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This article is about the interlude in Rewinding Breeze. For the interlude in The Black Forest Wills A Dream, see Homecoming (FD).
Homecoming Rewinding Breeze
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Village Headman
Mischievous Kid
Scrawny Kid
RI Command Center
Cave Entrance
Surtr and Meteorite arrive at the site of their mission, a remote mining community called Bellony Village.
In addition to their mission for Rhodes Island, Surtr is also searching for leads on her past.
<Background 1>
7:10 AM \ Clear
Kazdel exurbs
<Background 2>
[Surtr arrives at the Bellony Village...]
Surtr This is the mission location?
[...and joined by Meteorite shortly after.]
Meteorite Judging by the image, this should be the place. The nomadic hamlet Bellony Village.
Though I think you could just call the entire village an oversized minecart instead.
It's a mining town that carries around its own Originium-powered drills to keep itself going. The people bring in some revenue just selling the excess resources to nearby cities.
If they find any big ruins, they even ask the larger nomadic cities to front the excavation costs.
Surtr Maybe, but this place still looks pretty rough.
There is dust everywhere and the fences are all run-down. There are obvious signs of habitation, but no one cares to do maintenance?
I don't see anything worth investigating.
Meteorite Most of Terra isn't very interesting, but the people living in these uninteresting places still have their own unique lifestyles.
[Two children runs into Surtr and Meteorite.]
Scrawny Kid Wait, give that back!
Mischievous Kid What?! You said you'd share your ice cream!
Scrawny Kid Stop running! You're gonna squish it before we get home!
Idiot, give that back!
Mischievous Kid No way! I'm faster than you anyway. I'll be the one to bring it back to Dad!
Scrawny Kid Wait up!
[The children runs away.]
Meteorite There are many who struggle to survive in such terrible environments, but that doesn't mean they're unhappy.
Surtr They chase after one another for a mere ice-cream without regard to the commotion they are causing. To think they will be the same when they grow up...
You call this happiness?
Meteorite Are you angry?
Surtr Why would some inconsiderate kids running around, kicking up dust anger me?
Meteorite (She's totally angry. )
[A Kuranta villager approaches Surtr and Meteorite.]
Village Headman Sorry. Are you the operators from Rhodes Island?
Real sorry to keep you waiting.
Meteorite Yes, we are. Nice to meet you, are you the local liaison?
Village Headman Ah, yeah, that's right. I'm the leader of Bellony Village. Come with me. No need to stand around out here, let's go in. This way.
Meteorite Thank you.
<Background 3>
Before the mission
Rhodes Island Command Center
Kal'tsit Bellony Village is a typical mining community located at the edge of Kazdel. A cave-in a few months ago completely sealed off the mines.
Not only were the mines ruined, the village's travel route and trading channels were also blocked.
For the past few months, the village has been requesting aid from nearby nomadic cities, but there has not yet been any city willing to help.
Meteorite, I would like you to carry out preliminary investigations and report on the situation.
We will organize a rescue mission based on that report.
Meteorite Understood. This doesn't sound like a particularly tough mission.
Kal'tsit The village's problems don't appear to be related to Catastrophes or Oripathy, but don't let your guard down.
Meteorite Roger that. But...
Surtr ......
Meteorite Is Surtr going too? I don't think I'll need much help.
Surtr There is something I want to investigate in that area.
Kal'tsit Surtr asked to go along for personal reasons. We've approved her request.
Surtr I won't be a burden to you, just pay me no mind.
Meteorite ......
<Background 2>
Village Headman We're a small village. Just wait here for a moment, I'll go and grab some tools first.
Meteorite Oh, we have some basic prospecting tools with us.
Village Headman No good, the mine entrance at the edge of the village has been sealed off with our own special tools.
Without these unlocking tools, it can't be opened. Our village is pretty good at excavation, if I do say so myself.
Surtr Even with all that experience, you still got yourselves stuck here.
Village Headman Hahaha, that's true.
Meteorite Aah! Please forgive her, she doesn't mean it. Hey, don't be rude!
Village Headman No, we are really ashamed that for all our experience excavating, we still couldn't stop a major cave-in.
Part of the drill sunk into the collapsed area, so it's not safe to send anyone else over there.
Even with Rhodes Island's help, we're going to put some new precautions in place.
Village Headman Just rest here a minute, I'll get the stuff.
Meteorite Alright, please do.
[The village headman leaves to get the tools.]
Meteorite ......
Surtr ......
Meteorite You know, you could stand to be a little more polite.
Surtr I'm just stating facts.
Meteorite Ah... Err...
(This is so awkward. )
(I've heard Surtr is tough to get along with, but I thought we'd at least have something to talk about. )
Surtr ......(Recording)
Meteorite Are you taking notes for a status report?
Surtr No.
Meteorite So...?
Surtr ......
Meteorite ............
Surtr You don't know? I thought my file was public.
Meteorite I did read it, but...
Surtr. The file mentioned her.
Due to a memory impairment of unknown origins, she has difficulty reconciling her memories.
It is as if there is a large volume of memories existing simultaneously in her mind. The volume is such that Surtr is unable to properly recognize which of her memories are real and which are false.
And so she has been seeking out the places in her memories one by one.
Meteorite The "personal reasons” Dr. Kal'tsit mentioned are some places around here you remember?
Surtr When Dr. Kal'tsit was telling me about this area, I felt a sense of familiarity.
And I felt some deja vu when looking at photographs and records.
Meteorite Now that you're here at the village, do you recall anything?
Surtr Nothing at all. When walking through the village, I saw the passing children and the run-down houses. They are similar to the images in my memory, yet completely different.
I do not know why.
Meteorite Have you checked every spot in the village?
Surtr At a quick glance, I haven't missed anything.
Meteorite How about we ask the villagers later? Maybe the village you remember is from a while ago? It could've been rebuilt.
Surtr ...Perhaps.
<Background fades out>
The smell of dried plants in the air is no different from my memories.
When I close my eyes, it is as if I am on familiar streets.
The footsteps of children running by are like the sounds of friends chasing one another in my memories.
<Background fades in>
Yet when I open my eyes, I see nothing but an unfamiliar landscape.
Meteorite Dr. Kal'tsit sent me on this mission, so let me help you investigate.
We'll look for clues in the village together after we're done with the mine collapse thing.
Surtr No need, I can handle it myself.
Meteorite ......
Surtr ......
Meteorite ...I understand how it feels to have no past, or a place to call home.
Surtr ......
Meteorite As Sarkaz, without a Sarkaz home, I'm always fighting, together with the others, pressing on.
Surtr My situation is different.
Meteorite Maybe it's different, maybe it's the same?
Maybe we're all just looking for a place to belong in the end.
But, as you look towards the unknown future, you can't ignore what's right beside you.
That's what Amiya taught me.
Surtr ......
Village Headman Sorry for the wait, let's set out now!
I'm all ready!
Meteorite Anyway, let's complete our mission first.
<Background 4>
[Surtr, Meteorite, and the village headman arrives at the entrance of a cave.]
Meteorite So this is it...
Village Headman Yep, this is the cave-in. Watch your step.
The excavation site is over there. The cave-in caused the surrounding area to sink downwards, so this entire area had to be sealed off.
This cave used to be the entrance to a tunnel that connects to the neighboring village. Now that it's sealed, we can't trade with our neighbors.
Surtr ......!
Meteorite Surtr?
Surtr I think I remember this path.
Meteorite Sir, what's the relationship between this village and the neighboring one?
Village Headman It's a mining village just like ours. Since the nearby villages are all in the same business, we deal with each other a lot.
Some villagers even move back and forth between the communities.
But the cave-in blocked off our only means of communication. They've probably already moved on to keep mining.
The course of this path, the direction...
It's getting more familiar.
I used to pass through this place often.
The familiar figures of children run past me and disappear among the piles of rocks up ahead.
Village Headman You want to go to another village?
If we got the path open, we could contact them pretty quickly.
Meteorite That would be great... Surtr?
Surtr I'm not willing to wait that long.
Meteorite Huh?
Village Headman What?
Surtr Move aside!
[Surtr breaks through the caved-in entrance using her Arts.]
Meteorite Surtr, wait! I know you're eager for answers, but the mine isn't safe right now!
Think for a minute before you put yourself in danger!
Surtr Meteorite, just wait for me outside and guard the entrance!
Village Headman The girl! She actually smashed through the rubble and rushed in!?
Meteorite Hey, wait!
Village Headman Stop! Don't you go in there too!
You're risking another cave-in!
Meteorite Damn it!! Surtr!
<Background 5>
[Surtr heads deeper to the cave.]
Deep within the mine, the traces of heavy machinery are obvious.
The path snakes ahead, as if guiding Surtr forward.
Surtr So this is the path to that other village.
[A horde of Originium Slugs attack Surtr, but she effortlessly fend them off.]
Surtr It's just an Originium Slug nest now.
It looks like they took over the empty space in the past few months.
[Surtr finishes off the last of the Originium Slugs.]
Surtr Hm...
<Background fades out>
Children holding hands walk along the path.
Passing by the countless traces of Originium Slugs.
Disappearing into the darkness ahead.
<Background fades in>
Surtr Huh?
[Suddenly the mine collapses.]
<Background 4>
Meteorite An explosion!
Village Headman Another cave-in!?
That girl is in danger! What do we do!?
<Background black>
The streets in my memories were filled with the rich aroma of the earth, not the scent of dried plants.
The companions in my memories would not chase after one another, ice-cream in hand.
The buildings looked the same, yet were completely different.
It was not just minor differences in the design. Even the materials and structures were completely different.
<Background 5>
Surtr Ah, I'm hurt. Ouch. My palm's scratched.
Never thought there would be a day I got distracted enough to get ambushed by Originium Slugs.
This... this is...
There's another empty space beneath the mining pit?
(Rustle rustle). It's the sound of Originium Slugs.
(Rustle rustle).
(Rustle rustle).
Surtr The ruins of a city in a giant cavern...?
Surtr enters the cavern deep beneath the earth.
Beside the glow of Originium Slugs, she can trace the outlines of buildings among the piles of stone and rubble.
Tiles of a road, bricks of a wall.
It is very clear that the entire place has been buried for a very long time.
Dozens of years? Hundreds of years?
Surtr does not know either. Yet, she has found that which she is looking for.
<Background 4>
Meteorite Here!
[An explosion occurs nearby...]
Meteorite !!
[...to reveal Surtr, who breached through the surface.]
Surtr Ah, thanks for pinpointing the location. I was able to break the rock layer at the correct spot.
Meteorite What were you thinking?! Why would you rush into such a dangerous place all by yourself?!
Surtr I was doing a little thing called "investigating".
Incidentally, I discovered the cause of the cave-ins. There was a nest of Originium Slugs below the mine, inside a giant cavern.
The mining put more pressure on the bottom, so the whole thing just collapsed.
I destroyed the Originium Slug nest and used the cave-in to seal up the entire cavern. Done.
Surtr Though we skipped over the standard procedures, the issue was resolved.
Village Headman What!
Meteorite Huh?
<Background 2>
Meteorite So, you solved the whole problem by yourself, but you didn't find the path to the neighboring village?
Surtr Right, I realized that neither village was the one in my memory.
I made a mistake. There aren't any memories I'm looking for here.
Meteorite You'd mess up something you recorded so diligently all this while?
Surtr I suppose I would.
Meteorite I've seen something like this before.
You run into all sorts of problems on the way to your goal.
It's thanks to the people beside me that I've made it this far.
Surtr I'm used to it.
After all, this isn't the first time there was a discrepancy in the places I remember.
Meteorite But even if you didn't find the right place today, you still have a place to call home, right?
Surtr Are you trying to say I can rely on you too?
Meteorite Um, I guess you could put it that way...
Village Headman Ladies! I've notified the others in the village!
The exploration team is getting ready! It sounds like you've taken care of things and we can get back to mining.
Meteorite Please wait for us to bring our data back to Rhodes Island before you go back in there.
We wouldn't want any more accidents.
Village Headman Hahaha, that's fine. Everyone's too excited. I really have to thank you both.
If you don't mind, why don't you spend the night in the village?
You'll be our guests of honor!
Meteorite Well...
Surtr We have to hurry back, so I'm afraid we'll pass.
Could I have an ice-cream?

In this event, Surtr speaks 442 words (2391 characters), which puts her as the 6-star Operator with the least amount of lore.