One Day

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One Day The Black Forest Wills A Dream
Previous Homecoming
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Ceremony-Conducting Shaman
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Sami Wetlands Inhabitant
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Ursus Caravan Guard
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Ursus Caravan Member
Treescar Tribe Warrior
Dark Forest
The funeral was held as planned, but Typhon gradually notices signs of demonic contamination during the procession of ships. Santalla arrives as promised, and halts the funeral along with Typhon. At the most critical moment, the party encounters a northern Snowpriest and his warriors.
<Background 1>
Ursus Caravan Member The snow's getting heavier.
Ursus Caravan Guard C'mon, take a swig.
Ursus Caravan Member Pah. I still regret giving that Sami flagon over to that girl.
Ursus Caravan Guard Forget it. You'd be in serious trouble if the border guards found it.
Besides, do you really believe that a few words inscribed on his drum and flagon are enough to keep someone safe?
In this land of ice and snow, the only thing that can protect us is vodka.
—Well, now it's just vodka, anyway.
Ursus Caravan Member That's not what I meant.
It's just that... the night before the incident, we were all still sitting together and chatting.
Ursus Caravan Guard Yeah, I remember, the two of you had little sisters who are about the same age.
Ursus Caravan Member And he never got a chance to make up with her.
So just think of it as me feeling sorry for him.
*sigh* I know what it's like. People who've been fighting for so long have so much blood on their hands that they can never go home.
But in the end, even after telling us all those stories about his family squabbles, he never told us who they were fighting.
They gave their lives to save us, but we never even found out what happened.
I should've kept his flagon. Honestly, I don't know how else to honor the memory of these mysterious Sami, other than with something I can touch.
...Hah, maybe I'm just being too sentimental over a bunch of Sami savages.
Ursus Caravan Guard ...Do you still remember what they said when we were chatting that night? That the Sami don't believe that death is the end.
Like, say you think it's a completely windless night, but something still gets blown over. They'd call that the souls of the dead passing by.
Not stupid, if you ask me.
Ursus Caravan Member Which? Me, or the Sami superstition?
Ursus Caravan Guard Both.
Alright. Time to call the others and get ready to do some business.
The next tribe shouldn't be too far from here. I saw someone in the snow.
<Background 2>
Ceremony-Conducting Shaman Sami bestowed upon us snow and ice to cleanse us anew. Sami bestowed upon us mud and soil to inherit blessings.
We wish not to leave, yet nevertheless travel down the streams of departure.
May our loved ones return home, like drops of water returning to the river.
May disaster be kept far away, in the lands you cannot protect.
The Sami Elafias lower their lanterns, bend down to scoop up handfuls of water, and sing along with the shaman in low voices.
As the ship of the dead slowly sinks, one by one, the oil candles are extinguished.
Darkness gradually spreads across the water.
Ceremony-Conducting Shaman ......
Even if you aren't a member of our tribe, you should still show some basic respect for our ceremonies.
Put down your weapon, hunter with the black bow. Lower your head.
Typhon ......
Sami Wetlands Inhabitant (*whispers*) Look at that hunter over there...
You've seen people like her in the northern icefield, right? Do you think she'll darken our fates–
Ceremony-Conducting Shaman ..."The more people speak of doom, the clearer it casts its shadow."
So I will not speak of it.
Someone else will. Eikthyrnir will. But we are absolutely not among those who have the power to speak freely in this land.
This is your final warning, hunter.
Or else we will be forced to take up arms.
Magallan W-Wait, hold on! She's just standing guard!
Typhon, can't you explain? I'm sure they'll understand!
Typhon ...Shh.
I feel it moving.
Out of the way, now.
[Typhon draws her bow.]
Typhon Everyone, leave this place!
<Flashback starts here>
<Background black>
[The wind and fowlbeasts can be heard.]
<Background 2>
Half an hour ago...
Gitano We're almost there.
Magallan Phew... Finally, some good news.
Didn't think I'd be the one to end up seasick... Err, that is what this is, right?
But Gitano, didn't you say you've been away from the tribe ever since they moved? Then how do you know where the burial site is?
Typhon Look at the wooden fencing over there. It's a warning.
Magallan Oh...
Typhon In the wetlands, the waters where a tribe buries their dead are usually off-limits.
The fencing serves not only to warn those who are awake, but more importantly, to remind those who are sleeping.
Because everyone meets their departed friends and relatives in their dreams. If they aren't careful, it's very easy to wander into these places.
Magallan I see, I see, fascinating! I'll have to note this one down too.
(Takes notes) "Be careful when dreaming."
(*whispers*) Does that mean I'll get in trouble again if I want to do some research on these waters?
Typhon Hm. What do you have in mind?
Magallan It's this here, a beacon. I want to set it up underwater so I can collect some data.
Typhon Hmm... You said before that this thing can track a location?
Magallan Yup.
Typhon Okay. Give it to me.
Gitano, can we stop right before that fencing? I'm also getting the sense that something isn't quite right.
Gitano Go ahead.
...Don't worry. I already foresaw your safety before we left at dusk.
Magallan Huh? Did I ever ask you to read my fortune?
All I remember is eating way too much for lunch and ending up in a food coma right up until we boarded the ship...
Typhon *sigh*... Nobody forced you to eat all that in one go.
There were narcoleptic mushrooms in the soup. We often add a few when people are feeling anxious or uneasy.
Magallan Ehehe... It sure was tasty.
Anyway, thanks Gitano!
Typhon But it's true that we never asked her for anything...
Not that it matters.
So how do we set up this beacon?
Magallan Just toss it into the water, and it'll handle the rest automatically.
Typhon Toss it? With how much force?
Magallan No, no force! Just, let go of it and have it sink on its own...
[The beacon gets dropped into the water.]
Magallan Phew...
Welp, the beacon's up and running, and the signal looks solid.
It has an effective range of about three thousand meters, so we can keep moving– Err, rowing the boat forward.
Typhon Alright. Now, how am I supposed to make sense of this... gibberish?
I'd also like to keep track of the beacon.
Magallan Oh, that's real easy. Way simpler to understand than all this Sami stuff!
Look – over here we have the most basic data: relative coordinates of the beacon's location, water depth, flow speed...
But I'm sure you can figure all that out on your own just from experience.
Typhon Mhm.
In other words, it's continuously moving around underwater.
Magallan It's probably just oscillating back and forth due to undulations in the water flow. These devices have extremely precise positioning.
Specimen sampling comes next.
My drones are a bit noisy when I put them to work, so I prefer to use this compact beacon to do the preliminary water quality sampling and analysis first.
While it's made for scientific investigation, its analysis is based mostly on the water's potability. But in areas not many people visit, even this simple analysis can sometimes produce anomalous results.
Take a look–
Typhon ...The signal disappeared.
Gitano ......
Magallan ......
Think it might've gotten swallowed up by a huge scalecis?
Though, we did take that sort of thing into consideration when we designed the beacon. No ordinary wild beast should be able to damage its outer covering...
Typhon Gitano.
Gitano Alright, got it.
Typhon I'll handle the ship for you.
Magallan Wait a sec, are you going to do another divination?
Gitano Yeah.
Magallan But... how many times have you used your Originium Arts, between yesterday and today?
Gitano Not enough to worry about.
Just think of it as me double-checking my work.
Magallan ......
Typhon (Tugs on Magallan's hand)
Leave her alone.
Magallan Aww... Fine.
The first time I met Gitano was when I was visiting Iffy at the Rhodes Island Medical Department.
At the time, she was in a coma in a hospital bed, and was carted in by the other field operators. They all said her Arts take a heavy toll on her body...
Typhon Even more reason to leave her alone then.
She sensed something, which is why she's trying to read your fortune before you leave.
And I agree with her.
I've felt a lingering shadow here this whole time.
I don't know exactly what she's trying to double-check, but there's no point in trying to avoid an omen of calamity.
I just hope she finds whatever is giving her these strange premonitions.
—Watch out!
[The boat is hit by a strong current.]
The boat tilts sharply to one side, and Typhon pulls Magallan in close just in time to stabilize the ship.
Gitano falls heavily onto the deck, and an intense burst of Arts flashes through her crystal ball.
Magallan Gitano!
Gitano ...Phew.
I'm fine.
I'm not the same self-defeating, self-destructive person I was years ago. This is just... me trying my best.
Magallan Well, as long as you're okay! Let me help you up.
Gitano ...However, try as I might, I couldn't find anything.
Typhon What did you see in your divination?
Gitano Fate. The fates of the deceased.
But my divination has little in common with Sami's prophecies – it's merely a special kind of Arts. It cannot touch those who have passed.
Their fates are pitch-black. Nothing more.
Typhon Is that the same for everyone?
Gitano ...No, there's one who hasn't responded to me.
Gitano holds up her crystal ball. There is nothing inside it save for the candlelight reflected from the fleet ahead.
Gitano He remains silent.
Typhon ......
That is no fault of the diviner's.
We need to hurry and make our way to the front of the fleet.
If I'm forced to draw my bow, the boat's going to rock a whole lot, and you two will need to keep it steady.
Magallan W-Wait, back up! What's going on?
Typhon The marsh is trying to drag us under.
None are safe, living or dead.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 1>
Santalla —What?
Ursus Caravan Member We don't know a thing! We really don't, so spare us, please!
The only one who does is that Liberi who went to Čappat alone. He's the one you're looking for!
Those Sami died to save us! But we didn't know what else to do for them, except take their remains back to their hometown!
Santalla No, that's not what I'm asking...
When you took the bodies away, someone was bleeding black blood. Did you witness this yourself?
Ursus Caravan Member Yes, I saw it with my own eyes.
Santalla I...
How could I make such a terrible mistake?!
<Background 2>
[Typhon shoots an arrow into the water. Then, a wave occurs hitting the boats.]
Sami Wetlands Inhabitant The ship! The ship of the dead... What are you doing?!
Typhon Using the waves to keep it from sinking any further.
Sami Wetlands Inhabitant You–
Typhon Turn the boat around, now.
This funeral can no longer continue. I will protect you from the rear.
Ceremony-Conducting Shaman ......
Let's go.
Sami Wetlands Inhabitant You... Are you sympathizing with the outsider too?
Ceremony-Conducting Shaman Maybe she's right. Or maybe she's finally lost her mind to the black bow. Either way, she poses just as much danger.
Warriors, protect the fleet from front to back. Stay vigilant.
Don't panic.
Trust that Sami will protect our inner peace. Trust that calamity will never take it from us.
Typhon The same goes for you two, Magallan and Gitano.
Hurry up.
Gitano Wait, Typhon... I'd like an explanation. I need an answer.
Is it the same as what I saw?
Typhon Mhm.
Too many soldiers from the north are buried here. Their contamination has accumulated, day by day, until it all melded together.
And this time, the disaster might've taken some of the dead–
Gitano —I understand.
Typhon ...My Arts are supporting the ship of the dead, preventing it from sinking. But that doesn't solve the issue.
So don't look back.
Gitano But—
Magallan Anything we can do to help?
M-My drone has a combat module! If there's going to be fighting, I can help out!
Typhon No.
[Something in the water growls before jumping out.]
The dark swamp surges up, and the disaster merges into solid entities that leap towards Typhon from the black waves.
For over a decade, she has seen the same dream again and again. A pitch-black dream.
The Sami say that while asleep, people can free themselves from the shackles of their corporeal forms and meet both the living and the dead.
Typhon has always known that if she could strip away the darkness covering her eyes, she could turn back and take one last look at her mother and father–
Yet, she has never seen anything.
Because a hunter only keeps her eyes on her prey.
<Background black>
Typhon Don't look back. That's all.
Stay behind them, and keep rowing the ship. I'll handle the rest.
Tuurngait Angunasutti.png
[Typhon draws her bow.]
Her bowstring is fully drawn. Ancient Arts converge into a single shaft. She takes aim.
The threats on the icefield are numerous. Extreme cold. Waves of snow. Ferocious beasts. Demons. And, in the stories of certain tribes, herself.
Typhon takes this for granted. She carries a contaminated black bow on her back. She was engulfed by the shadows and escaped from them. In the eyes of others, she walks closest to disaster.
Naturally, then, she should be the one to stand between those people and disaster.
Typhon Looks like I got the drop on you again.
Now, depart from the lands of Sami.
—I'll pin you down!
[Typhon shoots an arrow into the water.]
<Background 2>
The hunter raises her voice as if shouting into the empty marsh.
The bowstring vibrates, and the arrow hurtles towards the water's depths.
[A wave occurs hitting the boats.]
Magallan Whooooaaaa! The boat's rocking like crazy!
Wh-What just happened? Did something fall into the water?
—Whoa, it got cold all of a sudden!
The hunter's cry receives an answer from the water's surface.
It is a soft murmur in the Sami tongue.
"Water withered, hard ice becomes."
[The water freezes.]
From the water's depths, it spreads out with the ripples of the falling arrow. In the blink of an eye, the swamp is engulfed in freezing cold.
All is calm, save for the constant crashing sounds from beneath the ice.
Santalla ...Thank goodness, I made it in time.
Typhon Thanks, Simone.
Santalla Did you hear my footsteps?
Typhon Wherever you go, the snow follows. The wind told me this.
Also, you said you'd attend the funeral.
Santalla Haha, you guys... really do trust me.
Typhon Naturally. I have a good eye, both for the weather and for people.
Magallan Simone's here?! We're saved!
Hmm, looks like everything's quieting down. Does that mean our predicament is resolved?
[Something growls.]
Gitano ...Not yet.
No, no, no...
Who– What are they? What are those things?
Typhon *sigh*... I told you not to look back.
They are shadows left behind by contaminated corpses.
Gitano No! Don't come any closer... Those warriors buried beneath the water... Aren't they supposed to be sealed under the ice? Shouldn't they be... resting in peace?
The marsh... Why hasn't it calmed down yet?
Typhon Close your eyes.
Magallan, hold her hand.
Give her a touch of reality. Just like, uh... just like you always do.
Then, steer the ship away.
Magallan Oh... Um, okay!
Gitano... Do you feel any better now?
Santalla She's calming down.
Just like that, Gitano. Listen to me.
It's normal to feel fear. But if you continue like this, you will be transformed too.
We can seal the bodies, but we cannot seal the shadows that seep from them.
So don't blame yourself, and don't force yourself to see things through to the end.
Your brother isn't at fault for this disaster, and you certainly aren't either.
The disaster simply found us. Or perhaps, we found it.
Which is why it awakened.
Typhon Their ships can't move very quickly. How much time do we have, Simone?
Santalla Traces of contamination are still all around us. I have no way to tell.

Right, so this is why Sami warned the Frost Maple tribe that they had to move away.

Typhon I can already feel their presence becoming more and more clear.
Sounds are vanishing, colors are disappearing, and bodies are melting.
But don't worry, it won't affect my aim.
Santalla ...I've always meant to ask. Are you not afraid?
Typhon Afraid? Of what?
—This way!
[Typhon shoots an arrow hitting and breaking the ice.]
Typhon Good! That's it, Simone! Direct your Arts where my arrows fly!
I've pinned down one corner of the shadows. The black blood is oozing out slower.
My next arrow will be marked with fluorescent fletchings for you.
Santalla (Chants softly)
[The ice slowly cracks.]
Santalla Nightmare that terrorizes innocent children... Begone!
[The ice breaks after getting hit with another arrow.]
Crack. Crack. Crack.
The ice beneath her feet splits bit by bit, yet the shadow before her eyes shows no signs of retreating.
Arrow and Arts sink deep into the darkness, the blackness flowing like ink through their consciousness and into reality.
[More growls.]
Santalla Ah... You really don't show any fear at all.
Are you not afraid of the demons?
You're not afraid that you'll fail, only to regret it forevermore?
[The ice bursts yet again.]
Crack. Crack. Crack.
The energy from the Originium Arts seems to pour endlessly into the abyss. Santalla tries to repair the ice, but naturally, it does not respond to her.
Typhon —Don't go any further, Simone! It's too dangerous!
Santalla I know.
Only I am at fault. And the responsibility is mine.
<Background fades out and in>
Magallan ...Huh?
A premonition. A moment of inspiration. A chill rises from deep within her bones, like a gust of wind from a place where no wind blows.
For some inexplicable reason, Magallan has the urge to turn around.
She wants to see Simone and Typhon's enemies. To check if they are alright.
<Background black>
But all she sees is darkness. An endless darkness.
She remembers the stories she has heard.
Someone was seriously injured in a fierce battle and fell into a deep coma with a high fever. He dreamt he was hanging from a tree, facing off against a pitch-black beast so massive he could not see the whole thing.
A branch pierced the top of his head, and the blood flowing down over his body froze into a sculpture of crimson ice. But the warrior neither moved nor blinked.
Ten days and nights later, the fierce beast retreated, and he awoke from his fever only to find himself lying in the snow, and the wound atop his head fused with a tree branch.
All Sami know this legend, and whenever they speak of experiencing Sami's calling, they will surely bring up this story.
<Background 2>
Magallan —Aaaaahh!
[Something hits the shadows.]
The endless darkness is suddenly torn to shreds by brambles.
Black waves surge from between the cracks of the fractured ice, and the corpses that had begun to melt together reach towards the land with countless hands, but dissolve before they can stain the snow.
Purifying Arts penetrate the fog and shadow, and an entire army of northern warriors emerge from beyond the fencing.
They stand in formation, waiting with weapons in hand. Only one of them crosses the fence to approach.
[Another hit.]
Brambles spread in the direction his warhammer points—growing, twisting, and forming a ring that isolates the evil spirits. He extends his weapon and the Arts of his soldiers follow.
With no hesitation, no fear of being contaminated, he strides towards the dead, transformed warriors whose faces are no longer distinguishable, and raises his warhammer high.
In a single blow, names both spoken and forgotten are dissipated all at once.
The bright moonlight reflects across the forest's fresh snow.
Sami Wetlands Inhabitant Those are... Treescar warriors.
Eikthyrnir has come.
<Background flashes out and in>
Sami Wetlands Inhabitant Thank you... You saved our lives.
We didn't expect warriors of the north to come so far south, especially not so close to the Columbians.
Treescar Tribe Warrior Eikthyrnir came here to rescue the Sami who had moved south. He just happened to arrive sooner because he received a request for help.
Sami Wetlands Inhabitant ...I thought that rumor was false.
Treescar Tribe Warrior Unfortunately, all the rumors about him are true.
Ceremony-Conducting Shaman Only a few tribes lack Snowpriests, so you may recall that it has been more than a decade since anyone in our tribe has been touched by Sami's calling.
When I first returned to my tribe from the north, it was precisely because we were unable to actively predict Catastrophes or anticipate the disaster. Facing crises from every direction, we had no choice but to retain more soldiers.
Now, even survival is difficult for us. Continuing to head south, perhaps even leaving Sami lands, is but a desperate measure.
Eikthyrnir, it is not for a lack of love for this land that we leave, but rather a matter of necessity.
Eikthyrnir You harbor resentment in your heart.
Ceremony-Conducting Shaman How could I ever resent the very Sami that has given us everything?
Eikthyrnir You cannot change my mind.
We cannot back down.
You have already experienced the demons' depredations of nature. Living and dead alike are seized all the same.
Fate has thrust them upon the Sami, and we must face them and endure.
Ceremony-Conducting Shaman ...You said the same, during the snowstorm back then.
"Do not retreat. Do not move. We will stop the snowstorm and block the disaster north of the Fjal Vetrtonn."
Eikthyrnir After the November hunt, the snowstorm did indeed stop. The line of black snow never crossed the other side of the mountain.
Ceremony-Conducting Shaman ......
Eikthyrnir Then you understand why there is no need for any Samijod to flee. You merely speak for your tribe, as well as all those who are anxious because they cannot receive Sami's revelation.
But what we advocate for is sweeping away that layer of fog completely.
Ceremony-Conducting Shaman No, Eikthyrnir. What you're doing flies in the face of everything we've experienced in Sami, passed down from generation to generation.
We all know why only the most elite warriors travel to the northern lands.
When we become aware of the demons' traces, we become conduits for them. We fear, and as such our weak hearts become their seedbeds.
The more who are aware of this evil, the harder the next battle becomes.
Eikthyrnir Nobody is above fear, but anyone can conquer it.
Ceremony-Conducting Shaman That takes thousands of battles!
Eikthyrnir Indeed, it takes thousands of battles.
The mountains will once again become an indomitable line of defense, just as they were many years ago, before fear penetrated the hearts of the Sami.
We will never leave, and the Sami will never die out. No matter how many generations we must stand guard, it will be the disaster itself that dies first.
<Background fades out and in>
Magallan Woohoo, I got a pic.
Typhon Of Eikthyrnir? What makes him photo-worthy?
Magallan He's the most authoritative warrior of the north, in the hearts of the Sami.
That'll be very important to know on future research expeditions!
Although... he doesn't seem like the most easygoing guy. But you never know, maybe someone will come along who really wants to partner with him?
Besides, what he just said to the other Sami should be recorded.
What the silent mountain warriors know about the icefield, as well as how they combat the disaster, are all valuable data!
And what was that word they used for the disaster? And... Andsko...
Typhon "Andskotarnir." It means "enemy."
Magallan Hmm... I feel like I've heard it before somewhere. Let me write it down for now.
So basically, for the Sami, only the disasters from the icefield are considered enemies?
*sigh*... If only we just could listen in, I wouldn't have to go through all this trouble of sending in a drone up close.
Luckily, you taught me some tricks about camouflaging yourself so you don't alert your prey–
[The drone flies to the talking Sami but gets shot and crashes.]
Magallan —Whoops. It got shot down.
But it should still be salvageable! Once we get to Čappat, I can probably find a colleague from Rhine Lab to fix it.
Typhon ...Consider yourself lucky then.
Magallan Hehe.
By the way, you're clearly fighting against the same thing, but they treat you like an outsider just because of your weapon?
Typhon Mm. Black bow aside, it's probably because of Arges.
A lot of people see her as a madwoman, as they're quite familiar with the Cyclopes who live in seclusion in the Fjal Vetrtonn.
They believe that, as a Cyclops, she should never have walked out of that cave. Should never have made contact with so many people.
(In Sami) One who foresees fate will easily twist the fates of others.
Magallan (In Sami) One who... foresees fate... Ack.
Typhon In their eyes, I am someone who's had her fate twisted. Like... branches that have been artificially grafted together.
Trees like that will not grow properly.
Magallan But you seem perfectly fine to me!
Typhon Mhm. I think so too.
[Santalla appears.]
Magallan Oh, Simone.
Santalla Please, let me check if you two are okay.
Typhon This birdbrain over here seems fine enough. She just won't stop bouncing around.
Magallan Ehh?
Typhon Do you disagree? You act as if nothing happened.
Magallan Well, I guess that's true.
Typhon Oh right, Simone.
Santalla What is it?
Typhon I didn't have time to answer your question earlier. I'll do it now.
—I am scared.
Santalla ...Hmm.
Typhon But when I'm on the hunt, I have other things to think about.
Where to aim. The speed of the wind. Deducing where my prey will be. When my head is full of these thoughts, I have no time to be scared.
I know that I must overcome, again and again. My resolve will never be shaken.
But just now, when the ice shattered, if I'd been the one to fall through, then that too would be fate's plan.
Santalla So are you able to calmly confront the torments of fate... because Arges shared her visions with you?
Typhon No, she's never spoken of them.
Santalla Haha, that makes me feel better then. The tragic prophecies of a Cyclops should not befall a child like you.
Where's Gitano?
Magallan She left by herself.
I don't know where she plans to go, but she said she'll send word to Rhodes Island once she's made up her mind.
Santalla ...How unfortunate. There was something I wanted to tell her earlier.
But she should already understand by now.
Magallan Oh right! Even though I don't know exactly what's going on, I need to thank you all for resolving the crisis! Gitano too!
Typhon Wait, what did she do?
She was already exhausted by her Arts. And given the terror caused by the disaster, she wouldn't have been able to do anything rash.
Magallan Oh, she sent a request for help to the nearby tribes yesterday.
Just earlier, she told me something in secret... that she felt a vague sense of worry and guilt, so she wanted to ask for help.
—Hello there, Mister Snowpriest! Thank you and the other Treescar warriors for helping us today!
You're all lifesavers!
[Eikthyrnir appears.]
Santalla ......
Eikthyrnir Child of the Santalla tree, daughter born of the biting cold.
Santalla Please do not call me that.
Eikthyrnir You went after the Ursus.
Santalla ...So you can see everything.
Eikthyrnir How did it go?
Santalla ......
Eikthyrnir You once hesitated because you longed for the shade beneath the ancient branches, and failed to become a Snowpriest.
If you still wish to live as the old tree's steward, then I have no further questions for you.
Santalla My time is limited because of Oripathy.
Eikthyrnir That is no reason for you to lose sight of your goals.
You understand this well, daughter of the Santalla Tree.
You understand the futility of revenge better than anyone else. It is precisely because of that futility that it becomes a never-ending task, one that requires a constant search for new lives to fulfill it.
Santalla I... am just an outcast. Hardly worthy of your attention.
Eikthyrnir No one has forgotten the young shaman who was born to command the wind and snow.
Santalla Then I'm sure you're quite disappointed now that you've met her in person.
Hatred and stone alike took root within this body. She was robbed of an eye, and naturally became blind.
Eikthyrnir No.
She is a warrior, just as in the legends of the past.
Santalla ......
Eikthyrnir "Bjoda," "Andarsár."
The will of the All-Father has warned us. All that you see serves as a warning.
The mountains raised by Sami are not enough to protect us from the disaster. Our sole enemy encroaches on our land.
Even so, will you continue to wander the icefield, aimlessly seeking vengeance?
Santalla ......
Sorry... I need to go to Čappat with my companions.
<Background fades out and in>
Gitano Nobody's left.
One more snowstorm, and these fragile houses will disappear.
I only had time to see the ruined end. Is this fate showing mercy, or cruelty?
Brother, I now know what you saw when you turned back.
The wandering Elafia sits at the water's edge.
She leans down, wanting to cup the water to her face to wash away the dirty melted snow.
When she approaches the surface, shadows block the shimmering light, and she suddenly sees a wine flagon at the bottom of the water.
Gitano ......
She recognizes the aged flagon as well as the prayer inscribed on it.
"Bestow upon the Myrkwood sacred purity; O Travelers, retrieve your innocent sight, those eyes that discern fate."
"Bestow upon my home a lasting tranquility; My people, the dreamland is silent as falling snow."
Sleep now. For one day, we will finally be able to return to that peaceful dream.