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Expatriates Rewinding Breeze
RI Corridor
Arene needs a certificate from the workshop, but the only one there is the apprentice Adnachiel. Not wanting to waste the trip, Arene asks his fellow Sankta to inspect his weapon, and the two get into a discussion about their race.
<Background black>
Arene Weapon reliability certification?
What's that about?
You need me to take my weapon down to the workshop for inspection, and have the people there sign off on it?
Do we really have to go through all that just because I brought my own weapon...?
Can't you bend the rules a little bit, Professor? Just sign off for me.
You can't? We have procedures?
That's lame. Okay, okay. I'll head over there if you insist.
I only just got here. I don't want to get on Dr. Kal'tsit's bad side.
Arene I'll see you later, Professor.
[Arene leaves.]
<Background 1>
Rhodes Island Landship, Workshop No. 3, Morning
[Arene knocks the workshop's door and enters...]
Arene Anybody home?
[...as a Sankta with an offset halo greets Arene.]
??? Hello there. The workshop isn't open right now. All five of our craftsmen are involved in a weapon repair contest.
If you need anything, please come back after 3 o'clock.
Arene A weapon repair contest? They really have contests for everything, don't they?
How does it work? Do you break the weapons first and then repair them? Or is it about who polishes a shinier blade?
??? Sorry to disappoint, but it's just a contest where you repair weapons damaged out in the field.
But if you manage to make a weapon shiny enough to give it a deadly glint, I suppose you'd have a fair chance of winning.
...Hm? That doesn't sound like a bad idea. I'll give it a try next time.
Arene Ha, you weirdo. Well, have fun with that.
I don't want to have to come all the way down here again. The craftsmen may not be around, but you're here.
It's just some routine inspection anyway. No need to take it so seriously. How about it, friend? Give it a quick look-over and sign right here?
[Arene hands over a certificate to the workshop's Sankta attendant.]
??? Weapon reliability certification?
Arene That's right.
??? Your weapon needs to be inspected by two craftsmen before it can be approved.
And I'm technically still an intern assistant. I'm afraid signing my name there isn't going to do you much help.
Arene So it needs to be signed off by two people. Perfect. We've got two people right here, you and me.
I know my staff better than anyone else, and I know for certain there is nothing wrong with it. If nothing happens, no one is going to find out, and if no one finds out, then we don't have a problem. Am I right?
??? Oh, that's an interesting way to think about it.
I don't recommend underestimating the people here, though. Definitely not the strict ones.
If something does happen, there's going to be quite a ruckus. Even though they aren't here right now, all the craftsmen will face punishment. It'll be even worse for the two of us.
Arene Tsk, so inflexible.
??? It may be inflexible, but it's effective. There are people who don't maintain their weapons well.
Trust me. This is much easier than having to fix things on the fly out in the field.
Arene What kind of moron doesn't take care of his weapons?
Fine. In that case...
Take a look at my weapon.
You can at least do that for me, right? It'd really piss me off if I had to come all the way here for nothing.
??? Oh... sure. Just a moment.
Let me tighten this last screw... okay.
[The Sankta attendant works on Arene's weapon and returns once he's finished.]
??? Sorry to keep you waiting.
Hm... That look on your face tells me you are still planning something. It doesn't seem like you've quite given up yet.
Arene I'm not sure I understand.
Here you go. This is my staff.
??? Eh... Oh well.
Okay, I'll inspect it for you.
(Quietly) Just be careful with it, don't cause any accidents, and it should be fine, right...?
Arene I'm counting on you.
??? The inspection is going to take some time. Could you please wait here while I work on it?
You are free to look around, but try not to touch anything in the workshop. Some of the craftsmen here like to work on dangerous things...
You know what I mean, right? The ones they haven't finished yet are even more dangerous.
On top of that, we have a lot of ores here with Originium in them... You may be Infected, but you should still be careful.
Arene No need to worry about me. I'm not that adventurous.
...Wait a second.
Arene Now that's weird. Did I ever tell you I'm Infected?
??? No, you didn't. But it isn't hard to tell.
Arene Explain. Is it obvious?
??? Hmm... How can I put it?
I guess it's just by observation. There is quite a lot you can learn from someone's expressions, actions, and the logic in his behavior.
Arene It sounds kinda like you're pulling my leg.
??? I'm telling the truth.
??? Is this staff the only thing you need me to inspect? If there is anything else, I can take a look at those as well.
Arene Nope, that's it.
I don't have a gun, unfortunately.
??? What a coincidence. Me neither.
Arene ......
You're kind of weird. Intriguing.
??? Hm... thanks?
Arene That's not a compliment.
There aren't any problems with the staff. Just a quick glance should be enough.
??? I have to look it over thoroughly.
Hmm... the materials that went into this staff are top grade.
Is the thing hanging from your staff a Caster Source as well?
Arene Yes. But more importantly, and this is what I like about it, I can beat people up with it.
??? Good thinking. It must come in handy in close quarters combat.
Arene What's your name, craftsman?
Adnachiel Well, I'm not exactly a craftsman.
I'm Adnachiel, Reserve Op Team A4. I'm also an intern in this repair workshop.
What about you?
Arene Arene.
Adnachiel Your name really fits you.
[The Sankta attendant, now revealed to be Adnachiel, takes a look at Arene's staff.]
Adnachiel Hm... the main Arts Unit doesn't look like it has any damage to it, and the Caster Source hanging there doesn't have any apparent damage or cracks, either.
It looks like it's in pretty good shape.
Arene Hehe, what did I tell you?
Adnachiel Okay, moving on, could you activate your Originium Arts with your staff? I need to check its feedback during use and verify its performance.
Arene Just use my Arts here? My Arts are kind of wild.
Adnachiel Oh, could you describe what it's like?
Arene Disintegrative and toxic.
Adnachiel Wow, that does sound fairly dangerous.
In that case, why don't you put your staff in that transparent cabinet there? Then just put your hand in from the opening on the side and use your Arts.
That way, even if your Arts are as volatile as you said, we shouldn't have anything to worry about.
Sounds like a pan.
Arene Do I have to...?
Okay, fine.
[Arene does as Adnachiel instructs by placing his staff on the cabinet and putting his hand in the opening on it.]
Arene Will this do it?
Adnachiel Okay, that's good. I'll activate the machine.
Don't worry if you feel pressure in your arm. That's normal.
[Adnachiel activates the machine.]
Adnachiel Okay, we're ready!
You can use your Originium Arts now. No need to worry about hurting me.
Arene I won't.
(Uses Originium Arts)
[The test went smoothly.]
Adnachiel Alright, we're done here!
I'll take care of the rest. Just leave me your staff and take a break over there.
Arene Sure.
[Arene rests in a bench while Adnachiel wraps things up.]
Arene Most Sankta are care about guns and crossbows. You look like you're pretty familiar with staves too. Are all Sankta outside Laterano like this?
Adnachiel It's just the master craftsman I work with, Iron Hammer, is an expert in maintaining and forging staves. I also have some friends on my team who need their weapons looked after.
Arene He's an expert in staves, but his codename is Iron Hammer?
Adnachiel That's right.
The craftsmen here are all pretty laid-back with their names. It left me dumbfounded for the better part of the day when I first got here.
Look, their badges are all there.
You can take a look if you're interested.
Arene ......
Don't mind if I do.
Arene (Repair Workshop No. 3 - List of Personnel)
(Iron Hammer, Tincan, Rock, Wreck Shield, and Gunject...)
(That's more than being just laid-back...)
(This might be a good opportunity, though...)
Do they have to stencil their signatures on their badges?
Adnachiel Of course not.
That's just something they all did one time out of spite.
There was this one day they had an argument over craftsmanship, so they all competed against each other making their own badges using their respective trades.
After they cooled their heads, they all thought it was pretty fun, and agreed to wear the badges they made themselves in the workshop, and only use the standard issue ones outside.
Interesting, isn't it?
Arene Yeah... That's... very interesting.
Arene (Their signatures are all here. )
(It's all handwritten, too. )
(Perfect. This will save me a lot of work. I just need to get my hands on two of these...)
(Ha, perfect timing. )
[Arene uses his Arts to write his own signature.]
Arene (Stamp this here...)
(Done. These Originium Arts really come in handy. )
(Hm? This signature is in Lateran. )
Arene Hey, Adnachiel. Who's this guy?
Adnachiel Hm?
Oh, that's Gunject.
He's from Laterano, just like us.
He doesn't like to make anything gun-related, just swords.
Arene So he doesn't have a gun?
Adnachiel Oh, he has one, but he doesn't like guns, as a thing.
I heard he left his at home in Laterano, and he hasn't been back since.
"There's nothing but bullet casings in that place. Just the sight of it gives me a headache. "
That's what he said.
Arene I agree with him.
I have a feeling I'll get along with him pretty well.
Adnachiel Well, unfortunately, he got into a fight with his family over that. He can't even go home anymore.
Arene If he really hates guns so much, I can't imagine him having many fond memories of Laterano.
Does he still want to go back in spite of it all?
Is Laterano such a great place that it takes everyone down memory lane?
Adnachiel Now that you mention it, I never thought about it.
Arene So...?
What about you? Do you miss Laterano?
Adnachiel Hm... Hard to say.
I haven't lived there for a long time.
Because of my halo, you see.
After that, I contracted Oripathy, which means I really don't have a way to go back.
Arene Wait, so your halo doesn't float like that because of Oripathy?
Adnachiel Nope, I was born differently.
Arene That's... kind of sad.
Adnachiel When I was a kid, my parents always praised me and said that with a smile, so I've always thought of myself as pretty lucky.
I was born different than others. Doesn't that sound cool?
Oh, of course, it's just a joke.
Arene Don't be modest. You are very different from the other weirdos here. In a bad way.
Adnachiel Really? And here I thought I was pretty normal...
I'm not that different from other Sankta. In fact, I have a lot in common with them.
Arene Such as? What do you have in common with them?
Adnachiel Such as... let's see, like how I can't wear a hat?
Arene ......
Arene Hahahahahahaha!
Ahem, yeah, you're right. That's true.
Wearing a hat is like getting stuffed into an egg with no cracks. It's gross.
Other than the Notarial Hall people or the Apostolic Knights, with all their training, I don't think there are many Sankta who could stand to wear a hat. Maybe some weirdos who love to fight.
Adnachiel True.
In any case, maybe it's because of my halo, but I couldn't get my firearm qualifications, and my family moved out of Laterano shortly after that.
And I was Infected not long after.
Laterano doesn't permit Infected in its borders. I'm sure you haven't been back since your infection, am I correct?
Arene ...Yeah.
Adnachiel That's why... I don't feel particularly nostalgic about Laterano.
I don't remember a lot about my childhood there, either.
Adnachiel Oh, but I still remember the baker down the street, John!
He taught me how to make desserts, and he even put all his recipes in a book for me when I moved away!
Arene (Tsk... Here we go. The Sankta and their sweet tooth. )
Adnachiel I really wish I didn't lose that book in the move... *Sigh*
Arene (My parents got me a huge cake every year. They knew I couldn't finish it all, but they still left me home alone to deal with that block of sugary mess by myself.)
Adnachiel At the very least, my Warhead muffins are no less decadent than the muffins John used to make.
I can still remember the aroma of his dessert shop.
Arene (I remember that smell too. Every time I smell it, my throat starts to ache.)
Adnachiel ......
Oh, I see you don't like desserts.
I think you're the first Laterano I've met who doesn't.
Arene ...You can tell?
Adnachiel Yep.
I don't normally tell people I can see through them, since they don't like it much. Most times I just keep my mouth shut.
It doesn't seem like you mind, though.
Arene Yeah, it's fine.
I don't mind. Weirdos like you are more interesting than normal people.
Adnachiel I think you're much more of a weirdo for not liking desserts.
I'll try to make some that aren't as sweet. You'll have to give them a try.
I wonder if the old baker is doing well...
Maybe I should ask the Messengers at Logistics to help me out.
Arene ......
Arene I've come to understand one thing.
Adnachiel Hm?
Arene You're a Laterano Sankta through and through.
Arene Even though you don't have a gun, and your halo's tilted.
Adnachiel Hmm...
You're right.
Adnachiel I still have memories of that place, and it's just the city that I can't go back to, not my home. Your hometown is something you can always reach out for, no matter when or where.
There's travel, mail, messages, and photos that can move between the cities.
If we really want to reminisce about our home countries, there are a lot of convenient ways for us to do that.
??? You know, I get what you're saying.
But there's also people who like to revisit a place, to smell and touch it in person. Otherwise, they get homesick.
Well, not that I care.
[A female Sankta approaches Arene and Adnachiel.]
??? Just remember to gimme some of those desserts.
Adnachiel Hello, Ambriel.
Ambriel Hiyas.
Oh, heyas, new meat.
So what's your name, cutie?
Arene Arene.
Ambriel Hi there, Arene.
Adnachiel, you know the drill. Take care of my gun, okay?
Adnachiel You can just leave it over there. I'm still working on Arene's weapon.
Ambriel Sure—
Hm? What's that smell? It smells so good! It's unlike anything on the market...
Is one of you guys wearing perfume?
Arene If you like how I smell, come get all the sniffs you want.
Ambriel Hmm... think I'm gonna pass.
Something tells me that's not a good idea.
But if that smell can knock me out for the whole day, I'll think about it.
You know that guy with the poker face? He's trying to get me to "fulfill my obligations" again.
Instead of running away all the time, I'm thinking it makes hella more sense if I just pass out for the day.
Actually, those guys are so braindead, just a day probably isn't gonna be enough.
Argh, what a pain in the butt.
Arene The guy with the poker face... You mean the one from the Notarial Hall?
Ambriel Who else?
They haven't come for you yet? Like, to oversee your fulfillment of your obligations as a citizen and all that?
Arene They have.
But the last guy who kicked my door down while I was taking a nap is still running around, taking care of some business for me.
They may be trouble, but they also know how to take care of troubles.
If you figure out how to use them, they aren't so bad.
Ambriel Whoa, you sound like such a baddie. Nice.
Arene Should I say thanks?
Ambriel No thanks.
[Adnachiel returns.]
Adnachiel Arene, I'm finished inspecting your staff!
The casting circuits have corroded a little, but everything else is fine.
The tiny bit of corrosion isn't going to affect your Arts, but if you want me to do some maintenance work on it, I can take care of that right now.
When the craftsmen are here in the afternoon, you can come back and have them sign the certification.
(Quietly) Even if it looks like you don't need them to.
Here you go.
Arene Thanks.
Adnachiel Now let's take a look at Ambriel's rifle... Hmm.
Ambriel It's all yours.
[Adnachiel goes to work with Ambriel's rifle.]
Arene You don't work on the gun yourself?
Ambriel I do.
But that's such a pain sometimes. This is easier.
Arene Just wait for it to break.
Ambriel Well... I can't have that.
If I lose my gun, I lose my pay.
And if I lose my pay, I lose any chance to slack off.
I'm not that stupid.
Arene Hmm... You're more serious than I thought.
Ambriel If I didn't need my gun to get by, I wouldn't mind letting it gather dust in my closet.
Oh, I guess I could probably do that in Laterano, but if I actually left it to gather dust, I'd have some relative on my case the very next day.
That's why I gave up on that idea.
[Adnachiel finishes working with Ambriel's rifle.]
Adnachiel Ambriel, your rifle's fine.
Ambriel It didn't have any problems to begin with. I calibrated it just last week.
You just gotta put some oil on it and we should be good.
Adnachiel Alright...
[Adnachiel goes to work with Ambriel's rifle again.]
Arene Do you think keeping a gun around is a hassle at times like these?
Ambriel It's not bad.
I get by somehow.
Arene Just like when you ran all the way here from Laterano?
Ambriel Hm?
You don't hold back, do you? You'll never be popular with girls if you're that blunt up front, you know?
Arene My apologies, then. Were you offended?
Ambriel Not really.
You're right. It's more or less like that. I'm not very a good fit for that place.
Rather than having to defend the city and get yelled at about glory and honor all day, I'd rather make myself some money.
There's less to worry about, and life's a lot more comfortable.
What's not to like?
Arene It sounds like you don't have many fond memories of Laterano.
Ambriel If life's not bad, anywhere's fine.
It's not like there's a rule that Sankta have to live out their lives in Laterano anyway.
The world's a big place. Gotta see more of it.
[Adnachiel finishes working with Ambriel's rifle.]
Adnachiel Your rifle's ready, Ambriel!
Ambriel Thanks!
Yep, I couldn't make it prettier if I tried!
You two keep talking. I'll head back and chill. Laters.
Adnachiel See ya!
[Ambriel leaves.]
Arene ......
Adnachiel It's almost time for lunch. Is there anything else you need me to look at?
If not, I'll lock up and head out to eat.
Arene ?
Adnachiel Do you want to get lunch together?
Arene No, I already have plans with Executor. You know, from the Notarial Hall. It seems like he has something important to tell me.
Do you think he'd owe me one if I told him Ambriel stopped by here?
Adnachiel Uh? That's a joke, isn't it?
Arene It is.
Adnachiel You really joke around quite a lot.
I can tell you're kidding, but others might not be able to tell, so I suggest you be a little more careful with that.
Arene No need to worry about me.
Oh yeah, are you going to be around this afternoon?
Adnachiel Hm? Yeah. I will be back here after lunch.
Arene Alright.
Arene You know, your observation is on another level, but there's one thing you got wrong.
I'll be back this afternoon.
It sounds like this Gunject is a pretty interesting person. I wouldn't mind stopping by again just to meet him.
I'll see you again in the afternoon.
[Arene leaves the workshop.]
<Background black>
[Arene returns to the Doctor's side.]
Arene I'm back, Professor.
Of course. I went to the workshop.
Oh... I can't give you this, though.
You can tell? There's no one at the workshop, unfortunately. I copied their signatures. They didn't sign off on it.
*Sigh*... i thought I would turn this in and get it over with, but you saw right through it. Adnachiel was right. The Doctor is sharp.
Don't worry. I'll go there again in the afternoon. Give me another certification form. I'll get their real signatures after they finish with their competition.
Hm? I got more honest all of a sudden?
Haha, don't say that, Professor. Haven't I always followed your instructions?
Eh, come on, don't give me that look.
Why did I change my mind?
Arene I met a lot of interesting people, and it's not a bad idea to spend a little more time because of that.
How's that?
Is that a good reason?