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No Peace An Obscure Wanderer
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Laying low in Dzwonek, Szewczyk gets dragged into an explosion incident on his way to pick his son up from school.
<Background 1>
November 30th 8:00 P.M.
TV News The Leithanians had high praise for our city's prosperity, and the parties quick reached an agreement.
It is expected that regular trade will be established between Dzwonek and the Leithanian city of Graufield.
A Leithanien-inspired commercial district is also currently under construction on a new plate, the first phase of a project focusing on Leithanian art and music.
A spokesman for contractor Gale Industries touted the design of the new district, the brainchild of a world-famous architect, and promised that it will become a new landmark for Kazimierz.
The project is expected to be a massive boon for the city's tourism industry...
[Szewczyk is polishing his crossbow.]
Szewczyk (Oops, cut this one a little thin...)
Woman's Voice Honey?
Why don't you put that away? It's time to pick up our boy from school.
Szewczyk Can't he get home on his own?
Woman's Voice I know he says you're nosy, but he doesn't mean it.
Szewczyk Nosy, huh? He's got a noble knight picking him up personally, the ungrateful brat... He was having so much fun playing with those peasants.
Woman's Voice Just be patient, dear. You said it yourself: people will forget all about "Plastic" Szewczyk before long, and then we'll be safe.
TV News ...Next up, new Infected riots have been reported in the Old District. The National Council is currently investigating the incidents.
The police have acknowledged that Zeno Shelvin, the Infected ringleader who had previously turned himself in, has escaped custody. A number of officers have been suspended in connection with the escape.
A reward is being offered for information regarding...
Woman's Voice You heard the news, right? You should go soon.
We came all the way to Dzwonek, even living among the common folk, but it looks like trouble is never far away.
To think I used to be worried about you getting hurt in the arena, and now I'm worried about our little boy making it home from school.
Szewczyk You're overreacting. The press loves to exaggerate these things.
If they were a real threat, we wouldn't be hearing about public investigations from the National Council.
The only problem is the incompetent police who don't know how to track down the Infected without ID numbers. On their own, they're not much of a–
Of course, the Infected make a good excuse to sell people insurance and protective gear. Especially after what happened at the Major.
Woman's Voice Well... If it's so safe, why are you going out in full armor?
Szewczyk ......
Woman's Voice Alright, fine, then I won't worry, "Sir Knight."
<Background 2>
[A Leithanian nobleman is walking with a Dzwonek representative.]
Dzwonek Rep This statue marks the edge of the Central District.
The outer plates are old, and there isn't much to see there.
Leithanian Noble May I inquire as to the containers stacked up over there?
Dzwonek Rep Ah... that's just an abandoned district.
There used to be a cargo passage leading down to the lower levels. After it was closed, old containers from decommissioned trucks began to pile up.
–O-Of course, we're currently working hard at giving Dzwonek a face-lift. Abandoned districts like these are all slated to be rebuilt very soon, and you won't see any trace of them by the next time you're here.
Leithanian Noble Is that so? I rather like how the colorful containers come together to form part of the cityscape.
Dzwonek Rep Er, is that so? I-I suppose Leithanians do have an eye for art.
Leithanian Noble Heh, you flatter me.
It's getting rather late, though. I shan't keep you.
Dzwonek Rep It's no problem at all! It's been my pleasure to show you our city's nightscape.
But you also have the ribbon-cutting ceremony to attend tomorrow. Perhaps we should return to the hotel.
Incidentally, if you enjoy music, I also have a few best-selling albums from Dzwonek here. Would you like to have a listen to them in your room?
Leithanian Noble Ah, that's very kind of you, but I've already picked the pieces I wish to enjoy tonight. I hope I'm causing no offense?
Dzwonek Rep Er, no, of course not.
Then I will take my leave here. Good night, and we will be back to pick you up tomorrow.
[The rep leaves as the nobleman's bodyguard shows up.]
Bodyguard I've asked around, sir.
But are you really sure you want to go at this hour?
Leithanian Noble Are we being watched?
Bodyguard Not right now, as far as I can tell.
Leithanian Noble Then let's. I'd prefer to end this trip on a high note.
<Background 3>
[A wounded Infected knight is arguing with a stowaway.]
Rowdy Stowaway How do you feel?
Injured Infected Knight How do you think I feel? Does my leg look like it's getting better?
Rowdy Stowaway This was from a legit pharmacy, and it cost a pretty penny. It's not working?
Injured Infected Knight Wouldn't be the first time stuff from legit sources didn't work.
Rowdy Stowaway What happens to the plan if you can't walk?
Injured Infected Knight Shh...
Someone's coming.
[Młynar walks in.]
Młynar ......
Rowdy Stowaway Ahem. Er, may I help you, sir?
We have nothing to do with any attacks, and we don't know that man you're with.
The cops have been here a few times already. Everyone checked out clean.
Młynar ...I'm looking for the Weaver.
Rowdy Stowaway Oh, you're friends with them? Didn't look like it.
Go around behind that dark-red container. You'll find an empty tailor shop with a hidden door in the back, leading to a long alley. Ask around when you reach their warehouse.
Not even a word of thanks?
Injured Infected Knight What'd you expect from a noble?
Back to the plan. You got word from the boss?
Rowdy Stowaway Yeah, it's urgent, and it's happening tonight. Getting cold feet?
Injured Infected Knight A little, but it's like fighting gloompincers–there's no turning back.
...It'll be worth it even if just to make the people in high places sweat a little.
<Background 2>
[Two corporate employees are having a chat.]
Serious Corporate Employee I heard they're finally cleaning up that junk across the street, and expanding the commercial district towards the east.
Tired Corporate Employee Finally.
Serious Corporate Employee Yeah, they should've blown it up ages ago. We've got kids from nearby schools playing hide-and-seek in it, and that's an accident waiting to happen.
Who knows how filthy it is in all those containers and shacks? Homeless, Infected...
Seriously, why do they even want to live in slums like that? Life would be so much better if they left for one of the villages in the barrenlands.
The light's green. Let's go–
A loud noise, and the grey skies of the abandoned district are lit up by flames.
Serious Corporate Employee Wh-What was that? Something exploded?
[The corporate employee runs, but Szewczyk is in the way.]
Serious Corporate Employee Why are you just standing there like that? Get out of the way!
Szewczyk ...Did I hear you say that kids from nearby schools play in the abandoned district?
<Background 4>
[The Leithanian nobleman and his bodyguard was caught in the explosion earlier, but survives although separated by rubble.]
Leithanian Noble *cough* *cough*... Aloisia!
Bodyguard Are you okay, sir?
I'm sorry, I didn't realize...
Leithanian Noble Don't blame yourself. I'm not hurt, and I was the one who insisted on coming to the slums.
But it looks like there's a wall of rubble between us.
Bodyguard I'll find another path and meet up with you, sir.
The explosion was rather near our position, however.
Please be careful, as this could potentially be a targeted attack.
Leithanian Noble ...Alright, I'll wait here.
I hear voices...
Sobbing Child It hurts... ow...
Anxious Child Come on, get this sheet of metal off him! He's bleeding!
Nervous Child I'm trying, I'm trying... it's so dark, I can't see...
What if I make a mistake and open up the wound...
Leithanian Noble (Even if people are watching... I should be able to use Originium Arts to move some of the stones and metal for them without drawing attention.)
(Was this really targeted at me though? My visit to the abandoned district wasn't on the itinerary.)
(And Aloisia would have noticed if someone was tailing me.)
Sobbing Child It's dark... I wanna go home...
You're not gonna leave me, right...?
Nervous Child ......
Anxious Child Hold on, let's grab a rock... Hey, is someone coming?
Leithanian Noble (A businessman? Government official?)
(No, it's the man I encountered beneath the statue yesterday... with an Infected by his side.)
(He's deeply prejudiced against Leithanien, and the Infected with him doesn't exactly seem like the amicable sort. I should stay out of sight.)}}
[Młynar walks toward the children.]
Młynar ...Did you see an Infected with a white scar on his arm?
Nervous Child (Shakes head)
Anxious Child I don't care who you are, we're not scared of you...
Młynar ...What's going on here?
Nervous Child C-Could you help get our friend out? His leg got caught on a sharp piece of metal, and it bleeds if he tries to move.
Młynar ......
[Młynar notices the nobleman.]
Leithanian Noble (Did he just glance at me?)
Zeno If only I had my tools... If this was one of our workers, we'd have just dragged him out.
Młynar ...I don't have any better ideas.
[Młynar breaks the rubble pinning one of the children.]
Sobbing Child Waaaaaaahhhhh!
Nervous Child I-It's bleeding... the wound looks scary...
Anxious Child Don't cry, I'll tie it up with some clothes.
And don't worry, my dad used to get hurt all the time. He says a couple of days is all it takes to get better.
[Młynar takes a look at the child.]
Młynar ...Just a flesh wound.
Get it treated at a hospital.
Nervous Child Alright... come on, take my shoulder.
[The children leaves.]
Młynar ......
How long do you plan on watching from there?
<Background 3>
[Szewczyk runs through the district.]
Szewczyk This abandoned district is even worse than the Infected district in the Grand Knight Territory... When I catch that brat, he's getting a stern lesson on where is and is not appropriate for a noble to visit.
...Dammit, where did he go?
Hey, did you see any kids playing around here?
Panicked Refugee Whose kid? It's such a big place, I can't possibly remember the face of every kid...
Szewczyk Then cut the crap.
Why are you trying to run? There's nowhere else for you people to go in this city anyway.
Look, I'll pay you to go back and rescue any children you see.
And if you run into anyone else, you can tell them too. That I'll pay for each child that they bring back to me.
Panicked Refugee Wh-Who are you? This isn't some kind of sick joke, is it?
Szewczyk Here's the cash. You can choose whether you want it or not.
Panicked Refugee T-This is...?! Yes, sir, whatever you say, sir!
[The refugee leaves.]
??? Sending people into a fire, eh? Must be nice having money to burn.
[A sinister-looking refugee reveals himself.]
Sinister Refugee Mr. "Plastic" Szewczyk.
Szewczyk I have no idea what you're talking about.
Sinister Refugee Don't worry, I know a lot of things, and you're not one of the important ones.
Szewczyk If you're not here to help, then don't waste my time.
Sinister Refugee Let me put it this way... obsolete goods like you are worth less than nothing. It takes a bigger target to start this fire.
Szewczyk What do you mean? Who caused the explosion?
Who dares harm my son?
Sinister Refugee No need to shout, you don't scare me.
But I do enjoy watching rich folks like you flee for your lives, losing whatever you hold dearest.
Szewczyk If you think you can get under my nerves with this crap, then you're wasting your time and mine.
Sinister Refugee Look. That billboard is about to fall.
How many evacuees will it kill, and will your son be among them? Wanna bet?
An arrow whistles past him before he can finish his sentence.
Szewczyk Tch.
Zero, and no.
The billboard is now pinned to a wall by the arrow.
Sinister Refugee ......
Szewczyk Now, let's talk business.
I could use a guide who knows the lay of the land here.
Sinister Refugee You want to go in yourself?
Szewczyk I'm finding my son and getting him out of here. Now get moving, unless you'd like to be pinned to a wall too?
<Background 4>
Leithanian Noble I must warn you that any threat made upon my life will result in a diplomatic incident between Kazimierz and Leithanien.
Młynar Diplomatic incident? You'd better explain why you're here, first. Since when were our slums considered a tourist attraction?
I don't recall threatening you either. All I did was tell you to come with us.
Leithanian Noble You're hostile towards me... towards Leithanien.
Młynar Do you really think your deceitful words and suspicious activities truly represent all of Leithanien?
Leithanian Noble ......
Perhaps we've misunderstood each other. Someone else is responsible for the explosion.
But I will not let my guard down against you. My hand is on my wand.
Młynar Suit yourself.
Zeno S-Sir, someone's calling for help over there. Can you hear it?
Should we help or... well, actually, I was wondering, aren't you afraid of being arrested for being with me like this?
Młynar There's no reason for them to do that.
Zeno And you're not worried about getting infected?
Młynar ...Let's go.
Leithanian Noble If you here to help these people, I'm more than willing to demonstrate my good faith.
Młynar Of standing around and doing nothing?
Leithanian Noble ...I regret not using my Originium Arts to aid the child, out of concern for my own safety.
Młynar Visitor from Leithanien... why did you come here?
Leithanian Noble ...Please don't doubt my good faith.
To be honest, I came here because I envy the cities of Kazimierz.
Młynar ...The modern Kazimierz?
Leithanian Noble Yes, where nobles, entrepreneurs, and commoners can all walk on the same street without anyone having to give way to one another.
Where the goods in the shops are made for everyone, whether they can use Originium Arts or not, whether they appreciate music or not.
Here, people can pursue any lifestyle they want, as long as they have money, and there is plenty of opportunity for that.
I only wish the people in my fief had the same energy, and that more of them could live better lives...
Młynar Opportunity? A better life? Don't tell me someone of your position and experience could be blinded by superficial appearances?
Leithanian Noble Of course I understand that I'm only being shown the best side. I've seen more than enough gold and jewels in the brief time that I've been here.
Which is exactly why I wanted to come to where the poor live, to see the people whom your rules have cast aside.
Thus, I will learn from them and improve upon the system.
Młynar ......
Faint Cry for Help No, I don't want to die! I can't walk yet... please...
[An explosion is heard.]
Leithanian Noble A secondary explosion...
It must be due to the high temperatures.
Zeno It's dangerous here... Are we really going to look for the person you mentioned? What if they've already fled?
I can't have you getting hurt helping me.
Młynar ...I have my own business here.
If you truly are acting in good faith, Leithanian, you will open a path here.
There may yet be hope, if we head there immediately.
<Background fades out and in>
[Młynar and the nobleman walks to a broken door blocking the one calling for help earlier.]
Leithanian Noble The voice came from behind the wall.
The door's warped... I'll try to clear a way with my Arts.
...It'll take some time though.
Młynar Go ahead. If I'd meant to harm you, I would've done so by now.
Leithanian Noble Very well...
*cough*... The fire's spreading.
[The nobleman channels his Arts.]
Leithanian Noble I was caught in a fire once, many years ago.
Someone tried to set the count's tower ablaze, the day the Witch King's light faded from Leithanien.
The arsonist was never found. Perhaps many who had been slaves to fear threw kindling upon the flames all at once, the moment they could breathe again.
The fire itself didn't cause too much damage. My father's casters quickly brought it under control.
Treasures could be replaced, as could servants.
But I couldn't help but think... that the fact that I continue to live in comfort and luxury is perhaps the reason they lit that fire.
And what of you? Why do you stand in the flames with no fear on your face? Even if you deny it, you look like one who has seen the burning fires of war up close.
Młynar ......
[The nobleman finishes.]
Leithanian Noble –Done.
The voice becomes increasingly discernable as the dust clears.
The faint light of Originium Arts illuminates a room that looks like it has been turned over. Furniture is scattered across the ground, and any signs of life are long gone from the body buried beneath the rubble.
The only sound comes from a radio on the ground.
Radio Here are the assignments for squads around Dzwonek for the new equipment test.
Intel obtained from the captured Leithanian spy indicates that Leithanien has developed multiple Arts Units designed to penetrate Kazimierz knight armor.
In preparation for the war with Leithanien–
A hand snatches up the radio and smashes it on the ground.
The Leithanian noble grows pale as he processes what he just heard.
Dzwonek, an important military outpost, still has "the bones of sentry towers and turrets hidden in the corners."
This was what he told the Kazimierz knight standing before him, the day before.
The great steel eye remains focused on Leithanien, on him.
Leithanian Noble I... I didn't hear anything...
I don't know...
His eyes land on the caster rapidly approaching his counterpart from behind.
Leithanian Noble Aloisia! Kill him!
Bodyguard Yes, sir.
<Background 3>
[While searching through the burning district...]
Sinister Refugee We'll be trapped by the fire if you don't turn back.
You've rescued everyone who could be rescued along the way. Doesn't look like anyone else is breathing down here.
Neither of us found what we were looking for, but... one less piece of intel doesn't make a huge difference.
As for you, I'm sure you have dozens of sons waiting for you on the main street by now.
[Sounds of fighting are heard nearby.]
Szewczyk Someone's fighting? Here?
<Background 4>
[Zeno tries to take the wand off the nobleman, and succeeded after a brief struggle.]
Leithanian Noble Let go of my wand, Infected!
Zeno No.
You'd better be prepared to get Infected blood on you, if you want to harm my savior.
Młynar ...Out of the way, Zeno.
Zeno Huh?
An arrow whistles past the young Infected's cheek, just as he is pushed away.
Szewczyk Blasted Infected! I remember your face! You're the culprit behind the riots!
[Szewczyk fires at Zeno, but Młynar deflected them.]
Szewczyk And you, Młynar Nearl! I knew someone was backing them.
Młynar Who are you to question House Nearl–
[Szewczyk fires at Młynar, but misses.]
Szewczyk Why are you dragging us into trouble, this far away from the Grand Knight Territory?
Młynar ......
Leithanian Noble Let's go, Aloisia!
[The nobleman and his bodyguard ran away.]
Młynar ...You let the Leithanians get away.
[Szewczyk reloads his crossbow.]
Szewczyk Answer me! What are you planning? Where's my son?
Młynar Enough. Do you really believe everything the press reports? Don't tell me you're still as foolish as the day you first lost in that ridiculous competition, and drowned yourself in wine.
Szewczyk You–
Młynar ...I saw a boy with purple hair.
If he has the slightest sense of responsibility, he'll have accompanied his friend to the hospital.
Szewczyk ......
Alright, I'll believe you for now.
But there will be hell to pay if he's not there.
Młynar And you, Weaver.
Sinister Refugee Oh, you're...
You're looking for them?
Młynar We want to talk to the bounty hunters. Now.
<Background 2>
[The Leithanian nobleman and his bodyguard made it out of the district.]
Leithanian Noble This should be far enough... He didn't come after us. He must have been delayed.
How are your injuries, Aloisia?
Bodyguard Just a scratch I took on the counter.
Leithanian Noble You won't be doing anything so dangerous when we're back in Leithanien. You'll have plenty of time to recover.
Bodyguard Yes, sir. I apologize.
Leithanian Noble Anybody watching us?
Bodyguard No, sir.
The reporters at the exit to the street are busy interviewing someone. They won't be paying attention.
Leithanian Noble Then let's go.
We must leave Kazimierz, now.
Bodyguard What about tomorrow's ceremony?
Leithanian Noble ...It's a shame.
<Background 5>
[Many paparrazzi are trying to question Szewczyk.]
Excited Reporter You saved the lives of 22 children! What is your name and occupation? Are you an experienced rescuer?
How many of the children do you know? What made you decide to help so many people whom you've never met?
Sentimental Reporter Where did you find them? We saw an injured child being sent to the hospital. What did you feel as you rescued him?
Szewczyk Out of the way, out of the way.
I need to find my son.
Curious Reporter Your outfit is similar to the so-called "Plastic Knight," who hasn't been seen for a while. Are you a fan of his? Did he inspire you to this valorous deed?
Szewczyk ......
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 6>
Independent Knight Szewczyk Plastic armor's good enough. I'm an archer, and I don't let the opponent get near me.
It may have been fun and games, but it's also true that nobody's come close to matching me.
And think about it: there will be no ads printed on this armor.
When I'm interviewed as the winner, I'll let the world know that I made it myself.
It'll be a slap in the face for those big companies, for taking away our livelihoods with inferior mass-produced goods.
Don't cry, I'll be fine. I'll yield if things aren't looking good, and I'll be back with you safe and sound.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 5>
Szewczyk ...It's too late for an interview.
Like I said, I'm picking up my son.
<Background 6>
Campaign Knight One informant was 'unfortunately' lost in the accident, just as planned. No other casualties.
Target has returned to his hotel, accompanied by his bodyguard.
Czcibor That's unfortunate. It would have given us an edge at the negotiation table if he'd gone off on his own and gotten into an accident at the abandoned district.
But impromptu plans rarely go smoothly.
What about Nearl?
Campaign Knight Unknown.
Czcibor ...He must have left with someone familiar with the secret passages.
Campaign Knight Also, a letter just arrived.
Czcibor At this hour?
Campaign Knight Yes, sir. For your eyes only.
[Czcibor opens and reads the letter.]
Czcibor From the bounty hunters... alright, back to your station.
[The campaign knight leaves.]
Czcibor You know I keep my promises, Toland.
A certain someone says he recently dreamt of us? Come on, you must be so worried that you can't sleep.
I know what you're planning, Czcibor, and I suggest you think twice.
You were always the calmest and most rational of us.
I didn't use force or cause any trouble. All that happened is that someone sent us records of Gale Industries and your knightclub working with each other.
Czcibor ......
Ha. As if there were another way.
<Background 1>
TV News A man who did not wish to be named rescued more than 20 children from the fire in the abandoned district.
Although he declined to talk about his experience and avoided cameras, witnesses report that his cloak was covered in ashes.
Loud Boy You were really cool, Dad.
Szewczyk Ha. Now you think so?
Loud Boy I want to be a knight too.
Szewczyk No.
Loud Boy Why not?
I want to be able to save people, just like you.
Szewczyk That's not how it happened.
Loud Boy You always spend the whole day at home working on this stuff. Why not make me a suit of plastic armor too?
Mom said we didn't use to have so much money. You used to make your own equipment because you had no sponsors.
Szewczyk She told you all that?
Never mind. Starting tomorrow, you don't need to go to school. In fact, you're not allowed to go out at all until I say it's okay.
Loud Boy Huh? But I need to visit my friend at the hospital.
Szewczyk No. Haven't you learned your lesson? Do you want to sleep in a hospital bed too?
Loud Boy I'm not scared! Knights aren't scared of things like that!
Szewczyk Like I said... forget about becoming a knight. Knights can't protect people like you think.
The bigger the dream, the bigger the disappointment.
Now get to bed.