We will all Go Together

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We will all Go Together A Light Spark in Darkness
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Skyfire attends an event in place of a councilor, but gets caught in a kidnapping. Realizing there's a plot driving the enemy, she casts to put a stop to it.
<Background 1>
November 23rd, 1097, 8:45 P.M.
[Skyfire walks into the ballroom amidst a party.]
Skyfire Huff, I'm worn to the bone...
Who do these people think they are, and where do all their funny ideas come from? What in the world goes on in their heads?
Those councilors are nothing but—
Nothing but—idiots!!
[Kazemaru the kunoichi, then known as Kite the Recorder, walks into Skyfire's side.]
Kite the Recorder Pff.
Skyfire I'm so sorry you have to sit there noting everything they said. You must feel like a stack of broken records...
Their proposals aren't even for the sake of the Infected. How much speaking between the lines can an institution with the final say on Infected capacity do? Are they under the impression no one has a clue what they're up to?
Whatever institution gets to call the shots, whatever standards they allot work by once their shots are called, whatever work unit gets priority for taking on Infected employees... Of course I know what's going on, it's all a game of interests.
They haven't discussed the reality for the Infected, but they don't wrestle over what benefits who either, so what is the SENSE in them prattling on and on in circles?
Kite the Recorder The councilors are all noble-sorts. Whether or not they'd give Infected reality any thought, they don't and won't argue about slicing the cake in open view.
Skyfire They haven't hashed out a single thing since this meeting started! Each of them has been saying Infected on loop, but they've made ZERO progress!
Everyone's denying everyone else's motions, but nobody's even pulled out a single useful solution. What ARE they producing all these proposals for?
Kite the Recorder That's their form of contact-free war, Skyfire. Victorian city councils all go through this rigmarole before the allocation of interests they actually mean ever gets carried out.
Skyfire And then that Councilor Janeway—
Saying he's doing it to help the Infected make more money, have more freedom of choice, live a better quality of life. Oh, he makes himself sound SO charitable.
Kite the Recorder "If we place no restrictions on the Infected's work hours, then they'll be free to choose their own, and that's more money in their bank."
Skyfire Your imitation's startling.
...That smarmy hypocrite tone of his really makes my stomach churn!
He knows full well just how scant Infected pay can be, and the bulk of it doesn't even land in their own pockets. And he still acts like he's been pouring his heart out for... drgh.
Kite the Recorder He did suggest a plan of action—reconstruct the Infected neighborhood directly into a factory so all the people have work, assigned living quarters, and can provide for themselves. It's a patch on most countries' policies, you can't even argue that.
Skyfire Keh!
They're all too arrogant here.
Kite the Recorder Hm? Something else up?
Skyfire Like those lords opposed to any new policy for the Infected...
Saying they want all the foreign Infected out, no matter how long they've been here, if they've settled down, if they've already adapted to life here...
All their proposals are just about driving these people out. And then what? You want those Infected refugees running out their time in the wastelands?
Have they thought for one second about where these people at the end of their rope are going to go?
Kite the Recorder Pff.
*Sigh* That's a council for you.
Skyfire Excuse me...?
Kite the Recorder That's a council for you.
If anyone here was actually looking out for the Infected, then they wouldn't call it the council anymore. They'd call it an Infected aid association.
The aim of both sides is very clear. They want to rule out the most infeasible plans in public first, then negotiate concessions with other so they can find equilibrium, and that's business as usual.
But a lot of people have been counting on the "White Wolf" Count to declare where he stands. I think it caught everyone off that his vote was to abstain today.
Skyfire "White Wolf" Skamandros... He hasn't expressed any governmental viewpoint for a good half a year. And it's anyone's guess why...
This shouldn't be... This can't be...
Ah—I was the most naive one in the whole room.
I thought there'd be a few clear heads, at the very least. Even if they're out to keep Caladon running at status quo, at least they'd bring forth a few proposals that resembled reality.
But they're just using the council as a place to game each other. What's driving them is how they alone can profit.
Kite the Recorder Oh, you're repeating yourself, Miss Mountbelan. At least now you know they're all self-interested sorts when you go back in? The fact shouldn't shock you at this point.
Hold on, I thought you didn't drink...
Skyfire If they think this is fine, then it's all going to blow up sooner or later!
Kite the Recorder Mmm?
Skyfire One day, sooner or later, mark my words! Constant oppression, constant exploitation! How long can this hold for? Do they really not understand? Nobody wants to live this way...
Even if they only have the faintest glimmer of hope, they want to survive! They'll break their backs to survive! I know that full well!
Kite the Recorder ...Miss Mountbelan, I think you lost the thread somewhere along the way.
Skyfire No one's born evil. No one's born stripping other people of their lives for fun... From the very beginning, they were all just Infected endeavoring to survive.
Kite the Recorder Mm—and I'm just a friend endeavoring to stop you drinking any more.
Skyfire Are they just meant to settle with being inferior, tuck themselves away? Were those lords meant to be born as nobles, meant to exploit them for their own interests?
It's a house of idiots! If none of them ever think to rein it in, the Infected are bound to revolt sooner or later...
These ungrasped questions... everyone's lives will be destroyed...
We can't let all the... Reunion business... happen again...
Kite the Recorder No, we can't, and you can't take a single glass more. You've drunk plenty enough. Just leave it for a moment. Water?
Skyfire No! I was still drinking that... give me another! They won't listen to me... I'm the one in the right!
Kite the Recorder Mm... "I'm the one in the right"...
Sticking fast to your own views is exactly why Councilor Angst fetched you.
Skyfire Mm?
Kite the Recorder A noble in isolate, with foresight and a clear mind.
But those short-sighted Caladon old guard wouldn't comprehend him.
They would never reform, unless their interests were damaged right before their eyes.
Is that clear enough for you, Miss Too-Much-to-Drink? I know I'll probably have to repeat myself once you sober up again.
Skyfire ......
Kite the Recorder ?!
What are you crying for now?
Skyfire The glass... stuck to my hand! Boo-hoo-hoo...
Kite the Recorder No it's not, no it's not, I got it off for you, I got it off. It's not stuck.
Skyfire *Sob*...
If they're all going to be so dead wrong and still think they're so right... then this world's done for...
[The wasted Skyfire collapses.]
Kite the Recorder Oh, and she's out like a light.
<Background 2>
November 23rd, 1097, 10:45 P.M.
Skyfire ......
Kite the Recorder Are you up? You passed out just like that in the middle of the dinner party. Even if you had me with you, that was all too careless of you.
Skyfire ...I feel sick...
Kite the Recorder You know, I've been getting more and more fond of you.
Skyfire ......?
Kite the Recorder You're a spoiled rich lady, but your goodwill towards the Infected and the rest of the destitute ended up so genuine anyway. You know how big the problem in this city is, don't you? Do you want to change Caladon a little for the better?
And you're well aware I'm just a recorder from the town archives at the moment. If I want to climb my way up, I need the right person. How about you and I talk some back-alley talk, you lead the fore, and I'll be right there mucking with you?
Skyfire ......
Kite the Recorder You know Councilor Jones? The one who signed the proposal in joint with Councilor Janeway. But in reality...
Skyfire ......
Kite the Recorder Part of the money they've built the factory with gets allocated by Caladon Council, as it happens. And, well, there's a giant question mark on if all that money's actually gone to the factory.
Standard affair between Caladon's nobility, really.
If you can think of a way to get to the bottom of this, then forcing them to compromise won't be a pipe dream!
Skyfire Wow~
You really... know a lot!
Kite the Recorder Well, I've said my part. Now, have you heard any hearsay about? Tell me a thing or two, let's exchange information~
Skyfire I have! I have—I, I'm going to make them realize how wrong they are! I'm... the one in the right!
Kite the Recorder Brilliant...
You're still drunk.
(Fine background, good of heart, understands a bit of politics, but has never gotten involved in any of the practice. Still a little naivety left. Her sort usually get a nasty shock from how ruthless reality is...)
(She's definitely heard about how it works on paper before, but this should be her first time witnessing any Victorian legislative assembly for herself. She reckons she knows it all, but she's got a long way to travel still.)
<Background 3>
November 24th, 1097, 9:20 A.M.
[Skyfire's cellphone rings...]
Skyfire ......
...Who is it?! Ugh... You know I'm off today...?
[...and she picks it up.]
Skyfire ......
O—Oh! Mr. Midley? Oh, I'm very sorry about that, did you need anything?
Councilor... no... Professor Angst? What's wrong with him? Sudden heart issues? Someone broke into his house last night?! Is he alright? Is he at the hospital?
Alright, alright, if he's stable then that's good. You should have told me last night... should I go to the hospital right now?
Event? You want me to attend for you? Not a problem, I'll get ready now.
I understand. Enquire after Infected opinion, make the government's stance clear. Yes, I understand.
[Skyfire hangs up.]
Skyfire What in the world? Petty thieves breaking into councilors' houses...
Fine, I'm happy to go. I get to shed light on a few things I'm still curious about. Urgh... my head's still pounding from last night...
How did I... how did I return last night...? It feels like I said so much at the dinner party. What did I tell Kite about? What did she even tell me about?
*Sigh*... Well, first things first!
<Background 4>
In an open area in the Infected community, a large crowd of the Infected are gathered.
A blue-blooded Member of the Council wanting to chat with them. Now there's something new.
With looks of both curiosity and doubt, they gaze at the tidily dressed girl before them.
Infected Citizen Didn't they say that Councilor man was coming today?
Infected Worker Look, see what I told you? None of those old codgers would come themselves. They hardly want to get up close with us.
Infected Citizen Fact remains they sent someone at all, though. What are they up to?
Skyfire Ahem...
Not a worry, everyone, say whatever you want to say. I'll pass on all the issues you raise to Councilor Angst.
Infected Citizen (Whisper) You first.
Infected Worker (Whisper) Why me? Why not you?
Skyfire We'll start with the man over there, then.
Infected Citizen Eh? Me?
Skyfire Yes, how long do you reckon you've been working here?
Infected Citizen Not more than half a year.
Infected Worker ...Can't remember it now.
Skyfire So, whereabouts did you come from?
Infected Worker Kazimierz.
Infected Citizen Ursus...?
Skyfire Compared to before, how do you feel life is now? Is your daily workload too much?
Infected Worker I don't have to risk my life down in the underground arenas, at least... Yeah, I can get by and scrape up a living. It's okay.
Infected Citizen They said being at this event would still count as work, and we'd still get paid. Is that true?
Skyfire That, I can assure you. After the event's over, we'll reimburse you all.
So, have you ever had your pay docked before, or not come on time?
Infected Citizen ......
Infected Worker ......
Skyfire You can tell me, it's alright! I wouldn't let your information slip!
I see how it is, then... I'd like to ask, your family lives about...
Infected Worker Just right in this neighborhood. We're all in one bed, and they provided us bedding for the first day's wages. It's a bit thin, but we all squeeze up in the winter, so it's not that cold.
Skyfire Several people in one household, I see... So are there any elderly here?
Infected Worker Factory won't take them on. They can't take the physical labor.
The ones who have kids might be let in here to live, but it's hard to say. The ones without... maybe there'll be work fit for old people, and they'll accept, but that's not easy either.
Skyfire Then can you tell me about your meals and pay here? Including if anyone's ever had their wages deducted?
Infected Worker We eat straight in the factory. I get to eat a half-decent amount, at least. Better than working on an empty tank.
And pay, well... hahah...
Thing about pay is, times are, the supervisor...
Infected Citizen He tells us the Originium on us rubs onto the goods, and now the product's contaminated and they can't sell it, so they won't pay us.
Skyfire Those people, honestly... They do one thing and say another...
Infected Citizen It's always like that. And they said recently our factory's had bad results so they won't raise our wages. And they'll drag a whole lot out at once whenever they please, hire new ones after a bit, and they get paid even less...
Infected Worker We've got no room for a say. The council won't even let us in, and not one of them listens.
Skyfire Mm, that much I've noted...
Infected Worker Normally, now and then we'd head to a pub close by, kick our feet up once we're off work... but this morning, they had a fire break out.
Infected Citizen Bloody right. There's just been no end to it lately.
Skyfire !!
A fire? The... "Green Spark" pub?
When did it happen? Just this morning?
How? What about the girl running the place? Is she alright?
Infected Worker Ah, that we're not too sure of ourselves. The regulars there said they've been searching for her all this time, but they haven't the faintest where she's run to...
[A series of explosions occurred in the vicinity...]
Infected Employees What's happening?
Skyfire *cough* *cough* *cough*... What's going on?!
[...as an armed man walks through the smoke...]
Rough Hooligan Left side, right side, by the plan! Grab them all! Go!
[...followed by many others.]
Skyfire (An explosion? This is the scent of Originium explosives...)
Infected Worker Let go of me, let go of me! What the hell are you lot doing?!
Infected Citizen Wh-Who the hell are you all—
Rough Hooligan Keep it down! Stuff their mouths!
Skyfire (Infected? Why?)
(Four, six, eight, ten... this is odd, where did they all come from? Where are all the guards?)
(...What are they taking the workers for? What is it they want?)
(No, hold on... they're tying them up right in the street, no hesitation. They were clearly ready for this...)
(I need to see what this bunch intend on doing.)
Infected Hooligan Take that girl away as well.
You behave.
Skyfire Let go of me. I can walk by myself.
Rough Hooligan Hurry it up, move! Into the van, is that everyone? Go, take them all to the factory!
Infected Hooligan Got them all, boss!
Rough Hooligan Shut the door! Go, go, go!
<Background 5>
Skyfire (It's been a twenty-minute journey, and they've taken turn after turns along the way. These people are on the watchout.)
(These ties are practically insulting, using material as regular as this. I could burn these to nothing in a heartbeat.)
(Now we're at... the factory? It's barren! Where are all the facilities?)
Infected Worker Why are you taking us?!
Infected Citizen L-Let us go! We—I-I've got a family waiting for me to send money back! For Pete's sakes, let us go...!
Rough Hooligan Shh, settle down! Now stay there!
Infected Worker I'm telling you, someone'll have the police on you, kidnapping all these people in the street!
Infected Citizen The sooner you let us go, the gentler they might be on you when the time comes...
Ugly Hooligan You're pulling my leg, the police? You think that scares us?
Now shut your yaps and behave, the lot of you!
Infected Worker Y—You're all Infected too! What kind of business is this?!
You'll be done for in the end if you carry on like this!
Infected Hooligan You can zip it.
[One of the armed men punches an Infected worker...]
Infected Worker Ugh—
[...knocking him out.]
Infected Hooligan We said be-bloody-have! Okay? Keep prattling and you're done for right now!
I'm warning you lot, don't try anything funny with us. If I find a single one of you even thinking of any Originium Arts, I'll cave your head in, understand?
Now be still!
Skyfire (These people, honestly... This is the least creative villainy.)
(...I won't let them off easily, soon enough.)
(But just what are they up to...?)
<Background fades out and in>
Rough Hooligan What about that councilor? Where's he? Weren't we nabbing an old man? Why've we got a little miss instead?
Ugly Hooligan Same difference. Old boy, young girl, it's fine as long as we have them.
Skyfire (So they were coming after Councilor Angst.)
Rough Hooligan So what now?
Ugly Hooligan We're waiting for the signal from the rest. Just get ready for now.
Rough Hooligan Did everything end up here?
Ugly Hooligan We only took half.
Rough Hooligan Then remember, when you head back, drop past the shot building by the old border part of the city. Do away with all the bomb stuff and the chemicals. It's dangerous leaving it there. Don't let it bite us in the arse.
Ugly Hooligan Right! The safehouse and all that. I almost forgot.
Rough Hooligan And the stuff the Danton brothers hid for getting out of the city. Make sure that's ready to go too.
That's money, clothes, false IDs, and the essential weapons! Don't forget any of it!
Ugly Hooligan Oi, oi, take it easy, they're all listening!
Rough Hooligan What's the matter? They're dead before they'll get to talk.
Ugly Hooligan Plonk those explosives in place, move it.
Rough Hooligan You lot watch these Infected, we're off to work.
Infected Hooligan Righto.
Skyfire (...Are those all bombs?)
(The factory's got no machines, it's just bombs after bombs... were they all moved here?)
(It looks like I don't need to keep wasting more time.)
(Lucky I'm carrying a reserve Arts Unit, or else things would be very tricky.)
She gives her ring a rub, the black gem's surface emitting a flicker of bright light.
Infected Worker Hey, what happened to your ropes?
Skyfire Shh, keep it down. No matter what you hear next, just stay put and don't come out.
Infected Worker A... Alright...
Infected Hooligan Someone's running for it!
How? Who tied the ropes?
Oh, look at you, pretty little kitten! Thinking of scarpering on your own?
Look at that waist, though, heheh. I tell you, you put that in my hands and I could—
Skyfire Honestly, you people really... sicken me...
[Skyfire uses her pyrokinetic Arts, and...]
The violent sound of the detonation rings through the entire factory.
Along with the raging flames of the Originium Arts and fragments of the interior walls, several hooligans fall to the ground and are knocked out.
The Originium crystals fall away from their bodies in the heat, dropping to the floor.
Skyfire Were these... stuck on? No, wait, this is just glass painted black!
(Fake Infected?)
Rough Hooligan What the hell happened!?
You useless ballsacks, I told you to watch them! Some shit mess you've made!
Skyfire Who got you to do this? Why are you disguised as Infected?
No, let's be clear... you have no Infected among you at all, do you?
Rough Hooligan You bloody woman... not half-bad at this, are you?
Ugly Hooligan What's it matter if we do or don't?
You're not getting out of here alive. Who's going to know the truth?
Skyfire Communicating with you lot is really wearing me out...
Ugly Hooligan What are you trying?
Rough Hooligan Park yourself on back, now! Else I'm done playing nice!
Skyfire (It's clear they'll kill to silence, but they're still menacing us into complying using their arms. There's no logic to it at all...)
Just try and threaten me with those weapons, go on.
How many people like you do you think I've dealt with before?
The flames dance across the ground, drawing a brilliant show of firelight.
Piled in a corner, the resin shells of the Originium bombs melt apart in the blaze.
Their crystalline electronic components laid bare, they let out a boom.
The cores of the explosives emit blinding rays of light, then deactivate.
Ugly Hooligan The bombs! The bombs got cooked!
Rough Hooligan Why didn't they explode? What happened?
Ugly Hooligan Are you thick?! It's Originium Arts! She's a Caster!
Rough Hooligan Shit! We're in for it, now!
Skyfire I'm giving you two choices.
First, you surrender nicely. I've got a lot I intend on asking you, still.
I'm not recommending the other choice, because right now, I'm in a VERY bad mood.
Rough Hooligan Piss off! Who do you think we are?!
Come on, boys, do her in! Do all these Infected in!
Skyfire Excuse me! Did you not see those Originium Arts just now?!
How many people in Caladon could pull off Arts of that caliber?! Are you still going to resist?
What the hell is running through those brains of yours?!
Rough Hooligan Yeah, and what's all the fuss?! You're just a Caster!
I've seen a sight and a half, the places I've been! We've got Casters too! Show me what she's made of, go on!
Skyfire *Sigh* And I've had enough...
Ugly Hooligan Wait! No! We have to leg it!
Rough Hooligan What now?
Ugly Hooligan Her! I just remembered! She's not a normal Caster!
It's King's Wand! She's that Mountbelan family's...
Rough Hooligan What?
Ugly Hooligan Enough questions! Run!
A lively flame springs from the young lady's palm, its licks surging upwards. The sound of metal cracking under the sheer heat bursts forth before her, as if a gargantuan creature emerges from the blaze, awoken from its slumber.
The flames' light laps past the shattered fluorescents, flowing over the pillars, the air warped and twisting in the heat's dance. Only the flames themselves, sweeping about the debris on the factory floor, shine brighter, fiercer, more brilliantly.
The hooligans are wide-eyed and slack-jawed in terror, not daring to twitch a muscle.
Amidst this sea of chaos, the flames' tongues play gently with the ends of the lady's hair, unable to harm her in the slightest.
Skyfire ...Kneel before the flame of the heavens.
And all of it is thrown down, the resplendent red light filling their eyes, until soon enough they can see no more.
The lady brings down her two arms, held high.
[Skyfire turns the armed men into barbeque with her Arts.]
Infected Worker That... that was marvelous.
Infected Citizen You're... incredible!
Skyfire Are the others alright? Is anyone hurt?
Infected Worker We're fine, we're all fine.
The Caster turns around, intending to help up the Infected.
When from behind, a figure hidden away in a corner comes charging a her.
Hooligan Mercenary Shit... bloody Caster, it's you or me!
Skyfire !!
Infected Worker Watch out!
[Suddenly the mercenary gets shot...]
Hooligan Mercenary Ugh...
[...and drops dead as Skyfire glimpses the silhouette of the shooter...]
Skyfire Who's there?
[...who quickly ran away.]
From a staircase beneath the ceiling, a nimble silhouette quickly flits through the opening overhead, disappearing from Skyfire's line of sight.
Skyfire ......
Infected Worker Miss Caster, are you still fine?
Skyfire I'm alright.
Help me with the others! First things first, we all get out of here!
<Background 3>
November 27th, 1097, 6:40 A.M.
[Skyfire tells Bitter Root of the kidnapping incident earlier.]
Bitter Root Kidnapping Infected? Blowing up the factory?
Skyfire Right, though I still can't make sense of what in the world they were trying at.
Bitter Root Odd indeed...
What about those bandits you got? Did they say anything?
Skyfire ...Er...
Things were a bit of a mess there. I might've gotten slightly heavy-handed...
Bitter Root Never mind. I won't ask for the details.
Disguising as Infected to bomb a factory... I do have a guess for what made them do this.
Skyfire Trying to capture those few runaways might pose some difficulty.
Bitter Root It's not too realistic to hope the guards look into an Infected community case, either.
Skyfire And some other things are puzzling me about this... I could swear I saw...
Forget it, let's not mind this for now. Have any of you found Miss Susie yet?
Bitter Root I'm sorry, but not yet. I've already sent people to search. The guards say they saw her there when it caught on fire, but she quickly ran off in tears.
Skyfire I'll search too if needs must... I'm a little worried for her.
[Someone knocks the door.]
Susie Mr. Root! Open the door! Mr. Root!
Bitter Root ??
[Bitter Root opens the door as Susie along with Red enters with the dying Haze alongside them.]
Susie Mr. Root! I'm begging you, save her!
Red We've got an Infected who's almost gone, help us!
Skyfire Susie? Mr. Red? What happened??