Wolf and Wolfpack

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Wolf and Wolfpack To Be Continued
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Lungmen has welcomed a great number of outsiders. A wolf pack, a pack leader, a lone wolf... Slowly and quietly, they all find themselves shaped by the concrete jungle... until it is time for them to heed the call of the wild.
<Background 1>
[Capone and Gambino are waiting for someone.]
Capone 9:35. Five minutes late.
We'd better find another place. For safety.
[Capone and Gambino continues waiting as the latter says,]
Gambino I don't want to spend a second more than I have to, but you know what want even less? To miss our contact.
He's supposed to come straight to us first thing after getting into Lungmen, but there ain't a single soul coming out of city gate. He's probably stuck somewhere inside. So we wait.
Capone Too many eyes here at the city gateway. You sure you wanna stick around?
Gambino What else are we gonna do? We gotta do what the psycho bitch wants!
You remember the first thing she said after she caught us?
Capone "Changed my mind. Let's hope you're more useful to me alive than dead."
Gambino Not that thing! The next one!
"Don't blow this. Mess up a single time, I cut your throats."
So, so instead of risking missin' our guy and losin' the letter, I'd rather be a little more conspicuous.
Capone You–Whatever.
There's the crowd.
Gambino What does the guy look like again?
Capone Don't hurt yourself trying to remember. It's not going to happen.
Gambino What do you mean?
Capone *sigh*.
The broad never said anything about what our contact looked like or what he's wearin'. He'll come to us, not the other way around.
[Capone and Gambino looked around the passing crowd to find their contact, but to no avail.]
Capone You remember how the meeting goes down, right?
Gambino The contact asks us, "Would you like some mayonnaise teppanyaki macaroni," we'll tell him, "Supersize, for two," and he'll give us the letter.
Capone I'm impressed.
Gambino Just hearing that password makes me wanna puke. Couldn't forget it even if I wanted to.
<Background fades out and in>
Capone It's 9:50. Even the last group into the city is gone by now.
Something must've gone wrong. We should move.
Gambino What if he shows and we ain't here?
Capone Like that could happen. We can't just stand around any longer!
Gambino Maybe customs busted him?
Even if not, no harm in waitin' for him a little longer. It's his own damned fault he didn't find us. The crazy bitch can't do nothing about that...
Capone What's the difference?!
She's off her goddamned rocker. She ain't gonna think about who's at fault here, it's all about results! If you don't move your furry ass right now, you're signing our death certificates!
Gambino Alright, let's say I do it your way. Where do we look for him?
Capone Use your brain.
Only a Siracusan would write the looney broad a letter. Aside from Penguin Logistics, who else in Lungmen's got anythin' to do with Siracusa?
Gambino You tellin' me it's the traitors we brought with us from the old country?
Not only did they betray us, they're nabbing our guy?
Capone Heh, guess you do still got a couple of brain cells to rub together.
Gambino ......
Capone Can't say for sure it was them, but they do fit the profile. They're gonna know something, at least.
Andiamo.[note 1]
Gambino Those traitorous cazzi.[note 2] One day, I swear I'm gonna–
Capone Hold it!
I've been telling you since the first day we stepped into Lungmen. They got their own rules here.
Don't forget how we lost to the Rat King, and how he let us go without a scratch.
Gambino Don't need the reminder, Capone!
Capone I sure hope so.
So, we're droppin' in on the traitors' hideout. We ain't there to pick a fight or teach 'em a lesson. Just doin' a little information gathering. You hear me?
Gambino ......
<Background 2>
Capone Slow down. This is the place.
How do you feel?
Gambino Never better.
What's the plan? Grab a couple and start askin' questions?
Capone Probably a better way.
If they're the mooks who kidnapped our Messenger guy from Siracusa, then it's somethin' their bosses cooked up. And if it wasn't them, then these small timers ain't gonna know anything.
Gambino It's times like these you actually give that brain a little workout, huh?
Capone ......
Gambino So, how are we runnin' this one? Like we did in the old days? You go make some noise while I sneak in?
Capone Not so fast. We gotta case the joint a little longer. Don't take a risk if their guard is low enough.
We're working for the crazy broad. I need all the help I can get, even if you usually do more harm than good.
Gambino Hah, listen to yourself. If it wasn't for me, you woulda screwed up enough for the psycho to run you through.
Mafioso A Haha, twenty-one!
Hell yeah, come to papa!
Mafioso B Hold on, what the hell's that?
Mafioso A What's what? You better pay up–
Mafioso B We got a cheat!
Gambino & Capone ......
Capone (Quietly) The lookouts are playin' cards in broad daylight?
Gambino (Quietly) If I were their boss, I'd shove the whole deck down their throats.
Capone (Quietly) Save it. Who do you even think you are now?
Gambino ......
Capone (Quietly) Besides, it's pretty convenient for us they ain't payin' attention.
Mafioso A *Sigh*... I lost big this time.
Haven't been paid jack for a while now. Wouldn't've been playin' otherwise.
Mafioso B What, you think I'm loaded? You were tryin' to steal from me!
Mafioso A Your turf is close to the markets. At least you can pick up some odd jobs and run errands around there. Me? I gotta stroll around the Infected camp. Place's like a graveyard. No work at all, even if I tried looking for some!
Gambino Odd jobs?!
Mafioso A Who's there?!
Mafioso B What? What was that?
Mafioso A I heard someone say something just now, and pretty damned close.
Mafioso B What did they say?
Mafioso A I think it was... 'odd jobs?'
Mafioso B Hahahaha... You're hearin' things. Or some punk's tryin' to spook you.
Capone (Quietly) Are you outta your mind?!
Gambino (Quietly) No...
(Quietly) Back when we picked up these kids, when we made them Gambinos, Sicilians...
(Quietly) Did ever think they'd end up... errand boys?
(Quietly) Outta my mind? What was all those years of blood, sweat, and tears for? What are they in this for?
Capone (Quietly) To live another day, you egomaniac!
(Quietly) This is all good news, with the shape we're in. And you're complaining?
Gambino (Quietly) Of course I'm complaining! How am I supposed–
[An explosion is heard in the distance...]
Capone Shit! They're packing heat?!
[...as the mafiosi runs off to investigate.]
Capone No, that's an Originium explosion. A couple blocks away, from the sound of it–Where are you going?!
Gambino You wanna stay here your whole life?
Capone ......
Slow down!
[Capone goes after Gambino.]
<Background fades out and in>
[While Capone chases Gambino...]
Capone G-Gambino, you're running too–
Capone suddenly finds himself speechless, just as Gambino did when he reached the area a dozen or so seconds ago.
A man wearing a black hat and raincoat stands in front of them.
A number of local Lungmenite triads lies on the ground around him. Some of them are unconscious, while others are groaning as they hold their wounds, but they are all alive.
Man in Black Would you like some mayonnaise teppanyaki macaroni?
Gambino ......
Capone Yeah... Supersize, for two.
Man in Black Buon appetito.[note 3]
Capone walks a few steps forward and takes a letter from the man in black.
The wax seal on the envelope seems familiar, but he doesn't immediately recognize what it represents.
Gambino Buongiorno,[note 4] which family do you–
Gambino & Man in Black ?!
Man in Black Boss–No, Mr... Gambino?
Gambino Tommaso?!
What are you doing here–No, who gave you this letter? Where's the guy you got this from?
Tommaso I-I don't know! The letter's from me!
Gambino I know what kind of man you are, Tommaso. You can't fool me.
I know you don't have what it takes to put all these men on the ground by yourself. They'd beat you half-dead. The letter man's gotta be the one who did this.
You'll tell me where he went, if you know what's good for you.
Tommaso I... I can't.
Gambino Looks like you got pretty forgetful since I been gone.
Then I guess I'll gotta squeeze it outta you! You'll beg for death.
Tommaso No!
I won't tell you, no matter what! Not even if you kill me!
Gambino Alright, you asked for it–
Capone Gambino!
Gambino Since when did you get all sentimental? If we find the letter man, we might just get a way out of this godforsaken town, back to...
Capone Look at the envelope, the seal. Don't tell me you don't know what that is.
Gambino ......
It's... from her? Why would she... Why's she thinkin' about Lungmen?
[Sounds of whistles and people running are heard.]
Capone Crap, it's the L.G.D.! They're here lookin' into the blast!
Gambino Tommaso, come with us–
[Tommaso is nowhere to be seen.]
Gambino He's gone?!
Capone Don't worry about him. We're in enough trouble!
[Police sirens blare as the L.G.D. gave their warning through a loudspeaker,]
Indistinct Voice Drop your weapons... surrounded...
Capone This way.
Gambino That's a dead end!
Capone Trust me! Hurry!
[Capone and Gambino flees as L.G.D. officers enter the area.]
L.G.D. Officer A I-Is this a gang war?
L.G.D. Officer B No, looks more like a one-sided power move... See? They're all alive.
L.G.D. Officer A You're right. They're hurt pretty damned bad, though.
The perp can't be far! Let's move!
L.G.D. Officer B Which way?
L.G.D. Officer A We have patrols on both ends of the street. If they had even half a brain, they'd have gone down this alley.
L.G.D. Officer B Hah, I know this alley. It's a dead end.
Gambino (Quietly) This is your idea of a way out?
Capone (Quietly) Didn't you hear 'em? They got men posted on both ends of the street. We're trapped!
L.G.D. Officer A Alright, come on out. You can't hide!
L.G.D. Officer B Seeing as you didn't kill any of them, we'll go easy on you.
L.G.D. Officer A Stop resisting. Come out already!
Gambino (Quietly) They're gonna find us!
Capone (Quietly) Shut up. I'm thinking. I'm thinking...
L.G.D. Officer A We know you're hiding behind that wall. Drop your weapons and come on out!
Gambino (Quietly) Got anything yet?
Capone (Quietly) I'm thinking. I'm–
L.G.D. Officer A I'll say it again. Drop your weapons, and we'll go easy–
[Gambino charges at an officer, knocking him down.]
Gambino In your dreams!
[More L.G.D. officers stand in the way of Capone and Gambino as they force their way through them, knocking some of the officers out in the process.]
L.G.D. Officer A Freeze–
[More L.G.D. officers show up...]
L.G.D. Officer B Stop! Stop right there!
[...as Gambino runs away.]
Gambino Now, make a run for it!
L.G.D. Officer B What? He's got an accomplice. Is this a diversion? Quick! Call for backup–
[One of the officers are shot by Capone, but misses.]
L.G.D. Officer A He's got at least one accomplice. They have crossbows. Terrible aim!
Capone Terrible what?!
If this wasn't Lungmen, I woulda blown your brains out!
[Capone follows Gambino while the officers are distracted.]
<Background 3>
[Capone and Gambino managed to shake off the L.G.D. officers.]
Capone *pant*... *pant*...
They probably won't catch us here.
Gambino All we ever do these days is run, hmph. And all because of a few punks?
Capone It's just like you to say that, you egomaniac.
Gambino ......
Capone That arrogant air of yours gets more intense the harder we're screwed. It pisses me off more than it did when we were young.
Gambino What? Takin' a trip down memory lane?
Capone A little.
Gambino ......
I still remember who gave me this last arrow wound here.
And if I weren't in the same boat as that cazzo[note 2] right now, I'd give him one to match, a little closer to his heart. No point in going down memory lane otherwise.
Capone Yeah, you're damned right.
And I'd love to stick another arrow in that arrogant bastard. The brain this time. I won't miss.
Gambino Hah, nice. If you wanna do me in so badly, why don't we get right down to it?
Capone You think I'm scared of you?
Gambino What else could it be? You couldn't take me down, not without gettin' the jump on me.
Capone (Deep breath)
Sure, I couldn't take you in a fight.
Gambino Oh? Finally admitting it?
Capone Don't forget who we work for... You brought her up earlier, now it's my turn to remind you.
Gambino ......
Capone Looks like you're still sane enough to calm down. Thank God.
I'm still worried, though. After all, we didn't get the letter from the real contact. You think that crazy broad might say we messed up?
Gambino Hell would I know?
All I know is the two of us together wouldn't last ten seconds against her.
Ain't like we got a choice, so why worry about it?
<Background 4>
[Lappland talks with Capone and Gambino from behind a door.]
Lappland I can smell you two through the door. You've been standing outside for a while. What's up?
Capone N-Nothing, ma'am. All's well. Everythin's just fine. We got the letter.
Lappland Everything's fine?
Capone Yeah, it all went really well. Great, even.
Lappland It all went well, but it took you this long to come back?
Capone ......
Lappland Show me the letter.
[Capone hands over the letter to Lappland who reads it quickly.]
Capone D-Done already? Y-You read it that fast?
Lappland Got a problem?
Capone N-No, not at all. No problems with that. Not a single one. No opinions even.
Lappland Feels like you still have something to say, though?
Capone ......
Gambino What he's tryin' to say is... Does that letter talk about us at all?
Lappland Haha, hahahahaha.... HAHAHAHAHA!
Gambino & Capone ......
Capone Well?
Lappland Yeah.
The letter says I can deal with you two however I like.
[Capone and Gambino froze in shock...]
Lappland What's the matter? No reaction to that bit of information?
[...with a look of despair on their faces.]
Capone Is... Is that really it?
Lappland Heh, never would've thought. You've got a nose for this sort of thing.
The letter says that, considering what absolute failures, what miserable embarrassments you two have been, I should dig a hole somewhere out in the barrenlands and leave you six feet deep.
[Capone and Gambino regained their composure.]
Lappland ......
You don't seem very surprised.
Gambino What's to be surprised about? Even I think we're embarrassing.
Lappland So, what'cha gonna do?
Take your own lives in disgrace?
You could try to make a run for it again. I'll give you fifteen whole seconds this time.
Capone Don't joke about that. We know the score.
Lappland Heh.
Alright, I have another idea.
Gambino & Capone ......
Lappland You two never actually meant all that much to them in the first place.
You know their rules, right? Stop fooling yourselves. Signora Sicilia isn't going to care about two rabid stray dogs. Hell, she doesn't even care about me.
You two know what that means. It's Siracusa itself that wants you two gone.
I don't really care much about that, but even I think you two desperate puppies are a pathetic sight.
So, why don't you duel it out?
[Capone and Gambino are surprised.]
Lappland That'll get you back some of that so-called honor, the one who wrote the letter ends up in a better mood, and I'll get me some quiet time.
How about it? Whaddya think?!
Gambino A blood pact, then...
Lappland What was that?
Gambino If we go against the letter's instructions, betray our own Family, and even make a pact with you, you'll only be able to protect the one who lives, right?
Lappland Pact? Protect? Betrayal?
Do I have to tell you guys how many times you've stabbed each other in the back? Me?
Capone Alright... I accept.
Gambino Capone?!
Capone Didn't you just tell me there's no point in going down memory lane?
Alright, I'm in. I'll count to three, and that's when we'll go. We'll see who lives.
And by the way, I didn't strike before I finished talkin'. That's me makin' it up to you for all those times I stabbed you in the back.
Gambino Alright, traitor. We'll call it square.
Capone Tre...[note 5]
Capone Due...[note 6]
Capone Uno![note 7]
Capone Fight!
[Capone and Gambino dukes it out against each other...]
Lappland Hahahaha... Hahahahaha! HAHAHAHA!
[...with Lappland enjoying the scene.]
Lappland I love that!
[The duel continues...]
Lappland More! Give me more! Free the hate in your hearts! Show me just how far you can go when your lives are on the line!
[...as Capone fires at Gambino, until...]
Capone Gambino, now!
Gambino Graaaahhhh!!
[...Gambino suddenly swings his sword at Lappland...]
Gambino Take this–
[...who dodged it...]
Capone To the left!
[...as Capone fires at her, who easily disarms him with her bare hands.]
Capone No way... She didn't even draw her sword–
Lappland Amateurs. I know where your attacks are coming from without even really looking.
You make a good couple of brothers. The dumb one is dumb as hell, and the one that looks smart only looks it.
I bet you two didn't have it that hard back in Siracusa when you were little. Life must've been comfortable?
Capone Gambino, don't give her the room to talk–
[Lappland punches Gambino, knocking him out.]
Capone No way! Barehanded?!
Lappland Is that so surprising?
It's like we come from two totally different Siracusas.
[Capone fires at Lappland, who catches some of the bolts mid-air before putting them at his throat.]
Lappland Just like this.
How does it feel to have your own crossbow bolt pressed against your throat?
Capone Can't say I'm feelin' a lot.
Lappland Since you didn't like my idea, I'll have to follow the letter and dispose of you two in whatever way pleases me.
Capone You forgot about one thing.
Lappland What's that?
Capone This is Lungmen.
Lappland So?
Capone You can't cut a throat with rubber-tipped bolts!
[Capone quickly draws a knife and slashes it at Lappland, but she dodged it as she forces the rubber-tipped bolt into his neck.]
Lappland I knew you had a knife on you. Didn't expect you to be so quick to draw it.
But still... too slow!
Capone Gugh–
Lappland And sure, these bolts with rubber heads can't kill.
But it's not so hard to find your aorta.
Capone *chokes*
Gambino Capone?!
Capone Ugh... Guh–
*cough* *cough*!
Lappland Congrats. You saved your life.
Capone *cough*... So what? You're still gonna...
Gambino Save it, Capone.
We should've died here a long time ago. Let's at least go out like real Sicilians.
Lappland Oh?
For a brief moment, Gambino and Capone think they are seeing things.
They see Lappland holding the exquisitely decorated envelope and the neatly unfolded letter above an open flame.
A corner of the letter lights up.
Gambino Are you nuts?! You... You burned Signora Sicilia's letter?!
Lappland Oh? You didn't think I was nuts?
It's a letter full of pretentious, make-believe honor tripe. Feels much better to just burn it.
Capone This... crazy bitch...
Lappland What, you're going to stick up for her?
Capone I wouldn't dare.
Lappland Now that's the truth. You wouldn't dare. Neither of you. Whether it's baring your fangs against her or sticking up for her, you wouldn't dare.
You think she chased you out of your homeland, but you don't dare speak up.
Aren't you angry? Don't you think it's her fault you got exiled from Siracusa?
Are you really so scared of her? Even though she says right in the letter she wants you dead, you still can't stand seeing that very letter burn?
Gambino ......
Capone ......
Lappland Ugh. Lame.
Get up.
Capone Where are you... taking us?
Lappland Taking you? Why should I have to take you anywhere?
Capone Aren't you going to bury us out in the wastes?
Lappland What you two did was clumsy as hell, but it wasn't like, completely embarrassing.
Also, the letter's gone now, so why should I still listen to her?
Alright, get up!
You've got work to do. You can't just be lying around on the ground.
Gambino What work?
Lappland There's more than one lone wolf in this city.
<Background 5>
[The Rat King is talking with a mafioso.]
Rat King What do you think of Lungmen tea?
??? ......
Rat King Seems it's not to your taste. I've heard Siracusans only drink tea when they're sick.
??? I couldn't have said it better.
Rat King But this is Lungmen, and we Lungmenites like our tea with more leaves, Mr. Cadeddu.
Cadeddu I have no opinion. I'm only here as a Messenger of the signora.
But I hope you can understand that, no matter which land we walk, Siracusans are always Siracusans, and we Siracusans don't drink lukewarm tea.
Rat King Sure, but some of our friends from Siracusa have come to enjoy the aroma of our tea. Do you, or perhaps the signora you represent, really plan on forcing some other beverage into their mouths?
Cadeddu ......
The signora has no plans to interfere with them. Out of our respect for you, and as an apology for their transgression in Lungmen, you may deal with them as you see fit.
Rat King I have to apologize to you, too. This morning, our locals mistook for an accomplice of theirs. That's why they brought you to their hideout.
Thank you for not killing any of them.
Cadeddu Please, no thanks necessary.
Rat King Well, then, if there is nothing else...
Cadeddu Sorry, but there is.
Rat King Please, by all means.
Cadeddu The signora has no intention of dealing with that undisciplined bunch in any way, but there are two men we must do something about.
Rat King You mean those two "lone wolves?"
Cadeddu Exactly.
Showing the rest of them leniency is the most that the signora can tolerate, but she will not allow these two to cut ties with the pack.
Rat King I have heard a few things about them. We won't interfere with the mutual grudge they hold with Siracusa.
Cadeddu We appreciate your understanding.
Furthermore, you can rest assured that we will refrain from doing anything unnecessary during their stay in Lungmen. However, if they spend too much time outside fooling around, we will have to interfere.
Rat King As long as you do so within the bounds of Lungmen's rules.
Cadeddu We will try, but we can't promise anything.
Rat King Is that a threat?
Cadeddu Certainly not.
Rat King Then your choice of the word "try" is quite worth chewing over.
I will get to the point. You don't want to break Lungmen's rules while you are in Lungmen.
Cadeddu We don't want to, of course. To tell the truth, if we had the choice, we definitely wouldn't want any kind of conflict between us and Lungmen or its mighty Yanese protector.
Rat King You think too highly of an old man like me.
Cadeddu But some things must be done. I hope you can understand.
Rat King ......
Then, for both our sakes, let us pray things won't progress to that point.
Cadeddu Pray? Can I take it that's where you stand?
Rat King With my greatest respect for Lady Sicilia, yes. That's where I ultimately stand.
Cadeddu Very well, I understand.
To the best of our ability, we will try to keep things from progressing to that point.
Rat King Good.
Cadeddu Please excuse me now.
Thank you for your hospitality. If the opportunity arises, perhaps we can invite you to Siracusa for a cup of quadruplo espresso?
Rat King I appreciate it.
But, first thing's first, won't you finish that tea?
Cadeddu ?
Rat King A guest must wholeheartedly accept their host's hospitality. This, too, is one of Lungmen's rules.
Cadeddu ......
The black-clad Siracusan takes the teacup in front of him and finishes it in one go.
Cadeddu Will this do?
Rat King Of course, my dear friend. Please travel safe.
[Cadeddu leaves.]
Rat King Is he gone?
Subordinate He is. Our men followed him until he left the city. It didn't look like he was going to change disguises or anything.
Rat King Good.
You heard my conversation with the man just now, right?
Subordinate Yes.
Rat King Get the word out. I want everyone to keep an eye out the Siracusan mafia.
Subordinate I will.
Rat King As for the two lone wolves... We have Emperor keeping an eye on one of them. I'm not worried about her. But the other, keep a close eye on her until she leaves Lungmen.
Subordinate I will.
And what do we do if she doesn't leave?
[The Rat King pauses for a moment.]
Rat King ......
Today is Friday, isn't it?
Subordinate That's right, but... What do you mean?
Rat King If memory serves, everyone always calls it... something Friday... What was it again? I can't say I know how you youngsters talk these days.
Anyway, Ice Castle Hotel has 30% off today, doesn't it?
Subordinate Uhh... I'll ask.
Rat King If they're running the discount, book a dinner for two for tonight.
Subordinate Dinner for two... Understood! On it!
Rat King Calm down. I'm just going to eat with an old friend.


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