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Wealthy Woman
Kjerag Manor Room
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Following the Snowcap Incident, Sciurus and Yucatan go to Victoria to represent the Browntails, and attempt to make a deal with a local magnate to rejuvenate their clan.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 1>
[Ratatos asks Sciurus,]
Ratatos Rus, are you done packing?
Victoria's not like Kjerag. We're trying to work with the other side this time. Our standing's weak, and they WILL take advantage of that to tear us open.
The only thing I can tell you is, there's no way of guessing what they're going to do exactly. It's up to you to determine.
Sciurus Alright, alright, I get it! You're going to chew my ear off, ugh!
If you have so little faith in me, why don't you do it yourself?!
Ratatos Turn your brain on for once in your life and figure that out YOUR-self.
Sciurus Why you...!
Ratatos Alright, I've got no time to argue with you. Remember, this isn't an all-expenses-paid vacation. You're representing the Browntails.
Yucatan, keep an eye on your wife. Don't let her do anything stupid that would embarrass our clan.
Yucatan Haha...
Sciurus Don't nod to that! Yucatan, whose side are you on?!
Ratatos Don't get sidetracked.
Short version: pay more mind on this one. Eyes out, ears out, mouth shut. Don't shoot off like you did before.
It's time you went out and broadened your horizons, anyway. Go and see the lands outside of Kjerag. See just what kind of place Victoria is.
Sciurus Hmph...
Hey, you know... Ratatos.
Ratatos What?
Sciurus Is it me, or do you really wish you were going yourself?
Ratatos ......
Rus, over here.
Sciurus Huh?
Hands to yourself, bitch! I don't have a temperature!
Ratatos So why are you talking out of your ass?
Sciurus I-I was just asking.
If you had the chance back then... would you have wanted to visit Victoria, Ratatos?
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 2>
Victorian Magnate Ah, I finally found you two!
Too many guests just now, swarming me, I tell you! Pardon me for leaving you in the lurch.
Sciurus Hardly, Mr. Harrison.
Thank you for inviting us. We've been having a delightful time.
Victorian Magnate Now, how nice of you!
I couldn't very well neglect you, not after you've come so far. Help yourself to any food or drink here, and if you need anything else, just fetch the closest servant.
Sciurus That's very kind.
Victorian Magnate Oh, do you need me to quickly demonstrate how to use all this cutlery?
Sciurus ...We'll be fine.
Mr. Harrison, I think we should set that aside, and start discussing partnership arrangements between the Browntails and your own firm.
Victorian Magnate Ooh, very to-the-point, Madam Sciurus...
But I'm given to believe we've already reached firm consensus, haven't we, vis-a-vis partnership?
Sciurus That is so.
But I believe we still need to work out the details of a few terms.
Victorian Magnate Of course, you have no need to worry whatsoever.
My assistant has the contract all ready. You can look over it whenever you have a moment to...
Sciurus I've already read that contract.
Victorian Magnate Oh?
Sciurus Let me be blunt. The Browntails cannot accept some of the terms within it.
Victorian Magnate Mm, hm...
So, your proposal, exactly?
Sciurus We need to renegotiate the exact figures for provision of labor and revenue share.
Victorian Magnate Hmm.
Yes, I will consider your concerns.
Sciurus So–
Victorian Magnate Hold your beasties, now, Madam Sciurus.
I'm of the mind that I've already been very generous with your cut on these orders.
Sciurus But...!
Victorian Magnate Now, not to worry, this is still the same win-win for us, and I have a very good impression of Kjelac myself. I would never have you or your family come out of this with losses.
Sciurus ......
Yucatan It's "Kjerag," not "Kjelac," Mr. Harrison.
Victorian Magnate Oh? Ah, of course, silly me, I always have trouble pronouncing that.
Yucatan You've visited Kjerag before?
Victorian Magnate That... I can't say I have, but, quite some word of it has reached me in recent years.
I've heard they roast entire meatbeasts at Kjelac dinner parties, the wine comes in big jars as tall as you or me, and they put on variety shows and the like too. I shan't for the life of me miss a chance to see it myself.
Yucatan ......
Sciurus You're joking.
Victorian Magnate Alright, I have to receive the other guests, now. Enjoy the party, my friends.
Sciurus W–Wait...! I haven't finished–
Victorian Magnate Excuse me.
[The magnate leaves.]
<Background fades out and in>
Wealthy Woman (Mr. Harrison, there you are! Who are those two over there?)
Victorian Magnate (Guests from Kjelac, wouldn't you know. They're from a fairly prestigious family in the area.)
Wealthy Woman (Ah, well, I've never heard of the place before...)
Victorian Magnate (It's nothing more than some far-flung mountains. Not worth your concern, Dame.)
<Background fades out and in>
Sciurus ......
We're leaving, Yucatan!
[Sciurus leaves in anger...]
Yucatan Rus...
[...and Yucatan follows.]
<Background 3>
[Sciurus runs through the snowy garden as she holds back her anger with Yucatan following.]
Sciurus ......
Hffff... hrrrhhh...
Yucatan Rus.
We're alone now.
Sciurus ......
(Deep breath)
Yucatan ...*sigh*.
Here, drink some water.
Sciurus No. My appetite is GONE.
Yucatan Just drink some. Don't get those midnight stomach cramps.
Sciurus You can massage me then!
Yucatan Fine, sure. I'll massage you.
Rus, you did well to hold out so long.
Sciurus Hmph. What was I gonna do otherwise?
If I went off right there, that bitch Ratatos would've jawed my head off later down the line.
Yucatan You did well.
So where do we go from here?
Do you want to head back to the hall, or just go to bed for tonight?
Sciurus Head back! Why wouldn't I head back?!
All we got out of this was me, furious! We still haven't finished discussing the contract! Don't you dare think this is enough to make me back down!
Yucatan Really? Are you okay?
Sciurus Uh, duh, I'm fine. I'm doing just great.
I didn't need Ratatos to tell me. I understand partnering here in Victoria is the Browntails' first step to contact with the outside world. I can't mess this up.
Not just that, I need every trick I up my sleeve to get us some good out of this.
So it's fine. I can bear it.
Yucatan Rus...
Sciurus Yucatan, you've seen everything I did the last two days–
<Flashback starts here>
[Sciurus remembered the moment she and Yucatan visits various places in Victoria.]
Background-Londinium Industrial District Day.png
Background-Victoria Streets Night.png
Background-Manor Hall.png
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 3>
Sciurus I've never seen such big machines before. They look so clunky, but they run so smoothly.
And there were nice even streets all the way here, and stations everywhere, and the sheer stuff in the shop windows makes my eyes spin.
They don't even use candles for lighting this dinner party. It's electric lights...
Yucatan, Kjerag doesn't have any of this.
Yucatan ......
Sciurus And I think we SHOULD have all this.
It just takes trains, pretty cities, stores in rainbow colors! All we've gotta do is build them!
And then our kids can grow up around it all, and then when they're big, they can study abroad, they can go be tourists... wherever they want to go, they'll be able to.
Yucatan Um, you said "kids"...
Sciurus ...Uh.
N-No! I didn't mean THAT! W-What are you thinking?! I meant, um, you know, Kjerag's future children...!
Yucatan Calm down, calm down, Rus, it's not on my mind, it hasn't been–
Sciurus What? You've never thought about us having kids before?!
Yucatan I have... no, wait, not in that sense!
Sciurus Ahem.
Basically, we need to do more, for the future, before we can rest.
That's what that stupid, horrible Enciodes thought as well, wasn't it?
All that roundabout crap was a little too complicated for me, but the railroads and factories that dipshit built... Kjerag's changed a lot thanks to them.
Yucatan Rus...
[Yucatan laughs at Sciurus...]
Sciurus What are you laughing at...?
[ he pats her head...]
Yucatan Here, Rus, hold still. I'll sort it out for you.
[...and fixes her hair.]
Sciurus I can't stand you... We're outside right now, you know!
Yucatan Sorry, I couldn't stop myself.
You're right. These are things we should have.
Things we will have.
Sciurus Of course!
Yucatan But I never expected you to say it... or compliment Enciodes for once.
Sciurus Ha, don't be stupid, Yucatan! I'd never say anything nice about the Silverashes!
I'm just being realistic here. Enciodes might make me sick, but if this is what he's been seeing all this time, then I can slightly understand all the stuff he's been doing.
I admit he's got a little skill, that's all. I'm magnanimous enough to say that.
Yucatan It's true. Enciodes has finesse.
Sciurus Besides, I hate that stupid Gnosis guy by his side way more than I hate Enciodes!
If it wasn't for that bastard pulling his pretend betrayal and scheming against us...
Yucatan Under the circumstances, it was definitely a decent plan. Each side to their own, and none of the blame on him.
Sciurus I don't care! What are you defending him for, Yucatan?!
Yucatan I'm not...
Sciurus (Glare)
Yucatan Alright, that was my bad.
But it's been so long since it all blew over. When we make deals with the Silverashes in future, we're bound to run into their people again... When are you going to let go of your grudge, Rus?
Sciurus When death pries it from my cold, dead hands.
Yucatan Ugh.
Sciurus Look, it's apples to pears! I'm not going to wreck Ratatos's business, but don't count on me forgetting what they've done!
Yucatan ...*sigh*.
Not that the Matriarch seems to mind at all anymore.
Sciurus How, exactly?! That bitch might act like she doesn't care on the surface, but truth is? Her grudge runs deeper than mine!
Did you forget when we were kids and went out to play and we didn't call her along, and then Grandpa caught us when we came back and we had to write lines for a week?
I'll still bet anything that was Ratatos's revenge! She DID that!
Yucatan You know we were playing outside for far too long, and that's why we were punished. We can't place the blame on the Matriarch.
Sciurus Come on, you've got way too much faith in my sister!
You know, though, speaking of...
Yucatan, have you ever gotten the feeling she kind of admires Enciodes?
Not like she's said it, but I can vaguely sense it.
Yucatan Hmm... I agree, actually.
If it wasn't for Enciodes's methods afterwards being too extreme, the Matriarch might not have reacted the way she did.
Sciurus You think so too? Say... you think the reason she put me onto this one was–so I could see all this?
Before we left, I asked her if she would've wanted to go to Victoria in those days too, if she had the chance.
Really... I know how she's been thinking.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 1>
[When Ratatos and Sciurus are young...]
Sciurus Ratatos! Ratatos!
Ratatos! If you're there, answer me! I've been yelling forever! I bet you're just pretending you can't hear me again!
Why are you ignoring m... huh? What are you staring at?
Ratatos Why shouldn't I ignore a little scumbag who doesn't even invite her sister?
Sciurus Who're you calling a scumbag?!
Ratatos A little runt who sneaks out to play all by herself and still wants me to cover for her, that's who.
Sciurus *cough* I'm... I'm sorry, that was my fault that time.
Next time I'll bring you! I'll get Yucatan to watch out for us!
Ratatos Forget it, I'm busier than you anyway, and Grandpa's health is... whatever, who cares. Just don't stir up trouble for the next while, alright?
Also, stop depending taking advantage of Yucatan. You're practically bullying him.
Sciurus How am I bullying him?
Ratatos Because I said you are.
So. What do you call me?
Sciurus Ratatos...
Ratatos Huh?
Sciurus The Firstborn! My elder sister!
Ratatos That's better, dear sister.
Sciurus Hmph...
Hold on, are you trying to trick me again? Don't dodge the subject. What are you looking at?
Ratatos Just some periodic intel reports, nothing special.
Sciurus Grandpa lets you do this stuff already? He really trusts you...
Ratatos Because I'm capable of handling it, unlike my darling little sister.
Sciurus Why you...!
Fine, I'm not picking a fight with you.
What kind of news is there this time? I mean, you've been staring at this forever...
Ratatos ......
[Ratatos reads the newspaper...]
Sciurus Doesn't look like anything special...
[...and noticed a news.]
Sciurus Hm? The Silverash Firstborn's already left Kjerag?
He went to study at Victoria... Wow, he's great at excuses. I bet he couldn't stand it in Kjerag any longer, so he just ran to somewhere else!
Ratatos Is that what you think?
Sciurus That's what everyone says. If we can stay, then who'd want to go somewhere they don't even speak the same language? I know I wouldn't.
Ratatos ......
Sciurus What? Ratatos... the Firstborn, what's with the funny look?
Ratatos Stop. Put your hand away. I'm not at the point I need YOU to worry for me.
Sciurus You bitch... I was being nice!
Ratatos Enough. Thanks for being nice, then.
It just fills me with something. It was all for the Silverashes' current situation, and him being able to push past his worries. That's what let him make a decision like this.
Sciurus What decision?
Ratatos The decision to abandon everything.
Enciodes... you really are a callous man.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 3>
Sciurus That's what she said back then.
I forgot all about it, but when I saw her and that stupid Enciodes in the fire... I don't know why, and it was so many years ago, but it just instantly came back to me.
That's when it clicked. Ratatos wasn't occupied with any of the thoughts we thought she was.
Do you think... the Browntail clan has been a burden on her, this whole time?
Yucatan Was this before the end of the Patriarch?
Sciurus Yeah. Not long after that, Grandpa passed away.
You know now that Grandpa's health was already shot by then. Ratatos just kept the wool over our eyes...
Yucatan Too many people had eyes on the Browntails, and the Matriarch was still too young. Some people were bound to get ideas.
Sciurus Yeah. It got so busy for her she didn't even sleep. She had the heaviest bags under her eyes and thought I'd just miss them... Her temper got awful too. Ragging on me all day.
Yucatan Huh?
Sciurus Back when I wasn't convinced, when I kept trying to disagree with Ratatos... I was being such a dumbass, wasn't I?
Yucatan No–
[Sciurus shuts Yucatan's mouth...]
Sciurus Okay, stop, don't you say anything!
Yucatan Mmph!
[...and releases her hands from him.]
Sciurus I know I was stupid then and I didn't help anything, but I sure ruined plenty! I was stupid to the max! It's fine, okay, I know all the way deep down!
It's whatever from anyone else, but you're the only one who can't say it.
You're not allowed to yell at me. I wouldn't be able to take it.
Yucatan Rus... let me finish.
You're brilliant. I've never once thought you were stupid.
Sciurus Ugh, you... How do you say this stuff so straight?
Yucatan Hmm? Do I?
I don't think you're stupid, and neither does the Matriarch...
Sciurus She totally does!
Yucatan Alright... but she wouldn't fault you. You've always been trying to do a little something, and she's always trying to put faith in you. Haven't things turned out pretty great now?
Sciurus I know that, I'm just still a little... angry.
Angry at myself, and angry at Ratatos.
Why couldn't I realize sooner, and why does she have to love showing off so much?
Yucatan Well... do you want some real talk?
Sciurus If it's not nice, don't say it.
Yucatan Come on, that won't do.
Showing off probably runs in the Browntail family by now. You're not much different to her there, Rus.
So, our reluctant bravery-lover Madam Sciurus, do you have a plan to persuade that Mr. Harrison, and knock his greed down a few pegs?
Sciurus I–
[Sounds of chatter are heard from the manor's gate.]
Sciurus Hold on... what noise is that?
<Background 4>
[A group of armed people led by a nobleman runs into the manor's gate.]
Noble Man What a wretched dinner party.
Am I to believe Mr. Harrison has the courage to purchase a noble's land, but not the bravery to receive me as a guest face-to-face?
You lot.
Hostile Man Your orders.
Noble Man Give our Mr. Harrison a little gift.
No cold feet to be had here. Teach this man how the mercantile should treat the aristocracy.
Hostile Man On it!
[The armed people breaks into the manor, spooking the wealthy woman.]
Wealthy Woman Argh!
Q–Quickly, fetch Mr. Harrison!
<Background fades out and in>
Sciurus (What the hell? They're wrecking the whole hall.)
(Is that Victorian noble their leader? What is this meant to be...?)
Yucatan (Looks like he and Mr. Harrison got into a mix-up.)
Sciurus (He's destroying the house. That can't be your average mix-up.)
Yucatan (Want me to take a look?)
Sciurus (Hold on a bit longer. We can't just show up that casually. At least not right now!)
(But I think this might just be a good opportunity...)
<Background fades out and in>
Victorian Magnate Viscount Evans!
W–We're honored to have you! Why didn't you send word in advance? I heard you were holidaying in Leithanien; I hardly thought...
Noble Man Mr. Harrison, you're quite the well-informed one on the subject of my travels.
You hardly thought I would return early. I imagine I've thrown a hardy spanner in your schemes, Mr. Harrison.
Victorian Magnate Tha–Tha... What are you...
Noble Man Now, Mr. Harrison, none of that silly countenance.
You've been fraudulently snatching up shares in our joint firm, depressing prices and then purchasing the land on the sly while I was gone from the country. Not a good fit with your pathetic, wide-eyed look.
Victorian Magnate ......
Viscount Evans, is this really called for?!
Our partnership is still in effect! If it's a question of interests, we can still hash things out again... This is hardly how you treat your joint associate!
Noble Man But of course I haven't forgotten our partnership.
And yet still, I would dearly suffer for not letting off a little steam here.
<Background fades out and in>
Sciurus (A dispute of interests between this merchant and this noble...)
(Ratatos pushed me through a bunch of material before we left, so I knew about this, but who knew I'd see it first-hand.)
(But with this...)
Yucatan (Do you have an idea, Rus?)
Sciurus (Yep. You just asked me if I had a plan for how to negotiate with Mr. Harrison.)
(Now I do–quick, Yucatan, here's our chance!)
<Background fades out and in>
[The armed people breaks everything in the manor.]
Victorian Magnate You can't... You can't just do this!
Noble Man Oh, can't I?
Mr. Harrison, let's be crystal-clear. Suppose I *do* do something to you! Then, they'll report that "Pitiful Sir Harrison sadly passes away in duel with Viscount."
Bahah, you can't possibly hope they'd lay hands on a noble?
Hostile Man (Sir.)
Noble Man Huh?
Hostile Man (People got a lot of our guys knocked out now, only a few up still.)
(And seems one of the guests called the police. Look...)
Noble Man ......
You're not as dull as you suggest, Harrison. Fine job on finding some lackeys.
Victorian Magnate What...?
Noble Man Enough of the tomfoolery!
I'd come in thinking there would be future leeway for discussion if you were tactful enough here, but it seems you don't quite agree.
Hmph. Today was just a lesson. We're far from through yet.
We're leaving!
[The nobleman and his escorts leave...]
Victorian Magnate ......
[ Sciurus and Yucatan shows up with some of the nobleman's escorts on their back, unconscious.]
Sciurus They're just gone now?
Ugh... What about these guys, then?
The red-haired Zalak carelessly dumps the people over her shoulder in front of the magnate.
Yucatan Just put them here. Someone will deal with them.
Victorian Magnate Ah... are these all–Viscount Evans's...
You don't mean those "lackeys" he mentioned were–
Yucatan If you don't have anyone else to choose from, then I imagine you mean us.
Are you alright, Mr. Harrison?
Victorian Magnate I escaped the worst of it, though I must seem an awful fool to the two of you, and, well, er...
No matter what, I thank you with all my soul.
Only, having set about to the Viscount's men like so, I worry in future, er... *sigh*...
Sciurus ......
[Sciurus asks the magnate,]
Sciurus Mr. Harrison.
Let me be straightforward about that–your partnership with that noble's in for a rocky ride, isn't it?
Victorian Magnate Well...
Sciurus You've publicly offended him now we've beaten up his entourage, and it looks like he's a rung on the ladder above you, so you've got no way to get at him. Is he going to just keep working with you?
Based on what I know, your firm is in the key phase of its expansion right this moment, and if your partner pulls out midway, that'll be a massive blow to you, right?
Victorian Magnate Wh... What are you getting at here?
You can't be telling me you just did all that on purpose?!
Sciurus Come on, I'm doing nothing more than talking facts here, that's all. Don't go and overthink it.
You're stuck between continuing to beg to that noble, or searching for a new associate under pressure. We have a small, little proposal there...
Victorian Magnate ......
Sciurus We Browntails are one of Kjerag's Three Clans. A single puny Victorian noble poses no threat to us. If you're inclined, the Browntails will be your most reliable business associates.
How about that, Mr. Harrison? Regarding that partnership between us–
–Is it me, or do you think we can renegotiate now?